Episode 32: Does DC Income Need to be Tied to Patient Volume? Dr. Josh Wagner

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Dr Josh Wagner DC talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Your income does not have to be tied to patient visits, cross promotional marketing tactic, a new take on goals, best way to take vacation, cash practice tactics and how the ego matters. Dr Josh Wagner Patient Mastery

In this new era of patient care where everyone doesn’t have unlimited insurance access, there is a right way to do a cash practice that isn’t about “hard closes.”  Have conversations with the client that builds credibility and perception throughout the whole profession in a better light. Your income does not have to be tied to patient visits.

He noticed a couple reasons why certain clients weren’t getting the desired results and implemented ways to keep you accountable .  How to listen, how to ask questions… not memorize this script and magically cash practice is successful.

Are your patients saying, I want what your offering, I want to pay out of pocket and I want to refer my family?    Do you believe it when Dr Josh says lots of his clients have 90% or more new patients start care? Have you ever had a new patient refer someone before even getting their first adjustment?

What is the new patient Investment game?

Whats worse: wasting your time on patients that don’t start care OR the hit to your ego with that perceived rejection?  What can you do about it?

Who in your community has leadership, authority, social media following that you are able to do cross promotions with them. They can be in healthcare or not.  Dr Wagner discusses different aspects of this as well as the mindset you have to have if this type of marketing will be beneficial for both parties.

Neediness and just trying to fill the clinic will be obvious to the patients and be a deterinent reagardless of the message you put out there in advertising.  Be careful about running after the next shing object, you will find that it doesn’t satisfy.

What is his view on drilling down on goals and targets versus  why and what is the intent of these goals and targets?

Great advice on how to take off work for a full week plus an ideal work schedule.

nothing is a done for you service, you have to do the work

breaking patterns is not that easy, and sometimes you need a 1on1 coach to fine tune your speaking skills

when patients don’t start care, whats worse-time lost or the hit to your ego

in person, email or social media: cross promoting with leaders in ur community is a Ninja Marketing Skill

what is your agenda in creating a goal: not your coaches, parents, society



Neale Donald Walsch 3 book series Conversations with God  living a purposeful life and he learned a lot about chiropractic actually from this book


Travel Tip:

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Episode 32. Does DC income need to be tied to patient volume? I’m your host Dr. Justin trust. Clear today Dr. Josh Wagner’s perspective

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for doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life. Listen as your host, Dr. Justin Foursquare goes behind the curtain and interviews doctors and guess about real world trial struggles, practical tips and entertainment On this episode,

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Thanks for tuning in yet again. We have a great guest today. Dr. Josh Wagner chiropractor, founder of patient mastery and the perfect patient funnel system. We’re going to talk about things like can you close over 90% of your patients in a cash way? What’s one of the best ways you can take vacation? What are some good working hours? What is a cross promotional marketing tactic? And how can you use it as the title says, Can you get paid without being tied to patient visits, he has a great idea about goals. So definitely take a listen to that. I don’t want to give it away. So that’s why I’m being vague, intriguing. Hopefully you guys and gals to listen. As always the travel that will be at the end of the episode. All those elements can be found at a doctor’s perspective. NET slash Three, two, I do hope you are enjoying your summer and that you were able to get away and recharge with the family with friends. Whatever it is, that gets you excited and motivated. A big thank you for listening. And as always, if you if you have any suggestions, shoot an email me Justin at a doctor’s perspective. net. Let’s get into it. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain

podcast. Welcome. This week, we have a special guest, Dr. Josh Wagner, DC of perfect patient funnel system and patient mastery. Welcome to the show. Absolutely. Well, we’re going to do a full disclosure, I have actually taken one of your your patient mastery class and it is I would like to say a primer for what your perfect patient funnel system is. It’s sort of like a core gotta master some things before you can jump in the pot. And I want to just talk about real quick like communicating with patients. They actually want to pay you cash because there’s, I think there’s a right way to do cash practice. And then there’s the give you 76 visits over a year. And I’m gonna have to pay today. And I’ve always done is an exam Wait, yeah, so I don’t, I’m not a big fan of that one. So what what is it that you bring to the table that makes it so thank you for sharing

Unknown 2:17
them, like the patient mastery program that you you’ve gone through, it’s a primer, it’s an introduction of the foundational elements of what you at least need to bring to the table. As a chiropractor, in this, what I call a new era of chiropractic. We’re not every patient has

Unknown 2:34
limited insurance, super easy to say, we’re going to work together for a year, you’re going to be coming on three times a week for three months, and two times a week for three months than one time a week for the rest of your life. Like that’s literally that worked back in the 80s and 90s and early 2000s. And it was easy. And it was very easy to build a huge, very profitable practice like that. And that’s not the case anymore. And it’s very rare that either states or certain insurance companies have that go to great benefits.

Unknown 3:03
And my passion is sharing with chiropractors who who either missed that boat, you know, they missed the Mercedes ad is like I did, when I got into practice, it was dramatically declining. Or that’s all the new and now they don’t know how to adapt in a world and a society where the giving the adjustment is their bread and butter. But the conversations have completely changed. And patients expectations are different patients. perceptions are different. And so it’s a combination of giving chiropractors back the way practice used to be easy, as well as another passion that patient on the profession probably doesn’t realize of mine is I want the patient experience to be the best possible thing. So that not only increases your practice, because more patients want to refer they want to stay with you. They trust you, they want to invest in you. But it starts to grow the credibility and the perception of the field as a whole in a better light. Because I don’t know about you, Justin. But when I see that I practice lowest probability of all of health care, like I hate being a representative of that field, when I’m mixed in with all the other craziness and garbage that goes on. So that’s a passion for me to change the public’s perception through helping doctors increase

Unknown 4:23
their practice, and you can,

Unknown 4:26
you know, having the incomes living lifetime and having the practice experience that they deserve when they’re delivering a beautiful service like chiropractic. So I don’t know if that answered the question. But that’s what

Unknown 4:38
Yeah, no, I mean, it does, because everything I just said, You’ve been doing this for a few years,

Unknown 4:42
right? Yeah, it’s coming up on three plus years that the perfect patient funnel system has actually been available for doctors.

Unknown 4:49
Yeah, okay. And that is like a six month program. It’s a year, but it’s like, you get introduced to a model on the module, it’s a module thing per month, because you can’t just learn everything, I mean,

Unknown 4:59
everything at once. I don’t do it that way. Because it’s like a fire hydrant. It’s like everything’s all at once. And in that space, just like trying to overwhelm a patient with education, and trying to get them to understand the big idea in two or three visits, they don’t get any of it or they retreat if I opened up everything at once. Usually, it causes a practitioner to become overwhelmed and not do it in a diligent matter, or they can choose and you do it in the wrong way. So that’s just the best way to create leadership and compliance and give you the right material at the right time.

Unknown 5:32
Yeah, it’s it’s so you can go at once a month, there’s month options. There’s the core program that’s over the course of a year, content gets opened up and access to me and tell us seminars and

Unknown 5:44
open call lines to me mastermind group, all that, you know, in person trainings, it depends how you want to do it. But there’s different options for where you are as a practitioner.

Justin Trosclair 5:53
Now, I heard people who do a lot of like online education, one of the biggest issues that you have with the college clients, they don’t do it, you can look at the open rates, and they’re just not opening it. Do you find that that’s or what some of the bigger concerns that you have for the clients when they don’t get the most out of your program? If they’re like, Man, it’s not really doing it for me, like he thought it would what’s, what are you noticing this one, some of the problems there?

Unknown 6:16
Yeah, well, that’s, that’s a very good point you just brought up and there’s actually two questions in there. So one is, like, do I noticed that’s happening. And it wasn’t until like, the second year that I noticed how prevalent that was. And so I started changing, they reached out and connecting with chiropractors in the program who I hadn’t heard from, because it’s very easy, even though it’s like paint by number, and opened up 30 days at a time, different material, it’s still very easy to go back into your habits. And,

Unknown 6:45
you know, people oftentimes get in by a program, buy a product, get a coach, because it’s that inspiration of what’s going to happen, but not realizing you still got to do the work, you know, this isn’t a will send you new patients every month kind of program, this is changing you from the inside out to be different for your patience for your community. So things work a lot easier. But you gotta do the work, just like with anything that actually works in real life. So a lot of doctors oftentimes get in with false expectations, or presumptions. And that’s why I try to be really clear with having a go through a webinar go, you know, you can talk to me before you get in and realize that it’s not a done for you service, you’re gonna have to learn, you’re gonna have to train and you’re gonna have to implement and anything that actually creates results in life is not a magic email. It’s not a magic, you know, 123, things like that, that just doesn’t exist. So, yes, I noticed that and I reach out, I try to make the content more palpable. I do more in person stuff, like I’m starting to the trainings more often. Because when a doctor goes to the training, you know, what I think they are learning from

Unknown 7:58

Unknown 7:59
that’s you can learn from all the videos and audios and the PDFs in the module. That’s one level of understanding. If you get on the phone with me, and we actually like work on it together, that’s a whole nother level of proficiency in person. Nothing compares to in person mastery.

Unknown 8:16
Because pick up on the littlest nuances of how you said that word, your energy, your body language, and I’ll show you how I do it. And that just takes doctors to a whole nother level. So that’s those are some of the ways I’ve tried to get above or get around the

Unknown 8:33
like, I don’t want to call it laziness, because it’s just it’s it’s not laziness. It’s just a fundamental aspect of it’s hard to break patterns and habits. And I’m not there in your practice. I’m not on a weekly coaching call with you. So you really do have to decide to get in there and do the work

Justin Trosclair 8:50
well, I can attest to that. Because, you know, I was a part of a management company and we did we role played on the phone and all that type of stuff. Because you don’t, you don’t even know what you’re doing wrong. If it’s just you and your staff. You’re like, I thought I had it right. But obviously, as not because patients are leaving right out the back door. And yeah, it just takes somebody to take you through. So hey, man, this is

Unknown 9:10
this is why I would say what’s also makes it a little tougher with my material is it’s not blatant scripts, where it’s like, oh, memorize 10 minutes, a lecture or memorize this 45 seconds sublimation definition. Like what I teach is how to ask certain questions, how to listen how to respond. So that new patient console and the recommendations is like a dynamic living, breathing conversation that’s going to be different for every patient. But when you do it, well, you’re never going to see a process that works more effectively for new patients saying, I want what you have, I want to pay for it, even though I thought my insurance was going to pay and I want to tell other people about you. And like, so when you actually own it, the benefits you’ll have for the rest of your career. And it’s just beautiful, especially what most chiropractors are struggling with today, which is not as much the new patient game, but it’s the new patient investment game. That’s a whole different story.

Unknown 10:08
Hmm. Well, what do you mean by investment game? What does that mean to you? Sure.

Unknown 10:13
So there’s a difference between back for the past 30 years, one of the biggest practice building stats was how many new patients you get in every month. And, you know, everyone wants 40 Plus or more. But if you’re getting 40 new patients, and only 10 or 20 are actually started. Meaning when I say investment game, like they’re actually paying out of pocket for your care, and going forward, that sucks, okay, if you’re, if less than 75% or 80% of your new patients are actually paying you. And starting with care, one, you’re going through a lot of exams, a lot of reports that are end up not having having patients. So it’s a waste of time, it’s a waste of energy. But really, it hurts the doctors ego more than anything, because it sucks when patients disappear. When they go through an exam, get one adjustment and disappear. It’s worse than the loss of the time that you spend with them, or the energy it’s the ego, it’s like, well, how did I mess up and not show this patient the value of what I have to deliver on what they can get. So when I say it’s gone from the new patient number game to investment is what percentage of your new patients are actually starting actually paying you actually referring because I’d rather have 15 new patients a month and 13 of them startup than 30 new patients a month and 15 of them start up even though Yeah, maybe like more people start but just that because energetically. Rob’s you right.

Justin Trosclair 11:39
That’s a great point. Because I think we’ve all been there like you said, when it’s like 60% conversion, you’re like, Where did why did you only come three, four times, like you definitely missed the message. I’m glad you’re kind of a pain. But that’s not really the message of chiropractic.

Unknown 11:52
Yeah, and a lot, it’s not even 60, like a lot of doctors and in who are just out there and get as many new patients as possible. It’s 40 to 50%. And they’re not even started care. because like you said, they’re recommending a year long 85 visits. They’re trying to pressure the person into doing it, they had to sit through a three hour lecture. And it’s draining when people are when the conversions aren’t there. So that’s what I love showing, or I love seeing testimonials of doctors being like every patient started last month, and they’re in a cash practice. You know, it’s not like a pie mail. It’s not a in network office where it’s very easy for patients to stack start. So like every new patient started or I get on average last year, 85, 90% conversions. That’s one aspect. The other aspect is they love every aspect of how they’re doing it. So gay conversions by being really manipulative by being really pressure or fear based. I’m not, that’s not my game. I’m not trying to change the credibility of the profession by doing that to patients. So what I love is that it’s a win win. Like doctors love how they’re speaking to their patients. Because they, they’re able to be themselves they’re inspired. They’re bringing patients to an inspired place rather than the patient needs to invest in order to not get cancer or die or be so much worse off, you know, all that the opposite. Yeah, patients love that experience. Because they get to go forward and they feel great like they’d like like, they’ve actually got to a doctor’s office who listened to them for the first time. And that’s why you’ll see or I see testimonials all the time, new patients for after their consult or after the recommendations conversation before they even got their first adjustment. So they’re not referring because they got result the referring because it was such a unique experience. They’ve never had a conversation and a visit with a doctor like that. And they want their spouse or their co worker or their friend who’s been complaining of whatever to experience that too. And that’s when practice just starts getting a lot easier and more profitable.

Justin Trosclair 13:54
It sounds like you know, taking the small sample and then based on some other things that I’ve seen a lot of your face spoke a lot, I was gonna ask you like, what do you do to advertise, but I think hands down blue, blue dress shirt and Facebook Live. Well, that’s one

Unknown 14:06
of the mediums I do Facebook ad ads, those have become Well, those have become popular across the board. If anything, they’re becoming less effective because everyone’s doing them and I mean a business to business standpoint. But I definitely recommend that from a chiropractor to new patients standpoint. So because you’re going to be Mark into your town it into an entire profession that 1000 other businesses are also marketing to. So yeah, but Facebook Live is is free, it’s organic, you’re getting real may in the moment. It’s it’s not can it’s not scripted, connecting with other just like you like, who knows who will listen to this, what doctors who say wow, I like what he’s saying, I want to check out more material. So lots of doctors or companies have me on their podcast, or will do webinars together, where they’ll just share about me, and maybe I’ll share about them in my system because I was what they’re doing. So it’ll be cross promotion. And there’s an example for doctors listening because I know this is this is a combination of, hey, how can you actually benefit the doctor in the moment in their practice is who in your community has leadership has authority has a following as a member, another another healthcare practitioner, or neither. But someone who has a following social media following and how can you do something together, you invite both of your audiences and both you get exposure. But at least as the chiropractor, you’re hopefully finding someone who’s got more following than you more influence. And by doing something together, whether it’s an in person event, you know, it could be a talk with two or three people, everyone gets 1520 minutes, and you make an event out of it, you bring food,

Unknown 15:46
and yes, some of your patients will come, but they’ll be hopefully a lot more people that didn’t know you. And now you show up and you really perform whether it’s a webinar in person event in your community, or however else want to do it. But but there’s a perfect example, you know, events or things that I’ll do to share with more chiropractors chiropractors can do to get exposure with more patients in their community.

Justin Trosclair 16:09
I think that’s a huge nugget right there a real world what you can start practicing and trying to figure out because that’s not going to something’s gonna happen overnight, you’re gonna have to build relationships and find them and reach out and plan but it’s a long term.

Unknown 16:20
Yeah, great. But here’s the thing you can start tonight by start writing down Who are the people I know and community that would be worthwhile to connect with and stop thinking about competition and start thinking about more influence and like

Unknown 16:37
mission in and rather than you Be yourself rather than it just has to be Facebook ads for patients to know about the or screenings on the sidewalk? You know, how can you get more creative? And then what does it take to reach out to them like, I don’t mean email, or like, or phone call, I mean, what type of energy and mentality because if it comes out like it’s all about you, that’s a repellent where if you come up needy people, that’s, that’s repellent. So how can you make it where that person is going to benefit also. So they don’t want to benefit you. So they’re just, you know, little things to start thinking about, it’s not the scripted perfect email, I can’t give you the email. Because even if I did give you the one that’s better than what you may have written, then when you get on the phone or in person, you’re going to drop the ball. And I don’t mean you’re going to drop like you’re doing it wrong already. I mean, from a place of it so easy and attractive right now to find, you know, for to get sold on the email sequence, or the web, the perfect webinar, but who you are, and how you show up is going to dictate how you get on the phone with them. The email you send, how you perform in front of that group, how you connect with that potential partner. So it’s from again, just like chiropractic, from the inside out, switching that mentality around how you show up. So you’re a lot more attractive and influential and not thinking it’s some tactic that’s gonna make the difference,

Justin Trosclair 18:02
you can add some kind of concurrency because if your email sound like Dr. Wagner wrote it, and then you come off as the road fast talker. Our No, no, no more energy low, more like in your face, if your email is not going to come off that way you are that way, there’s probably a little bit of concurrency versus if you just did it yourself. And just, we’re right at yourself, figure it out, Be true to yourself and finding those connections. Because I think that’s what part of your program that you really haven’t talked about? Is your like investigating when you’re talking to the client? Like, what is it that you want? What is it that you’re looking for, and listening and then giving it to him, like this type of personality, yours is the types of things that you need to do with your life. So let me give that to you. And explain to you why in your with what you’re looking for on the best doctor for what you actually want, versus how it normally is. I think it’s kind of the opposite. Like you’re selling just yourself.

Unknown 18:47
Yeah, well, you said you said a couple of good points. One is being congruent and, and true with who you are. So absolutely, like, if you’re trying to be someone else, if you’re trying to, or if you’re just taking someone else’s material, and like pushing it out there, of course, then maybe that’ll get some attention, maybe that’ll get some intrigue. But then when they get to the next step, when they have to meet you, wow, they don’t want to experience a big difference. So for instance, I write every single one of my emails, all the copy on my websites, all the advertisement copy, like there’s people that can write better than me, I’m not a marketing expert, or an ad expert, but I’m not, I’m never going to jeopardize like who I am. And my message. And that doesn’t mean I’ll, I wouldn’t get someone else’s help or influence and all of that. But I’m not, you know, I see, I see stuff out there that I know the person I see what they’re putting out there. And that’s two totally different things. And they didn’t write that. And I, it doesn’t even seem like they reviewed it. Because that’s not you. That’s not what you’d say. Now Same thing with you and your community. But there’s another aspect behind that. Like you could be completely congruent with everything you say, you could be authentic, you know, all the buzzwords that are out there today. But if still you’re coming from a place of neediness or like your goal is just to see volume to be able to preach it on a stage because you don’t want to be admired by your colleagues. So that could be really what you feel. And you could be like that. So you’re being congruent, but that’s still a repellent. So it’s really like taking away the layers of the onion of all the superficial stuff that we all have, you know, if we’re alive, we’ve been conditioned from childhood and all different experiences and, and just for society of oftentimes one wanting a lot of superficial stuff that deep down we don’t really care about. And then when we get it, like we spend a whole career life trying to get XYZ. And then when we get there, we realize well, first, you know, you’re something you’re accomplished it but then you realize it makes no difference. And you feel the same way. And there’s always something bigger and better, and the grass is greener.

Unknown 20:56
So that that’s awesome. So what I really, really helped DC is get clear on is be careful of running after the shiny object that the past coach told them to go for, or society thinks you should get. And I think it was in his room. One of the questions you said, like, you know, maybe asked is about the five or 10 year vision. We’re talking to clients about their goals, you know, and it was funny, I was listening to a podcast with Dr. Coach just yesterday. And he was talking about how he starts with, you know, the vision and the goals of the client and really drilling down one to make sure it’s crystal clear. And you know what, when you start with the vision and the goals, you’ve already lost the game. Because if you don’t do the inner work first to really flesh out what you’re good, like, why you even want what you think you want, which 90% of it you don’t want, then you’re just setting yourself up to be more effective at getting something that’s someone else’s agenda. You know that society’s agenda that’s big, big farm as agenda the media companies are just and your parents agenda for you, you know your agenda,

Unknown 22:06
20 cent, then girlfriend broke up with you. And then you said no, I’m going to prove her wrong. And for the next 20 years, you’re going to do something to prove her wrong, which had no bearing on your life. And so there’s many, many rabbit holes to go down here. But the point is that getting what you say you want is hard for a lot of people. And there’s a lot of great coaches out there to show you how to get what you say you want with goals and with action steps and all the stuff that’s been out there for 30 years.

Unknown 22:36
But there’s a whole nother layer. And that’s why you see so many people that are unsatisfied and unfulfilled and nothing is ever enough because there’s a whole layer before that Adam people get clear on if you don’t figure out then you’ll always be chasing like you’ll be chasing your own tail No matter how much wealth ships all that is just so that’s also what I become very, very, very clear on

Unknown 23:02
and open up doctors understandings to so they’re not chasing their tail, even if they’re increasing and looking good. from an outside perspective.

Justin Trosclair 23:10
That’s a really unique perspective, which we I would say we don’t hear very often. Yeah, so that inner working before you pick your goals. That’s pretty awesome.

Unknown 23:17
Yeah. And, you know, I think I’ve had some unique life experiences of one being very introspective and realizing like, wait at very different levels of my life. Because I’ve always been goal centered and always achievement centered and wondering, like, wait, like, I’ve accomplished all this stuff. But But why don’t I feel like where I should? Or why does it never feel enough? or Why don’t I feel good enough. And then I realized that wasn’t just how I feel. And then as I started growing up, and you know, I’m surrounded by some very, very influential and wealthy people were, who I’ve become friends with, and my social scene, let’s say, in New York City, and seeing people who have what 99.9% of the world want in terms of, let’s say, wealth, status material, and realize that that does not equate to happiness or fulfillment, because I’m at a level where they will confide in me, they will show me what’s really going on, you know, in the privacy behind the closed doors, knowing that I’m not going to share it, say their name or anything like that. So from observation and awareness,

Unknown 24:22
my own because people actually doing the work myself because I’m not immune to it. I have superficial goals and hopes and dreams. And I’ve, you know, I’m constantly pulling away the onion in my own life, and doing the work every day to get deeper and deeper of like, what’s actually really important to me, and what’s fulfillment and happiness look like for me, and where am I chasing something that even if I get it, I’m not going to be happy when I get it. Like, I’m not really going to be fulfilled. And I know it’s a it’s a universal human issue. And that’s

Unknown 24:55
because it has, it gets to the core of like, hey, like, what’s lovely for battle? Like, if you’re not happy? It doesn’t matter. Anything else? If you’re not fulfilled, nothing else matters. And I’m not saying be fulfilled and live under a bridge or be happy in poverty? Not at all, but you got to have that and then go for whatever else you want.

Justin Trosclair 25:14
Was that one of the catalysts for you starting? Because you I don’t know how old you are? You look young, it’s not that young. But you don’t mean you’re not 20? Was that one of your catalyst for creating to create this program? I mean, I don’t know how long it took you. But it had to be a quite a time investment. So what was one of your catalyst for going through this whole process?

Unknown 25:33
Oh, there was a bunch but you definitely hit on one. So so the first piggybacking I want to just talked about is he Yes, seen chiropractors in the never ending, like new patient volume game, like, their goal was to hit 200, their goal is to have 500 their goals at 750, and then they got it and it was never good enough. And I started seeing like, I don’t want that to be me. Like, it’s never, ever good enough. And it’s always a grind. So that was one aspect of bubble wanting to create it. The other aspect was definitely feeling very score a certain groups and coaches that I was involved with, when I kind of saw behind the curtain and saw that a lot of what was being preached on the stage wasn’t being practiced. And, and I also known didn’t paint our, our profession in the greatest light.

Unknown 26:22
So what you know, and not not, you know, not wanting to be a representative of a profession that doesn’t have great credibility like f that, like, that’s not what I signed up for, like I signed up because I fell in love with the philosophy of chiropractic and making a profound difference in someone’s life on many, many different levels, physical, mental, spiritual, all of that. And like,

Unknown 26:45
what the typical person thinks of chiropractors and I don’t mean like, oh, back pain specialist. I mean, like manipulative, coercive pressure, all that garbage. Like, no, I am not going to be part of a profession that that’s what this feels. So that was a big impetus for creating this so and you know, if you go to my website like what it has read up there is

Unknown 27:07
reverse respected doctor in your community, because I don’t see that happening with most chiropractors offices. And that’s what I think is is valuable and important, both from the patient’s standpoint and of course, the doctor and all the benefits that comes with that.

Justin Trosclair 27:20
Very good. Well, we know I’ve got a few minutes left with you. So I’m just going to ask some of the normal questions that I have. You just came back from Italy? I did I so funny. I saw your, your, your ally, you’re talking about like driving a motorcycle around like, switch back. So like, Oh, hey, Turner

Unknown 27:35
turns Yeah, just

Unknown 27:36
got off a motorcycle with my wife doing that. And I’m like, Dude, that is so true. Because I was like, I don’t know, I’m not that experienced. And I’m having a ride these words is kind of crazy. So. So you did you just start

Unknown 27:48
as well?

Justin Trosclair 27:49
Well, in China, I use a lot of we write a lot of scooters and motorcycles, and I’ve had some experience so we were just like, let’s go to the mountainside. I’m like, Oh, yeah, you gotta go down to

Unknown 27:59
these sharp mountain. But you have

Unknown 28:02
your own private doing.

Unknown 28:04
Sorry, I interrupted.

Unknown 28:05
Well, I don’t go fast. No, no, you’re good. You’re good. We definitely have a delay on this call. For some reason, going up, we go slow. So it wasn’t really an issue. Like we weren’t going 50 miles an

Unknown 28:16
hour on these curves or anything. Also, there’s, there’s a big difference when a motorcycle on a scooter because you got the clutch on the motorcycle. So if you slow up too much dependent your gear, you know, you’re going to stall out. You don’t want to stall on an incline. So the there’s a difference there. But did you bring that up? Because you want to like go into the message of that, or just you want to talk about like, travel and all that.

Justin Trosclair 28:39
Oh, yeah, I was just talking about the travel because you have your own clinic, you have this this system, but you’re finding time to go and travel. And a lot of doctors have that issue of how do I step away from clinics, do you have any, like one suggestion on how people can be able to take more vacations.

Unknown 28:53
Oh, and also people realize I practice very part time now. So I just I was in I was in New York for two weeks. It’s not like I should like I practice very part time now. So it’s not i’m not going to be telling you what I will tell you what I definitely recommend. And I see practice practitioners just having beautiful experiences with and the first thing is you can absolutely see the volume and make the revenue that you want in a four day work week of condensed

Unknown 29:24
Monday through so the traditional chiropractic schedule, you know, practice management was full day, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, half day, Tuesday, half day, Saturday morning, that when you combine it is four full days of two shifts each day, like a morning, and then afternoon shift. So instead of spreading and out, which you think, Oh, I can see more kids on Saturday morning, or it’ll be easier for patients know that is a nightmare schedule for a doctor because you never have two days off in a row ever. So when you do Monday through Thursday, you keep your hours consistent. patients get it, it’s easier for them to understand. They don’t think you’re a jerk for taking Fridays, you have plenty of hours to see them. And when you start experiencing three day weekends as the norm it literally feels like a weekend practice a week off a week in practice a week off and you will never ever feel burnt out and you will come to Monday morning. So much more energized. So that’s the the quick like logistics of your practice schedule. That’s absolutely the best hands down schedule. There is, you know, unless you want to practice lesson you don’t care about as a how many people and that’s fine too. But no matter how much you want a, b or c and there’s also you know, I’ll just do a pitch I showed doctors had recommend certain ways of care where your income and your revenue isn’t dependent on your volume. And that’s very important. So another reason you don’t need to be in the practice as many hours but outside of your practice hours. I definitely recommend for your own growth is getting out of your normal habitual environment for a three day weekend, as as often as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to go far or get on a plane, it could literally mean go in 30 minutes with your family or by yourself to a different part of your county and you know, renting a house in the woods or doing something where you have detachment and you’re in a different environments. So you’re not seeing the same sites here in the same sound smelling the smells, because every every one of those inputs into your consciousness and your nervous system elicits the same thoughts. So just by detaching

Unknown 31:33
checking out from the cell phone a little starting a new book, bringing up a pad and a pen and journaling a little bit. But just getting out of your normal environment will stimulate new thoughts. And if you’re not going to Vegas and binge in more constructive environment, those new thoughts will be constructive and inspiring. So that’s the first one of doing a three day weekend at least I’d say every two months getting away whether you’re by yourself with this Hello family and

Unknown 32:03
and then do it doing a full week and make it when you take a full week off from practice. Take it off from the middle of one week to the middle of the next rather than from weekend two weekends. Because when you patients are just like us are creatures of habit and when you take a full week off and let’s say a patients on one time a week or two times a week. And this is if you don’t have an associate or coverage doc when a patient misses a full week like they interrupted their schedule. It is so much

Unknown 32:33
more of an or dig back on the school didn’t did schedule it like there’s gonna be no shows. It’s just the factor. If you can get them in at the beginning of the week, like Monday or Tuesday, you have practice hours you leave on Wednesday. And then you come back the next Tuesday, where the next Wednesday and then you have practice hours Wednesday and Thursday. By keeping a continuity of every week there were office hours, you will see far less patient dropouts disappearance and

Unknown 33:01
it’ll be a lot easier to just resume your natural schedule. So there’s another tactic or strategy for being able to vacation and not jeopardizing your patient flow as much.

Justin Trosclair 33:11
Absolutely. Last question. Do you have any books that you would recommend that are influential for yourself? Or that you find influential for doctors? Yeah,

Unknown 33:20
so my favorite book book from I’ll say growing up, but it was like a college days that I feel had the most influence on me, Anna, and I say this and it sounds weird. But I’d say I learned more about chiropractic from this book. And it’s not a chiropractic book, then

Unknown 33:39
all of what I learned from and this is not to knock the Reggie gold and the Sigma foods and all that who I loved listening to and I would I would fall asleep during college listening to their CDs and in the car I mean thousands of our hundreds of hours listening to those guys and I love them to death but I’m this book will get to the inner core like I was talking about earlier about peeling away the layers of the onion, which you’re not going to do with goal setting. You’re not going to do with inspirational stuff like that’s once you peel away then you do that

Unknown 34:14
this and it’s a series but you start with the first one of course it is so impactful and so profound. And I’ve read it countless times. If you look at my book, it’s highlighted it’s marked up. It’s written on it is so beautifully written and gets to the core of living a really more congruent and fulfilling and and like purposeful life. And that is at I haven’t said the title yet because the title can cause some reaction from people because it sounds just even though it’s not. And so it’s Neale Donald Walsch is the author and the book is conversations with God. And there’s a it’s a three book series. So there’s Book One, two, and three, start with book one. They each progressively get better, but book one will knock your socks off and then it just gets better from there. So yeah, that’s the one thing I recommend is conversations with God, you know. Donald Walsch, it’s a profound piece of writing that has greatly influenced my life for the better and I hope it makes a difference for anyone listening here.

Unknown 35:20
Absolutely. Well, thank you so much for your for your time. How can people get in touch with you?

Unknown 35:27
easiest way is patient mastery. com or find me on Facebook. You know, there’s probably a few different Josh Wagner’s but if there’s a picture of you on the world says you could you could choose the right one. And then you can see my live videos. I think I’ve maxed out my friends amount, but you could probably follow me. So then you get notifications when I do a live Are you still see my posts, I don’t really know how it works. But patient mastery. com and then also follow me on Facebook. And I just give away tons all the time. So I appreciate you listening to I appreciate you being a chiropractor, because we’re of the same I don’t know what that term is where the same elk like it’s like we would shed the same blood in the same mode. Like I don’t care what technique you practice. I don’t care really what your philosophy is. If you want to serve people Chiropractic and help people get better and have a life that you deserve. Based on that. I respect you, I acknowledge you and I admire you and my whole goal is to make it easier for patients to understand that and see that I want to pay you for and thank you for all you do. All right. You have a great evening. Cool you to Justin be well

Justin Trosclair 36:41
Dr. Wagner, thank you so much for being on the show the the idea of how does a patient not committing to care or, you know, walking out after just a couple of visits? How does it hit your ego, that procedure rejection causing issues. So I really thank you for you know, opening our eyes to something like that as well. As you know, goals are great. But what’s the point whose dreams are you searching for so much more. The marketing tips were fantastic. So again, thank you so much for your time. All the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective. NET slash three to stay tuned. The travel tip will be coming up next.

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travel tip this week. I like getting updates on flights. Like if you know you’re gonna be taking a trip six months from now you’re like, Man, it’s kind of early or the price seems kind of high. You can do something on hopper. It’s an app on your phone. Pretty sure it’s got a website online as well, but hopper and it gives you a weekly update whether you should purchase it or wait because historically it’ll be cheap. Now always get nervous, you know, a month out like what to do. So make a judgment call but always like the idea that Oh, it’s only like 189 like yeah, that’s expensive. You should be able to get that less so just wait two weeks and check again. Anyway, I like it. Maybe you will do where

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