M 24 Proper Breathing

Proper Breathing starts with proper biomechanics. Tune in for a physical therapist specialized in respiratory conditions. this is a doctor’s perspective, minisode, you might be asking yourself, what is he going to mention now? Well, it’s easy. is one question on the site and just helps you figure out what are people looking for…

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Episode 38: Resilience- Interoception- Neuroplastic Yoga Awareness Kristine Kaoverii Weber CIAYT

Neuroplastic Yoga with Kristine Kaoverii Weber discusses Resiliency by Awareness, proper Certifications, Yoga Injuries, power of Breathe, Yoga’s Role in Healthcare and in hospitals. Docs listen up so you can know what to look for when recommending a Yoga teacher for Rehab. A teacher from 7th grade had her class do yoga and at the…

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