M 22 Discounts and Being On Purpose

a doctors perspective minisode 22 justin trosclair
Minisode 22 Discounts and Being On Purpose

Should you allow discounts in your clinic? How to fill your clinic with patients you want to treat as well as finding your deeper direction.

Welcome to the minisode. We just wrapped up a three, maybe four-week financial series with student loan Income-Based Repayment and a lot of different definitions for one K’s, Roth trusts and wills, estate planning, life insurance, Universal Life using that as a part of your retirement. And then if we got the fourth one, it’ll be real estate and what you can do for your business buying and selling duplexes and all that informative. You know, like said before, it’s a lot of doctors, they come out with 200,000 or more in debt could happen for 30 years, it affects everything, you always got to worry about it, assuming you don’t become one of those top 10% that make a ton of money. It seems like the A lot of people are kind of stuck in that middle range where life is okay, life is good, wasn’t as good as you thought it was going to be financially. But it’s not bad. Like you still live with your life. You always just have that on in your mind, like, man, I gotta pay my student loan, I got all these other things I got paid for. So it’s just a good series to sharpen your tool belt, start planning for retirement, especially if you’re young, you don’t have anything planned for that. And you haven’t thought about it, you’re just focusing on school, here’s a way to get that mental juice flowing.

Well, speaking of juices, another page I’m ascribed to on Facebook is Chirosushi. And they talk about this guy, Shawn Dill, like all the time, and I don’t know much about the guy. I know, he’s got a coaching program. And he said He’s proven that you can buy and all this, but I just came out with a new book. So I was like, well, that’ll be interesting to hear him talk about his book.

So found the podcast and kind of cool, called author hour -none of your business with Shawn do a little bit later, download a few other author hours. And I’ll have notes on some of those later in the future. It’s just a great concept, right? The author talks about their book, cuz Let me tell you, sometimes books don’t have a lot of meat to it. So when they talk about it, you almost get the entire point of the book without having to buy it or read it or listen to it or anything, you just hear him talk about it at 1.8 speed or 1.6 speed on your podcast. So I thought that’s kind of cool.

So here we go. Here are the main points I got, you know, became a doctor became a lawyer, whatever not to be in business, but to be the best in that field. But then you realize, like, wow, all sudden, I gotta be good at business, I gotta get good at marketing, I gotta do all these things until you can afford to like branch it out to somebody else. But like, you still have to be in it, you still have to have a successful business to stay helping people, right? If you go broke, not gonna help. So his idea is you got to embrace that. And if you can’t figure it out, like you won’t be in business, like say, you will help. Nobody has thought, there are lots of people in the world, and you can niche down whatever you want.

But like you’re only going to treat the people who you’re meant to serve. You know, I guess that’s one way to think about it. I guess that’s the idea of these people came to your clinic because they match up with you. I mean, I do think there is like a personality. Whenever I have certain people come in, they would drain me and I’d have other people I’m like, Yes. So if I had a practice full of those types of people would be like, Whoa, this is amazing. Every day is so fun.

What about a practice one of those other people? Like how am I tracking these, your marketing, you have a certain personality, you’re gonna attract those types of people to your clinic? So part of that, as this I mentioned, is just knowing who you serve best, and who you like to serve and get the best results with, like,

Who do you like to serve, and that should be your focus, because you’re good at it, you like doing it, you can be good at it and not enjoy it. Like if you hate shoulder work, but you’re good at it, man. You just don’t want to have a bunch of shoulders all day. But if you love neck pain, and you can get neck pain patients, then you got both like I’m good at neck pain, they get better. Yes, life is good. Right?

So we got to figure out where to the Hangout. And so when you’re doing your marketing, your shows your social media, what books are they reading? What shows are they watching, and Facebook does all of that. So if you have a customer list, and you narrow that down to like, hey, let’s go through the last two years of emails, and let’s put down the people that we enjoyed. And then just have them as a list on Facebook, load those up and do a lookalike audience for your area, you’ll find more people that they have to relate to and give it some time. And you can see like, these are the top pages that they see ports, job types they have. So you get a good insight and what’s going on. That’s fun.

Always set goals with the end in mind. Otherwise, you know, you’re making money, and you have no idea what you want to do with it. Like, why are you making all this money, you just keep going and going and going and you don’t feel fulfilled, you get burned out. And you don’t know why it’s because you just didn’t have a real purpose. So you got to figure it out like the GPS is going to show you where you are. But unless you have a destination, it’s not going to give you that roadmap, right? And one thing you can visualize what would your life look like if you had the income that you want it right, there’s a value that you have, there’s a price, and there’s affordability. And you should look at those when you’re determining your prices.

And then, of course, any kind of discount you want to give. So value price and affordability do kind of have to go in go into play. Like, we know, we’re getting people back to playing golf, that value for that person is probably worth thousands and thousands of dollars. However, the affordability is probably not going to be a $5,000 case. So maybe it’s more like 1200, you know, and so when we’re talking about discounts, oh man, especially if you live in hometown, wherever you are, eventually get friends you go to church or something like that, whatever you’re part of, and people Hey, man, will we go do this together?

Can I get a discount, you know, if you have this come, everybody, you discount too much the overhead per visit is higher than the actual price that you’re charging? So you always have to keep that in mind. Like if you look at your expenses, and you look at how much revenue you brought in, and you divide those you can figure out like cost you $26 and 50 cents per patient. If that’s the case, you know, you can’t just charge $26 and 50 cents, you have to charge more than that. Otherwise, you lose money, right? Now also friends, family, whatever.

 You might be, say a coach, a consultant each is $495 a month, okay? for like a couple of hours of conversation throughout the month and whatever, and they want a discount on your service. You know, I do you know, much like I charge, it’s crazy. I can’t discount like that as that says, I charge $495. And you want me to do something for you for free and running that closest friend. So yeah, be careful with that. And one of his think scenarios was figure out what is your limit on a discount or free, you know, is the one per quarter once per month, $1 amount per month that you might do. And that’s totally up to you. I mean, if you’re if you want and you look at that as like, that’s part of what I do, I will give away three $300 worth of care per month. First come first serve, whatever, however, you want to look at it.

 I don’t think this I don’t think it’s anything wrong with that because we have a service that is good that people need and if you are financially Okay, and you can give that away, I think that’s great. And that person will be very thankful for that. So I say just things to consider about deals perspective and his new book. Thanks for tuning in again. #behindthecurtain, tell your friends

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