M 29 Headache Recognition

a doctors perspective minisode 29 justin trosclair
Minisode 29 Headache Recognition

What are the three types of headaches and how long do they take to manage? Tension, migraine and vascular all have different presentations.

Episode 29 Thanks for tuning in to a doctor respective podcast the minisode series with your host Dr. Justin Trosclair. Today we’re looking at moving forward PT with a topic of headache. Real quick, we did a series Dr. respective.net slash acupuncture is a six week series A while back without a face with on teachers, we’re talking emotional stress oncology, you know more for pain, obviously, they’re not trying to get rid of cancer with acupuncture. Great series, we visit that page, you can download a PDF for the references, and the numbers and all the kind of stuff that you’d want to see for your future use.
Now back to this, and this will be a short episode about headaches, I was expecting this episode to give you more treatment options and things like that. But it turned into the kind of a public service announcement kind of so here’s what I got from it. Figures good enough to share, you got tension, you got a migraine, you got vascular, know the difference.
tension headaches, it’s kind of more in the afternoon, you might have some trigger points and you know, the muscles kind of tender you find that spot can really into your arm. It’s not pure, you know, nerve issue, it’s kind of a, it’s a muscle thing.
you got migraine headaches, they’re gonna have pain more from the front to the back vision and hearing sensitivities and then vascular, you know, you roll that out, and you’ll find that one didn’t really discuss it,
tension headaches, they said, you should be able to get them better, roughly four to six visits, but if they’ve had on like, for a long time, or keeps coming back, you might recommend more like 12 visits for that. And then migraines, they’re more around the 12 to 16 visit limit. Again, this is a physical therapy basis. You know that is one thing I do like, you know, in our profession, the ideas, trim six times, or you know, reevaluate them how they doing check-in. And it’s kind of like a pain relief model.
But through your experience, you may realize they might be pain free and six, but there’s like that underlying issue, they’ll kind of they’re like, Look, if you just did some rehab with us, we’ll show you what to do for the next few more visits, 10, whatever, then you’re going to see longer lasting results, you’d be better equipped to self-care, you know, there’s only sometimes you can do in those first four, six visits, depending on the type of person like you they got no experience, my goodness, you know, teach them how to do a penis stretch on their own is like, Whoa, that took a while. And you got to reach them. And so it’s them, it just takes a little while. Like they said it could be persistent, and not be better as fast as you can.
Now one thing I’ve been kind of getting excited about our global resets, functional movement and rehab. So that way, you can start addressing these things as part of your rehabs that are just showing a bird dog, just showing dead bug, progressing them through those a little bit faster, doing what you can in the office that they can’t do at home. So part of the session is going to be you know, Dr. Focus, the next half is here, do this at your house. That way they get both. So anyway, that’s what I got.
I think my thought was finished. Before you go. If you have any suggestions on how to make this show better, whether it’s the long version, or Minnesota letting me know more humor having a guest what guests do you want? I mean, we’re just going to go from there. It’s the middle of July. are you beating the hell are you getting the snowball? Talk about diabetes waiting to happen on those things. They’re good on a hot day. Okay, this one is finished #behindthecurtain

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