M 24 Proper Breathing

a doctors perspective minisode 24 justin trosclair
Minisode 24 Proper Breathing

Proper Breathing starts with proper biomechanics. Tune in for a physical therapist specialized in respiratory conditions.

this is a doctor’s perspective, minisode, you might be asking yourself, what is he going to mention now? Well, it’s easy. www.adoctorsperspective.net/question is one question on the site and just helps you figure out what are people looking for what type of interviews you want, what kind of services you might desire out of me personally. So if you want to visit that helped me out a little bit, that would be fantastic.

Now, today’s show will be quick. It’s from move forward radio. Optimal breathing is a physical therapy podcast. Man, they have an amazing like PT rah rah rah 32nd commercial I was chiropractic can be so united to have something like that it is good. And very similar to what we do, which is the crazy part. It’s only the show. It’s all about optimal reading, learning to breathe. For instance, when you’re weightlifting, don’t hurt your breath, you can hurt your heart.

So the person that I interviewed his best her specialty is lungs and heart physical therapy stuff was a pretty cool, unique niche. So another example they use was if you have COPD, or congestive heart failure, either one of those when you breathe, you be using your accessory muscles, which is not a great idea. So you can intervene and reteach them how to breathe correctly.

As in, breathing with your diaphragm, your belly is gonna poke out some you want to make sure you breathe in. So you get all the way that a low part of the lungs breathing with your nose, it’s like a humidifier, and it stimulates the autonomic nervous system, then you want to give it a complete exhale. Eventually, this rhythm becomes more natural, you’re training your body to do it, and you’ll actually do it correctly, you will sleep and that’s why there’s so many you know,

meditation, things about having the proper breathing this way, focus on your breath, focus on your breath in three seconds out three seconds in and then like a stuttered out of your end of that. I listened to a Tim Ferriss podcast, it’s been a while and it had to do with somebody who doesn’t breathe knows, like multiple ways to do it. And something gets you excited, someone gets you calm with your brain thinking more. So it’s pretty cool. I don’t know much about that. To be quite honest, that’s about my little bit more than that, but I’m not gonna share it, but consider looking into it.

If nothing else, there are ways to reduce your blood pressure based on breathing techniques as well. So we just went #behindthecurtain

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