E 187 Achieving Work-Life Flow and Real Estate Success from Veterinarian Dr. Michael Bugg

Discover valuable insights on achieving work-life flow and real estate success in this exciting podcast episode featuring Dr. Michael Bugg. Dr. Bugg, a veterinarian and real estate investor, shares his experiences and wisdom, offering practical tips and strategies for finding balance, aligning passions, and maximizing earnings. Read on for a glimpse into the highlights of…

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Episode 52: Vet Based Cold Laser, No Heat, Profit Generator – Multi Radiance and John Mark Strong

Multi Radiance leader in no heat super pulsed Cold Laser for humans and animals. Learn Vet Patient home rental program, science, benefits vs class IV, marketing cold laser, why use a portable ACTIVet, ACTIVet PRO, MyPetLaser, stellar customer support and case studies. I use Multi Radiance Cold Laser for years and am so impressed by…

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Episode 39: Membership Practice Nuts and Bolts plus Spinal Tuning with Dr. Chad Rohlfsen

Dr. Chad covers All you need for a Membership Practice, why not do insurance, legality, referral tips, his specialty Spinal Tuning, loads of advice for new grads and even how to discuss politics and the future of chiropractic without losing friends. Chiropractic can be more about ‘turning on’ a person’s Potential, not just aches and…

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