Episode 07 Dr Kris Devillier Naturopath Potency Mentorship and Receiving What Others Give

Episode 07 Dr Kris Devillier Naturopath

Potency Mentorship and Receiving What Others Give

Dr. Kris Devillier, naturopathic doctor at Nature’s Link Wellness and President of the Louisiana Health Freedom Coalition joins the podcast.  She is trained in traditional naturopathic medicine modalities along with extra courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine dealing with advanced herb usage and evaluating the body in extra ways via pulse, tongue, eyes and really taking notice of the small things that might be generally overlooked.  For example: How can eyebrow hair indicate a nutritional deficiency? Dr. Kris wants to treat patients in their entirety: body, mind and spiritual.  One of her keys to success is that You have to meet people where they are.  Educating your patients and allowing them to be proactive in their health is a main goal in her practice. Dr. Devillier covers why buying a herb at the grocery store is not the same thing as a medicinal quality version, Are all organic products equal, her response might surprise you, Where to get the best coffee and How slick marketing is skewing and causing conflict in the supplement business.  She has one secret marketing tip that you need to listen to, hint: groups.

Her back story about working at age 13 in her grandfather’s store, early career choices, and speaking and finance classes by Dale Carnegie and Charles Givens are worth the listen.  One of her future goals is realizing that she is of the age that people will begin asking her for advice (from naturopathic doctor questions to business development), so she is making efforts to become that mentor for the younger generation. Also we have a fun talk about creating online products or coaching and the pluses and minuses of it.

Not to give away her relationship advice but, she has been married for a long time and early on she learned to dote on her husband and accept and receive the gifts that he gave (even if they weren’t exactly what she wanted at the time, learn as you go) and do your best not to crush each other’s spirit.  Listen to hear Dr. Kris go into more details about that, her number one sex advice and a touching story that might make you need a tissue.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/07 here you can also find links to things mentioned, the Travel Tip and the interview transcription.



Find a way to learn about business and finances so your biz can succeed.  Kiwanis ,   Chamber of Commerce, Teche Project: a National waterway organization centered around the Bayou Teche with a goal of keeping it clean and attracting kayakers.  Gardening and planting fruit trees and vegetables are a big passion of hers.

 Morning Routine: some kind of spiritual time with books not only that pertain to her specific faith, but also meditation, and books about other denominations and other religions etc. and over the years its been a way  she can appreciate and connect with people regardless of what they believe.

Lunch Routine: at times she uses a Qi machine or take a nap

Books: Power of Positive Thinking Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, the Four Agreements by Don Ruiz (don’t take things so personal) Dr. Devillier reads this one every year. Read autobiographies and visit your library.

Podcast: Marie Farleo she interviews rich and successful people.

“The greatest use of life is to spend it doing something that will outlast it”, William James

Dr. Kris Devillier naturopathic doctor can be reached at http://www.natureslinkwellness.com on the contact page.

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Justin Trosclair 0:01
Episode Seven, potency, mentorship and receiving with others. I’m your host. I could just intros Claire, and you’re listening to Dr. Chris, did you use perspective?

for doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant homeless? Listen as your host, Dr. Justin Foursquare goes behind the curtain and interviews, doctors and guess about real world

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I asked for feedback and I got it. One of my best friends since undergrad at Ellis you, Richard. I really respect his opinion. And he said, Hey, you know, I was listening to the podcast, right after another one. And there’s a spot in your intro music that is just Oh, it’s kind of loud. So okay, okay. And then what they say is if one person says a complaint probably means other people as well. So you may notice last couple weeks, we reduce that noise. Actually, I just took it off. Let me know what you think. Again, this is this is the

ever evolving podcast, you know, certain things will disappear over time. And based on feedback, we might add things, keep them, remove them. So the more feedback I get better, I can make this show for you. I’d like to get him on one day, we just got to figure out how based on his expertise and what he does, how that can relate and how the doctors can use it. So we’ll see. But today’s guest, she has been learning about business building since about 13 years old at a grandpa store. She explains to us what natural path is her approach to clients, how to choose the correct herbs over others. She talks about her ever evolving role as becoming the mentor to a younger generation, and has a really great relationship advice from her long marriage. So we do cover a lot of ground in this hour. The show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash 07. Please welcome to the podcast. And that’s go hashtag behind the curtain with the current president of the Louisiana health freedom coalition, Doctor of natural path, Dr. Chris the VA. Welcome to the show, Dr. Chris, the VA doctor of natural path. Hi there, Justin. It’s great to see you.

Unknown 2:10
Thank you Same here,

Justin Trosclair 2:12
what is a naturopathic doctor and and why did you pursue this profession,

Unknown 2:17
and naturopathic doctor is going with all the modalities of natural health. So more of we do no harm. We are traditional natural paths. And we’re going to work with the air, the diet, the exercising, nutrition, we’re going to go with more of the modalities of what are your everyday lifestyle, and then we’ll incorporate herbs, whether or not it’s of the Chinese descent or our Aveda. Or it could be American grown or homie up at these. So those are the modalities that we bring to the table. And we are considered traditional natural hats, rather than we are not physicians.

Justin Trosclair 3:04
Okay, so that’s a distinction in the laws and in the philosophy of your profession. correct? That’s correct. Okay. Okay. So how did you decide to become a naturopath versus

Unknown 3:16
Anything else? Well, in my 20s, I had a daughter who would have been diagnosed with a DD. And today it’s called ADHD, they keep turning, changing the medical terminology. And I had decided that I did not want to go down the medical route. So I started pursuing the natural way, in doing a hair analysis on my daughter when she was think she was about eight or nine years old, we found some information that was very helpful in going forward. So therefore, we started going down the natural route, and it became a hobby. So that’s actually how I started in this career just as a hobby and taking classes and you learning for my family.

Justin Trosclair 4:02
It seems like a lot of people do that. It’s they didn’t plan to be what they are, but something in life kind of forced them to learn more. And then I can make money at this too, and help other people with what the knowledge that I’ve learned. So that’s, that’s really interesting. Really interesting. Yeah,

Unknown 4:16
yes, that’s exactly how it goes in a lot of people’s. In, especially in this profession, you’ll see they all have a wonderful life changing story.

Justin Trosclair 4:25
Now, as far as you mentioned, you use herbs of American or Chinese, I’m guessing wherever you can find that the special herbs. Is there a research, you know, everybody’s all double blind? research studies that prove that it works? Are these things backed up by science?

Unknown 4:43
Okay, so a lot of some of the things are traditional that we have been using for over 1000 years. However, Yale University, I have friends, a friend who did 20 years of studies at Yale University. So there are actual more and more scientific studies that are being, you know, proven, like we gut health. As a matter of fact, this morning, before I was getting on the call with you, I was reading something on read ratio mushroom, and they were talking about an actual scientific study of it helping with gut bacteria. I am familiar that peppermint

Unknown 5:23
is an known now and probiotics that there was an actual trice trial study done. This is an internist that told me this, and that he had read all the information. And so we are seeing more and more trial studies coming out to where we are having, you know, the documentation, because we’re 28 years into this in the United States, where it’s really becoming popular. So more and more people are actually studying.

Justin Trosclair 5:50
Okay, and I’m assuming peppermint would be like the oil and some kind of concentrate, correct?

Unknown 5:58
Well, we would all automatically assume that however, it could be peppermint tea, it could be peppermint in a encapsulated, so we have to realize that a lot of our foods, that’s one of the things with you know, the supplements, it goes back to food, so peppermint, actually just the leaves grind up and put it in a capsule can also be beneficial.

Justin Trosclair 6:21
So you’re gonna get the quantity of 500 leaves and one one pill or something like that. So that actually gets the benefit,

Unknown 6:28
correct? That’s correct. Okay.

Justin Trosclair 6:30
And what would you consider your specialty areas, their specialties in naturopathic medicine? Is that what they called naturopathic medicine? Or is it is it called something Yes, you

Unknown 6:40
can actually turn, you can actually use the term of safely because a lot of times, I’ll bring that up, because we are not licensure in our state, you know, in the, in some of the states, we have a lot of different states and in the state that I am, we do have a safe harbor bill. So I will be using the information from that safe harbor bill in order to bring that because of the state that I do reside in, which is Louisiana, okay, so more on when we consider a specialty, some people go into, you know, working with females, and going more with their hormones, a lot of what I end up doing a lot with his mind and gut. So I like the mind body connection. And that’s where I’ve used a lot of my modalities going forward. And then also I am, or have taken a lot of courses and traditional Chinese medicine. So I do use the post, the tongue, the eyes, all these different modalities, and going forward, in doing the work that I do, just the mind body connection, and also the traditional Chinese medicine, because I like working more with people in the form of actually finding out physically, mentally and spiritually what’s going on with that, and bringing those all to the table.

Justin Trosclair 8:02
Okay, and you can Congress have conversations and, and do an exam and like said, look at the the pulse in the tongue and the different Chinese, the Chinese way, if you will,

Unknown 8:13
Correct, correct, the Chinese way of just, you know, looking at the body scanning the body, because we have a whole list on like, if the thinning of the hair, we have a whole list of body signs of whether or not a person carries weight in a certain area, how’s that person’s right leg or left leg and these all go back to different minerals that might be deficient. So we really look at the whole, the body as a whole, even when they’re gate is walking into our office of the way the hands of swinging on the side of the body. And in in each one of those that you break down, it goes back to an actual Oregon.

Justin Trosclair 8:53
Okay, okay. And that’s where the actual schooling comes in, in the textbooks to learn these types of things,

Unknown 9:00
correct. Because, you know, we call them the different modalities or the lifestyle modification. So we, you know, we look at it, and that’s where the schooling comes in, is to be able to, you know, sit in a class and all day learn 25 different ways eyebrows can grow, and why are they growing that way. And so when you look at the eyebrows, that’s actually telling you what deficiencies so if the hair is watery, versus then on the, you know, the center of the pupil, and out, that’s going to be more of a thyroid. So even just as simple as an eyebrow, we can be looking at it, and knowing the different deficiencies that are going on in the body.

Justin Trosclair 9:44
See, and that’s, that’s really interesting, because we’re kind of trained and we don’t look at those things, I think is most doctors. There’s certain things we can see like on the your nails or pitted are some obvious things like that, but we don’t really the fine details. And you know, working in China, I’ve seen our acupuncture traditional Chinese medicine doctor, you know, he’ll do some of these things with patients and because I don’t know, I don’t know what he’s doing. And then they’ll prescribe these are like, I got a cold one time, and they gave me these little pills. And I’m like, Man, this tastes like, like Vicks. I was like, I wonder if VIX is using the same ingredient. And so they’re like a try to get the translator Tell me. So what is this? And she’s like, well, I don’t remember what it was. Anyone has, like, that sure sounds similar to something else. I’ve seen it, they have all these little packets, they just put it in some water and it dissolves. And sometimes it tastes like sugar. Sometimes it tastes, it tastes bad, sometimes, oh, yes, they’ve got all these remedies. And half the time you don’t ever have to even get a western medicine unless it’s really bad. So there’s definitely a you know, there’s something to it, we just, we just don’t learn a lot about it in our normal programs.

Unknown 10:51
Correct. And that that’s where this becomes very interesting, because the whole face we, you know, we say face, tongue and nail. So what when we take this, you know, four days of consecutive face, tongue and nail, you could spend three and four hours on just one part of the face of what’s going on with it. And that’s how the Chinese doctors, you know, authentically, that’s how they looked at things. And like we say, it just gets out of the textbooks because of the simple fact that they don’t have time, within a seven minute. I think a nurse practitioner has seven minutes in a room with a person whereas a doctor may only have three, wow, whereas we spend on our first consultation, we’re spending an hour and a half with the client.

Justin Trosclair 11:36
Very good. And do you manage treat, like diabetes and hypertension, and all those types of disorders are or what,

Unknown 11:45
because we’re not licensure, we’re not given the right to treat or to be able to manage those, what we do is we start teaching the person what they can do differently within their lifestyle to start having the results of what their body has been doing, and get a different result. So if a person is diabetes, we may just start educating them on the function of the pancreas, people forget that we have a pancreas head and a pancreas tailing, what are the functions we will go through, it will start bringing up all the different enzymes and how it breaks down in the body and why the body’s actually getting the end result that it’s getting. So a person may have a foot that’s hurting them that may have diabetes, so then we would

Unknown 12:38
send them to a reflexology we would actually send them out to someone else who could actually help them and get the circulation going. We may ask them to do foot soaks or so what we’re doing is we’re just educating, we’re educating the client, on how they can go home and make a difference, because they’re the ones ultimately that’s going to change their health. Right,

Justin Trosclair 13:04
right. So you can you recommend that I guess depends on the state like a co q 10, or a bourbon dine or cinnamon or anything like that, to help with some of the blood sugar levels are the heart health

Unknown 13:16
and also, so that’s where we come in. And we’re very well educated on what you know, like a burger ring is going to be a single component. Whereas you know, cinnamon, we might come from the extract, and the leaf or you know, the bark, we’re going to come from where the different components in the medicinal value that we have known historically to be used for thousands and thousands of years. So cinnamon has a lot more research. today. However, when you go into the grocery shelf, and you just buy cinnamon, you’re only buying a food grade, that wasn’t even from the proper part of the plant in order to be medicinal. It has to be harvested at a certain time, or certain seasons in order have the highest compound in it. Of what we’re looking for that compound to be able to give the body the nutrients that it’s looking for.

Justin Trosclair 14:09
I think you just enlightened a lot of listeners today on that note, because I think some people say I could just put some cinnamon all my eggs sentimental my pancakes is like no, no, no, no, it’s not even not even close to the same properties that you’re looking for.

Unknown 14:25
Correct. You know, today, it’s just really mind boggling how the so social media takes things out of context. And they’ll just start, I mean, blowing up to Merrick. And, you know,

Justin Trosclair 14:39

Unknown 14:40
Coconut oil for everything. Coconut oil is a coal oil, you shouldn’t even be using it in a wintertime according to our Vedic medicine. So you know, people don’t know the breakdown of the components of why it becomes medicinal, medicinal, and when it’s not. So turmeric, you could go in the grocery shelf, and everybody goes run and buy it. And it’s a very hot spice. And don’t realize why the end up belching and burping and, you know, so I liked it sometime, use a lot of synergistic properties where you have a formula that may have seven or eight different herbs in it to where you don’t have just that one hot, hot, are coming at you for inflammation at one time. Just like when you can buy magnesium, calcium and is balances different types of product. Yes. And it changes the absorbent see in the use. And, you know,

Justin Trosclair 15:34
I’ve heard, I don’t know what exactly what it was, let’s just say like a couple of spinach, a couple spinach today is not the same nutritional value because of the farming practices like 50 years ago, we might actually take 50 cups of spinach or something. Have you heard about that? What are your comments on that?

Unknown 15:53
Yes, I’m depending. Okay, so each state in the United States has a different us da. So in other words, that you you know, we’re all looking for this organic stamp, you know, from the USDA, what California has a totally different organic stamp than Florida does. Every state has a different guidelines to what considers is organic. So when a person shows me that, you know, oh, it’s USDA Organic. One of the things I do in a store on my go back and look. Okay, so which state does that come from, and who’s governing it, because it’s going to make a difference in the way in which the products, um, California has one of the strictest laws where you have that prop 65. And a lot of the Chinese herbs can’t even be so in the in California because of the fact that you have such a high level of heavy metals in them. So one of the companies that I represent, we turn around and they reformulate it is to the old, traditional ways that Chinese herbs were made, and it’s into the TEAS where they taste horrible. And they turn around and dehydrated them correctly, and got him encapsulated to where they wouldn’t have all the high heavy metal content that most a lot of yellow dock is known to have the highest nutrient profile of arm so that when actually cannot be sold in California.

Justin Trosclair 17:27
Interesting. And I’m pretty sure they said organic, there’s different level levels of organic, up to I don’t even know the numbers anymore. But sometimes it’s 30%, or 20% doesn’t even have to be organic. And it could still have some kind of organic a label, correct?

Unknown 17:43
Yes, correct. So one of the companies that I deal with, when we’re testing the organic powder that comes into a tour, you know, the plant, they’re going to just run the test on all the products, we are not labeling it to be organic. Because cuz we’re looking for all the ash byproduct not to be in in the earth, we’re looking for certain chemicals and fungus fungus is not to be in that actual raw material. We are testing everything. And we’re testing it broader Dan, a USDA Organic label. So a lot of times we’re all going towards this organic, organic. But if you are not looking at what they’re actually testing for, and what you just mentioned, did very well, the different percentages are you’re going to be paying a higher price for something that possibly shouldn’t even be at that price.

Justin Trosclair 18:38
or interesting. You know, I had heard bulletproof coffee. I don’t know if you’ve heard of that brand. Oh, yeah, I’ve, he claims that it’s, it’s free of fungus sides and all this stuff. And then I was listening to somebody who was the opposite opinion. They’re like, what’s he talking about? They have a whole process of making coffee that excludes the fungus for like, decades. So is he actually testing that the quote, normal companies aren’t testing and so I just kind of made me wonder is like, I still like a lot of his products, but the coffee part of like, I don’t know if I need to buy his coffee.

Unknown 19:11
Well, you know, okay, so this is one of the things I want you to realize. A lot of companies get started today. And all they’re doing is they’re a third party, they’re going out and they’re purchasing a lot of products that already exists. So in other words, I, I’ve been very blessed to go to Costa Rica several times, where are 100% Arabic coffee comes from? Why? Because in Costa Rica, it’s there is so many guidelines about the environment there. You anything grown in that area is actually organic, because you don’t use peps, pesticides you would have you would mess up their whole ecosystem. So I personally can go and buy some 100% Arabic coffee from Costa Rica in both package it with my name? height, the price of 15. I mean, 50 100%,

Unknown 20:05
and I’m selling you that exact coffee. So I just purchased my coffee from Costa Rica. So you have a very valid point.

Justin Trosclair 20:14
Wow. All right. I just wrote that down. That sounds very interesting. Costa Rican coffee.

Unknown 20:20
Because all Costa Rican coffee, your ecosystem, the number one thing that goes on in Costa Rica is preserving the ecosystem just like Hawaii would be. But most of the coffee, that’s 100% Arabic, which is going to be non acidic, because it’s grown in alkaline soils.

Justin Trosclair 20:36
There we go. So

Unknown 20:37
sometimes we just need to know a little bit about culture, and agriculture in different countries and find out why a product is beneficial at this certain level. Hmm.

Justin Trosclair 20:50
So I hesitate to ask this, but I’m going to do it anyway. Because I think you’ll you’ll have a good answer for it.

Okay, what would you say are the most common misconceptions about your profession?

Unknown 21:02
Who, okay, I got a good one. The other day I was, you know, just kind of moseying around the website, you know, Facebook, and somebody put that Bergman, which is an essential oil was good for weight loss. Well, as long as I’ve ever been in this industry, if I go look at Bergman, a person was really feeble, and not having any type of appetite. It’s more for the, you know, an appetite to increase and be able to have that attack appetite. So when they use the word, appetite loss, they met for a feeble person, and someone took this totally out of context and use that as a marketing tool.

Justin Trosclair 21:52
So 70, the opposite effect,

Unknown 21:54
which is having the exact opposite effects. So aroma therapy is an actual, the science of it. Essential Oil usage, is anybody can look at a book, read something and turn around and say, Oh, do use this for this and this for this. But then you still have to go back to the Roma therapy and know the science of the body. So therefore you could be there’s a lot of misconceptions. We have a lot of our very big master herbalist right now who have decided finally, to not keep their mouth closed anymore. And when they’re seeing different people, they’re actually saying, who’s a credible and who’s not. Because a lot of us can just turn around and make a lot of marketing. Right now, there’s people don’t understand that only my company uses this term. Well, if only their companies using that term, that means they have a registered trademark towards it. And they are not. Actually it’s not maybe in the NA gap guidelines, which is your national holistic aroma therapy Association. So even in our herbal world, when a lot of people are using a lot of different information that doesn’t go back to the basis of what has been used for hundreds and thousands of years, and they’re using it for their own game.

Justin Trosclair 23:20
Weren’t people smoking like he vaping essential oils for a little while?

Unknown 23:25
I didn’t even that one didn’t come by me. Justin. Sorry, I have a comment on that. I missed out on that one.

Justin Trosclair 23:32
I saw that I was like, what what is happening over here? I was like, that’s to me. I’m like, okay, speak up about that. Because it’s probably harming the whole profession of natural anybody. Like, I want to be organic and natural. You like okay, but you’re still smoking stuff that probably shouldn’t do anyway.

Unknown 23:47
Yeah, cuz the lungs are taken on the carcinogens. You know what, I really want to make a comment right here in one of the things that I find a lot. And we are seeing it right now that just happened with the hemp and industry. And I’ve been buying him from a grower in Canada for over 15 years, and been getting the three different grades of the hemp oil, his seeds, wonderful product, and you burn it in the United States, you start using it. And it become I mean, this was an I’m trying to remember we did de que turn around and came in. And now as of the 13th of January, you cannot even cross it across state lines you talking about, you know, smoking the oil or whatever. You can’t even cross it across state lines, because the dq came in and said it’s a schedule one narcotic now. Really, yes. Wow. So my knowledge of the way in which that I go, you know, come into the information, I was questioning a lot of like, somebody was like, Oh, you need to carry this oil, you know, this CBD or, you know, oil. And, and i’m doing i do have it I have, you know, the him. That’s the way you want to, you know, get it and oh, yeah, but know that I said, well, it can’t come from the female plant into my state is illegal. So you can’t tell me that this is right. And I kept, you know, going back with people and I had a lot of different controversies with them, because of the simple fact that no, it has to come from the male plan and not the female plan. And only those Yeah, you gotta you gotta go to a different state for that.

Justin Trosclair 25:27
Oh, my goodness. All right. All right. So based on the common concerns that that patients ask you day in and day out? What would you consider a mindset or strategy that that sets you apart from other maybe natural paths, or what makes you a kind of a unique provider,

Unknown 25:44
I raised my family in natural health, my father took us to the health food store when we were growing up as children. I really have lived, eaten and bread, this industry in my 20s. This is what I did for my children. This is how, you know, we took Coca Cola out of our home a long time ago, sorry about their, you say that sorry about not supporting you. It didn’t mean that they didn’t have when if we went eat out as a tree, they could make those decisions, however. So what I bring to the table is 40 years of actually, you know, living it. And when we you know, I look at where I’m at today. I started off as a passionate you know, we hear a lot of this word mompreneur today, I started off as a passionate mompreneur. No, I don’t have children now. But does that not qualify me to be a mom the winner? I still have the children. They didn’t just you know, fall off the planet. But anyway, because I literally had a younger girl tell me you’re not a mom, and your because I’m not a mom. I’m not a young mom raising a child with all her pain right now.

Unknown 27:00
I’m the grandma printer, both the next generation. So so one of the things you know, when I first started out, all of my clients were a lot based on the younger generation at that time, because I was walking the ADD. So I was attracting autism add, you know, I mean, all in this realm of what was going on with children. Well, now that I’m on the menopausal side, I’m attracting a lot of the people with a lot of these viruses and bacteria that are just in an uproar. So when we talk about the viruses, you know, I’ll use the word chronic fatigue syndrome, in the medical could community, it’s known as the epstein barr virus, we are seeing just ramped bits of people being so exhausted so hard with all these autoimmune issues going on today. So a lot of that is what I have been seeing in the change, this change that happens I find every five years, we’re seeing different, a lot of differences on what’s going on in the health industry and what we are facing and how we’re helping people 10 years ago, this, this didn’t even exist, somebody just wanted to know how to go and take care of themselves. Somebody just wanted to know and you know, excuse the word that I’m going to use, but you know, it is a Mojo today. It’s like the little poop, somebody just wanted to know how to poop, I’m not going but every four days, things were really simple. And what I’m seeing as we evolve is we are just opening a can of worms of so many people not feeling well just want to not be so tired, not be so overwhelmed. Right?

Justin Trosclair 28:47
Now, how if someone wants to do your profession, if there are a student may be graduating high school, the bait and on what they want to do with their life, or maybe they’re 30 and need a career change? Or maybe they just finish next Practice School, what would you recommend for these type of people to get where you are today.

Unknown 29:05
One of the blessings that I had in coming up in my industry is I had a mentor, I had an internship that I did, I can use her name today and everything she’s we’ve she’s passed away. Last year, she passed away. And it was herbs etc, I drove one hour to go to Baton Rouge, I did an insurance, internship, and everybody wants to get out of school, in our industry. Some places all suggest you know, or have an internship, very few places do. And if they aren’t teaming up with someone who has walked this road, I’m not saying that they, you know, can’t be where, where we’re at today. But this takes the journey. I know you’re very much aware of when you came back to Breaux bridge, you had to go out there and meet the people in order to build a business. And I tell people, if you’re not starting to build your business and your clientele and you email, mail lists, the whole time you’re in school, then when you get out who are you’re going to be calling upon. So one of the things I highly recommend people is fine you a mentor, find you a place where you can do the internship, I’ve come many of my

Unknown 30:18
associates that have come through my business are all successful business owners today, they have they did not realize when they will walk in through my place working for me that they were doing an internship, they afterwards now one of them’s 10 years later, and they’re all reaping the benefits, and they’re all coaches in teaching other people are business owners how to be in this business today. And they look back doesn’t matter of fact, I interviewed with one of them two weeks ago, what they’re calling these master classes today. And I use these terms laughingly. Because sometimes I have to look them up. They didn’t exist when I was coming up. It’s all new terminologies. And if I go look it up in the dictionary, it’s not what they’re meaning it to be. Right,

Justin Trosclair 31:07

Unknown 31:08
So I’m doing shoes, I got a whole new something to learn anyway. So one of the things that I would highly recommend, for the up and coming person who wants to be in this industry, be passionate about it, if you’re not passionate about it, and you’re in here, just for the money gains of it, you’re probably in the wrong reason, this takes a lot of heart, a lot of work, a lot of dedication, it is you have a lot of caring, and

Unknown 31:41
I call it team building to do with your clients. Because this is not a one time you’re going to meet this person and you’re going to give them an herb and they’re not going to see you anymore. This is relationships, this is building relationships, because they’re going to have bad days where they just need somebody to talk to them on the phone. So it is a I literally interviewed this girl, probably about a week ago, and she’s coming, you know, oh, I’m in the medical industry, I want to become a natural path. And I I asked them, first of all, I say how much money do you want to make? And they throw this number out? And so then we break down? How many days? How many weeks Do you want off in a year? Okay, they write that down. So then I’ll make them calculate how much they can have to charge an hour. And they look at me and they say, Oh, my God. And I said, Well, what are the streams of income? Are you going to produce? What else are you gonna do? Are you going to write? Are you going to sell classes are you and I start throwing all this item and they’re looking at me like, I just wanted to do this get out of here and see patients, you know, and they use the word patient and I do boo, you can’t use that word, either. They’re your clients. And they want to see people every seven minutes. Like they’re, you know what the example they’re using do and think that that’s how they’re going to do natural health. And I said, Well, in seven minutes, they haven’t even filled out the intake form.

Justin Trosclair 33:07
Yeah, yeah, just right here. Take Take two pills and cinnamon a day and call me in a month.

Unknown 33:12
Correct. It’s really interesting, the misperception of the work that goes behind a naturopath that people have today.

Justin Trosclair 33:21
Yeah, and I’m guessing much like Chiropractic and and whatnot, you probably don’t have the mainstream cultural authority at either. Oh, that’s Yeah, that’s always an uphill battle.

Unknown 33:32
Yes, yes, definitely.

Justin Trosclair 33:34
Well, I want to transition you kind of mentioned this, top two or three marketing tactics that have brought the most return on your investment? Is it consistent, and you kind of touched on while in school trying to reach out and I don’t want to put words in your mouth. But I’m guessing, like you said, building a list, maybe social media? What what’s been working well for you, you know,

Unknown 33:54
one of the things that we have to come to realize when I was coming up, it’s a totally mean, it has totally changed of what’s existing today. So I want to use Hay House industry as an example, they’re known to have one of the biggest email database. So when I came in, it was all an email database we built. So if you’ve been seeing clients for 15 years, you have a pretty substantial email database better when you better Yeah, and you better have it backed up, because when you somebody in your staff accidentally deletes it, oh, you’re going, you’re going rebuild it? You know,

Unknown 34:36
or have MailChimp in place, which didn’t even exist when I was coming up. So okay, so email mark, you know, email marketing is absolutely one of them. The other one, at the end of the day in our industry is called word of mouth. You have to build relationships, you have to get people talking about you, what are you doing, I have put newspaper ads, I have you name every marketing, we’ve done it, I’ve yet to get benefits from it. So one of the avenues I’m looking at today are seen today is groups. They’re making these private groups. And it’s like, I hate to say it like this, but they’re dating online, they’re dating their girlfriends, you know, it’s like just they say you need to show up every day, you need to, you know, be interactive, and you see people build a lot of audience and people forget that for every hundred people that’s in your audience. 3% is your actual clients. Oh, so you know, so you better start putting a substantial database together in order to accomplish that. So one of the things that I find the most beneficial

Unknown 35:52
is staying in contact with your people that you currently have. And yes, they start office family, they start off as your classmates and friends and family. And you have to build those relationships. In today’s, you know, we do MailChimp, we have the website, you have, let’s see, what else do we have, we have a lot we have, you know, you name it, I’m even on Snapchat, not that I do the business thing on Snapchat, but it’s more about being present in the 20 something or 30 something generation brand. It’s a personal branding. Exactly. So building that personal brand. And one of the things when I first came into this industry, I purchased a trademark before I even had an LLC, because I ran my business off of just a Schedule C on your tax return. People forget that that trademark, you own that you have an LLC and somebody else decides to use that name and trademark it, then you can’t use it. Sorry, I see a lot of people go backwards in business, just because

Unknown 37:02
it’s not being the business side is not being taught. That’s where I was stronger, I was actually stronger on the business side, because of my background because of the training that I came from. And that’s what I bring to the table in you know, little bit more of a strength. So, when people are starting out or coming into this industry, the minute you start school, is the minute you start actually building and every single thing that you’re learning about, you need to be putting on social media, you need it, you need to already be branding, building that brand, and already be letting people know where you’re going and what direction you’re going in. So it starts the minute you start.

Justin Trosclair 37:46
I like that you don’t hear that too often that the start while you’re in school. That’s a really that’s a big nugget right there. What, um, you mentioned being good at business background. Did you take any classes like a speech in class or like a business class? Have a coach in that area? or How did you develop those types of skills? Or what can you recommend for other people?

Unknown 38:06
Correct? Well, I did take speech in class I did. Even though I’m Cajun, you know, I know I have that wonderful thick accent and I don’t pronounce everything correctly. I was raised. So you could almost call me bilingual I was raised in a French speaking home.

Unknown 38:23
So a lot of times, you know, they wanted to change the way in which I my dialogue, dialogue was the way you pronounce words. And then they would realize, Oh, you understand the French words. I said yeah, could start speaking French to you right now. And it would sound wonderful because I have that background. That’s what my ear heard. So I did take speech in high school, I have taken Dale Carnegie classes, I’ve taken different trainings, I highly recommend people do that. Because it does get you up in front of people it does get you understanding what you should should not be saying. Then, in addition to that I worked. I’ve been working since I’m 13 years old, my grandfather owned a grocery store. So that’s where my background comes from. My grandfather owned a grocery store, I was raised all my life in a grocery store. At 13 years old, I went to work. I worked at that location for three years, I was a waitress, I was taking care of people, you know, so if I look back, it’s like I started learning how to take care of people at a very young age. After that, I worked 27 years with a company. And and there I did a lot of leadership business training, I was an inventory control manager, you name a place in that business, and I learned it got certified in it and ended up so what I call my training is you know how you get on, on Facebook, sometimes in the world of hard knocks, you know, like, so I was, um, and this is the first time I’m ever gonna break this up in a public conversation.

Unknown 40:03
I’m a team Teen Mom, I had a baby when I was well, I was actually 18 years old good about got pregnant at 17 One of the things that people don’t know about me was I was more or less what you call homeschooled. My senior year, I did a lot almost pretty much all my classes at home. So I come from a lot of people who are homeschool. Actually, a lot of people in this industry or who are homeschooled end up in the natural health industry because it’s it’s very widely recognized in your Amish community in your Mennonites, in a lot of the areas in which that people take care of the people in our Cajun culture, people take care of other people. That’s what we did growing up, you didn’t just run to a doctor. So in being homeschooled, I’ve always had the way in which, you know, when I was in my 20s he’s I he’s dead today. But I took Charles Givens classes about finances and stock market and I own stocks in some 17 years old. I’ve done things totally different than getting in debt out of you know, with the college age getting dead, all these loans. I didn’t do it like that. I learned life. Then I saved my money. And I found the school I could afford. So I really, I really did things opposite. However, my grandfather taught me bookkeeping, I took bookkeeping in high school today I today, I don’t even think they take the proper bookkeeping in high school, which was probably what is taught in college today, I have to actually, I actually taught to people how to actually run my QuickBooks, and they were becoming accountants or finance, you know, having a finance degree and I’m doing you didn’t even learn how to do it.

Justin Trosclair 41:59
Somebody have a nice, unique background in that period, you know, your family grew up in that you had a younger pregnancy. And yeah, the single mom situate or you may not have been sigma. But

Unknown 42:10
yes, I was single mom

Justin Trosclair 42:12
was a single mom situation, and you did what you had to do and postponed the education postpone what you have to do. And then now you are where you are.

Unknown 42:21
Correct. and innovation. That’s motivation. And in my 30s was when I saw the company that I was working for, they were going into chapter 13, I knew I had to make some decisions. I’ve been talking about going back to school for a long time. And, you know, eventually everybody started saying she’ll never go, she’s just talking about it. But they didn’t even know I wasn’t even telling people I was actually in school and doing a lot of what I needed to do. And when it happened, they were like, you’re almost finished. And I shared this recently, you know, sometimes we need us keep things a secret for a little longer, because people will destroy your dreams. Because time.

Justin Trosclair 43:01
They like, they like doing it. You know, I can’t tell how many people you talk to like, Oh, I’m getting my MBA in like a semester you like, I didn’t know you were in school, you’re like, yeah, I felt like it’s probably something I need to do. And you’re like, Oh, well, what have I been doing lately?

Unknown 43:14
Right, right. Right. Right.

Justin Trosclair 43:17
We switch gears a little bit, do you have any five year goals that you were really looking forward to?

Unknown 43:23
When I read that question on, you know, that you had sent into me, I was like, wow, I’m always looking at like, you know, where I want to be in five years, 10 years, 15 years. I look at those often. And one of the things this year, I had more major changes. And I when I say major changes, often last in the last two months, three of my mentors in this natural health industry. And what I’m coming to realize, though, and it’s a router, you know, it’s kind of this Rude Awakening at, you know, being over 50 that I ain’t I’m becoming the people, the person who people will be looking up to, I am transitioning. So one of the things I did last year was take a lot of leadership classes, because of the simple fact that I knew something energetically was starving and going to change. I didn’t know what it was going to look like, I didn’t know where we were going with this. So in this star, or this change that’s happening, where I see myself in five years, Justin is, you know, it’s kind of like my grandmother sitting in church. And she said, Well, where’s the old people and they said, You are the old people.

Unknown 44:43
So I will be the person people are looking up to I will be that person that needs to transition into being the mentor. Finding that group of people, you know, a lot of people like to use the word tribe today, I think never really, you know, it’s more of like the community, that community, so we are going to be the leaders we’re going to be the one stepping forward to, people are going to be looking at us to drive the industry where it needs to go. And one of the things I wholeheartedly belong, believe in is sustainability. And if we over harvest everything, we’re not going to have sustainability. And you know, to be able to drive a company and just have 100,000 bottles in your closet or in your garage is not what this industry is about. So where I see myself in five years is probably being the voice of the reasoning of you know, no, don’t overuse economics, you know, don’t over use. So we’ll be the ones to be the voice to be advocating towards this industry about sustainability. Because it won’t be here forever. If we don’t step up to the plate in and do that. In the community that I live in. I’ve put trash cans throughout the community, it sounds like something simple. But if we don’t put trash cans than the trash ends up in the by us which we need water, if we don’t think water is important, go to California,

Unknown 46:15
find out how important water is

Unknown 46:17
really need to have these clean avenues in order for us to be moving forward. So I guess the way the question I look at it is where do I see myself in five years, at people looking more towards me, rather than me looking at people who were dropped, you know, helping me get where I need to go becoming that person that people will be looking for, for the examples for where do we go? And how do we move into that direction? Will we see a DNC the VA naturopathic coaching?

Justin Trosclair 46:52
seminar sometime? not have a month? You know,

Unknown 46:56
it’s so amazing that you saying that I’m

Unknown 47:00
one. So one of the things on the dream list, or the, you know, I’m looking at right now is I know, Google has this Google University. So I’m really looking into that and seeing if I to get my classes that I have taught in the class pass put on there, and start driving more into that direction. And now that I’ve said that to the public, I guess I have to get that, you know, moving. I guess it’s a little pressure there. Because when I looked at all the difference, yes. Well, when I looked at all the ways in which that you could spend your time I could be on social media every day all the time. But is that I have the not to say that you are where you’re at, yes, we could always use more. However, I think it needs to transition more towards me spending time on like you said, writing those classes, teaching more, giving more information out and being, you know, being that go to person to where people are looking for education, you know,

Justin Trosclair 47:59
let’s the podcast and it kind of been in that realm of like online marketing and all that. Yes, there’s so many people that are making six figure multiple, six figure incomes, just from educational products, just from coaching, just from all of this stuff. And you’re like, wow, if you have the ability to make that turn that into a package of some sort, that can really supplement some income artists replace your income for that matter whenever you get to that age.

Unknown 48:26
But you know, this is one thing where I differ a little bit, Justin, and you have to think about this. Okay. Okay. One of the things that we want to look at is if we’re going to make more money, what is the reason we want to make more money? And what will we put that money into? I’m always looking at, if there’s going to be a cause that I’m wanting to drive, then money shows up for it. Right? Because a lot of people online will say that they’re making all these six figure incomes, but are they giving you the monthly income, or they gave you the package that they saw that they need to teach for a year as that income? So what I’m finding is a lot of untruths in that realm. Because as you start digging, and really researching, so if I take a bunch of personality profile test on the realist, okay, so you tell me you have a business and you write it down? I’m going to look it up on the Secretary of State’s website. Well, guess what? You’re not there. Oh, shucks, Okay, one, one thing going? Well, I made, you know, I’m just going to use some of the new ones. Oh, I’m making $10,000 a month, really. And so they just make it this month, because I heard you crying the next month, you know, if you go in that same feed, it’s like the next month, you’re not you’re crying. But what it is, is they made those, you know, that six figure selling the packages that they have to deliver for the next six months or a year. And and I’m not saying there’s not people out there that are doing this? I know there are right, of course, when they’re driving it, it’s a one time drive. And then they are plateau out. And now they have to come up with the next stream or the next Avenue in order to sustain that income.

Justin Trosclair 50:07
Yeah, cuz I’m not sure personally, if I would want to have to coach somebody for like a year long contract. Because I’m sure after that first couple months, you’re like, wow, this is a little different than I expected. And there’s a lot of whining and complaining and probably babysitting, that you didn’t expect when you when you created this program, I would assume?

Unknown 50:26
Yes. Because what I hear a lot of them talking about is they turn around and they sell these programs. And then like you just said, there’s no follow through, there’s no the works not being done. So then they start saying, well, I only want to sell my packages to entrepreneurs, well, are you selling it to a busy entrepreneur? Are you selling it to not an entrepreneur who’s not making any money, or want to be entrepreneur through different markets,

Unknown 50:52
to different markets, because if you’re going to sell a package to me, and I’m going to look at what I’m going to actually be getting in that package, and I’m doing but I don’t even have the time to fulfill all this work that you’re telling me that I need to do? Was that really a good fit for me? Because as I had losing all my coaches and my mentors, I yes, I still have some that I can, you know, our go Tues. However, if I’m looking to upgrade me to the next level, that person needs to come in and learn my business, and find out where it is that I need help in order to be my coach, because I can go out there and hire 20 million coaches, but they will not be a good fit for me at where I’m at in my business, and how we going to grow to that next level.

Justin Trosclair 51:38
And you have to pay for that type of specificity.

Unknown 51:41
Yes, you do. And you know, it’s like that person could give me a homework. But if I came into my business, and the internet went down, and I got to be on the phone with the IT guy, and this is happening, and you get a letter, you know, for something in the mail, and you know, then they’ll tell you at the end of the day when you have to turn something in, well, why didn’t you get it done today? And you do? Because I was in my business? Yeah, I was in my business running my business solving, you know, crucial situations that come up there during the day, I don’t see anything as a problem, because the situation we resolve and we move forward. And that’s how you keep running a business. And that’s the attitude you have to have.

Justin Trosclair 52:19
Absolutely. Well, let’s switch gears, we’re going to go to the more on the personal side, you’ve already mentioned some things. I love asking this question because as entrepreneurs as mom printers, business owners, it tends to be we give and give and give. And then we find out like your patients are taking more and better vacations than we do. And we’re like, wow, we took all five days this month, this year. So what do you what kind of vacation? Are you taken? And is there a way to take more?

Unknown 52:47
Okay, so one of the things I your I left a job at 27 years, so I actually had six weeks of vacation time leaving that job, I didn’t want anything less. So

Justin Trosclair 52:59
I got you do it?

Unknown 53:01
Well, it’s not even about being used to it. It’s like, if I’m going to make this move, I’m not going to downsize, I’m going to up level. Right. So. So therefore, currently, I am almost at the point where I’m at three, probably about three months off per year, whether or not they’re situational, my husband recently had open heart surgery last summer. And so that was one that was unplanned for that created, you know that I did have to take that time off. So I have built my staff, to where I am able to take off and leave I understand that in real medical, you know, you have to really have something in place in order to have all these people somewhere for them to go or somebody for them to see. But in my situation, I absolutely am an advocate own rest time. If we don’t rest and we don’t do things to take care of ourselves, we will go into to burn out.

Justin Trosclair 54:01
How do you work five days, six days a week? What kind of work schedule do you have?

Unknown 54:05
What we call work? When when you’re the business owner and you own? You know, it’s okay. So one of the things I do is I see clients four days a week, okay. And I on one day, out of the week, I call it my self care my writing day, whether or not I just had to stay home day. So I actually do not see clients on Mondays. And I only see clients from Tuesday to Friday, because Friday ended up just being the busiest day in our town. Our Town tends to kind of close up on Mondays, but we’re actually trying to change that energetics of the whole town. So people are actually going to be opening on Mondays and more people are I do open. I have staff here. But I personally am not in here. But it ends up being either whether or not we dealing with it. issues, it ends up being the resolution to he like what do we have to solve to

Unknown 55:03
have to rebuild, because we are a small business. I mean, we’re not a

Justin Trosclair 55:08
but if you could regulate those things to like one day or one part of the week, all of a sudden the rest of the week is more efficient. And you just, that’s that has to wait till Monday. I’m too busy doing other stuff. Monday is the day we do at this table if we can.

Unknown 55:21
Absolutely and that you put a priority level on it and you turn around and that’s when exactly everything just takes place on Monday while I’m out of the office.

Justin Trosclair 55:31
What about besides work? What else do you have on your mind? Any kids hobbies, volunteering? What what gets you passionate outside of work?

Unknown 55:41
Well, I’m very proud to say that I belong to the coladas international so I’m passionate about children, like giving back to the community and that involvement. We do have a brokerage Chamber of Commerce and I recently in January, I’m on the board for the next three years. Oh, wow. Oh, yeah. Yeah, commitment. So that’s a actually knew that I don’t think even you knew about and I belong to the Tash project. So the test product project, we have a newly

Unknown 56:15
national waterway Well, we’ve always had the waterway, but it’s now a national waterway, and it’s called the bayou Tash and we are advocate, you know, advocating to get that cleaned to attracting kayakers. So that’s why I’ve put trash cans throughout the community and communities around so that way the trash doesn’t end up in the bar you some very passionate about giving back to that organization. And we have a crawfish festival in brokerage, Louisiana where I reside and I do belong on the board of the brokerage. Well, I’m not the board, I’m just actually a member up in on for a while, but they actually have the upper level of the regional board, but we are voting and so that brings back to the community. I have two daughters and two grandchildren but they live around well. The grandchildren live around the United States, but I do get to see them on occasion. So we make plans and go fishing. So we might get a camp and spend spring break there and get to enjoy them and really

Unknown 57:24
spend quality time. Yeah, so yeah, and I am very passionate about gardening. So my latest project is a purchase some land. And I’m planning a lot of blueberry Bush’s and Key Lime tree and we already had satsumas. This past year, I literally just 24 five gallon buckets of satsumas, we had one of the best years ever, the trees were so plentiful, we couldn’t even give away enough. So I had to start juicing and planted some lime trees, this Christmas, I was given some pear trees. And I really want that land to become something that’s sustainable, something that it can feed us throughout the year. So I’m looking at all the different what we can grow in this area and to harvest at different times. So that way, we’re always having that nice little stream of food, I could just get off work and go pick get mail bucket, and go pick up some of whatever is growing and come back home and really enjoy that and then share with people. So that’s my vision. And one of the things I don’t know, if that’s going to end up becoming, but it’s like, I want to see it as a source of food and maybe even getting children to come out in, you know, maybe picking like if we had that many oranges, then maybe getting some children to come out. And that might be that five year vision of what our city or a town once will have a nice wonderful harvest of food on that land.

Justin Trosclair 58:51
Well, there’s churches and school groups that have do volunteering. So that’s one way that they can learn some lessons too. I mean, that’s why that’s where my brain goes, like, Oh, these things need to get picked. These kids need hours. You can’t hire him legally, but they can volunteer.

Unknown 59:04
Yeah, well, one of the things I’m excited about with the Kiwanis, you know, I recently read, and I can’t quote it verbatim, but it was a statistics on like, all the different you know, the earth to sustain itself all the different statistics of what we’re below on. And, you know, Arbor Day, bringing that back in, in four h you know, I was a Girl Scout, you leave a place better than you left it. Arbor Day, planting a tree on your land, or, and make it something that you might be able to eat, if we’re always fussing now we never have enough money. This is things that we could be doing and make a difference that makes, you know, to in five and 10 years, it changes the way in which that we see things here on you know, in America

Justin Trosclair 59:49
in order to enjoy doing it to you know, yeah, Garden, yes is definitely not my thing. But if it’s your thing, and do one question about

Unknown 59:56
right. But if you had a police Elaine, you could plan a plum tree, if that was something that grew in your area, be that, you know, it wouldn’t be that horrible if you own the piece of land. And that’s what I tell people just put one or two trees on your land today. So it can be a difference, you know, put plant that oak tree today because you can’t plant it in 20 years from now. And it will also help sustain our Earth.

Justin Trosclair 1:00:18
Absolutely. Absolutely. And you said you’re married. So what can you do to help keep the love alive and feel connected? Because so many people get divorced, they’re successful, but then they’re not successful in that realm of life. And I hate to see it. So what are your, your nuggets of wisdom for us today?

Unknown 1:00:36
Well, one of the things that I bring to the table, a lot of clients that come into my office, you know, they start complaining about their husbands and I do will I do the timeout sign, you know, it’s like, I’m like, stop, I said, I’m not going to put gasoline on your relationship, I’m going to learn you, I’m going to teach you how to turn that relationship into what you want it to be. And we have to put some time and energy into relationships, we have to just, you know, this is one of the things and a lot of people might disagree with me. But one of the things I learned really young with, you know, in a marriage, it’s just don’t over him. Oh, he wants you to do is don’t over him. And it’s like, just let him know how wonderful he is. So what I started doing is I like stickies. And so I would put his caught, you know if he was going to make him a hot drink in the morning, I would put the mug but inside the mug actually had a little sticky with, you know, a love note. And then he started doing it back to me.

Unknown 1:01:41
Ah, so from there, you know, I tell people’s a lot of times When’s the last time you went on a date with some you know, with your husband? Or when did you do just simple little things. And it’s not the big things, but I love what was told to me one time, and they said, sex starts in the utility room or laundry room? Hmm. Explain. Somebody said yeah, somebody says, well, the unawares are in know, if you aren’t looking at all areas in your life, okay? And flirting and, you know, if you pass by the washing machine, and you’re not like tapping them here, or you know, making auto flirt, then it’s never going to end up in the bedroom, it starts that that got done in that room. And maybe later on that night, you might get lucky.

Justin Trosclair 1:02:41
Right? That’s a real,

Unknown 1:02:44
it’s real. So you know, it starts in the laundry room, it doesn’t start in the bedroom. That’s the you know, that’s the ticket.

Justin Trosclair 1:02:52
We don’t have heard, have a date night, every week have it or you know, whatever you can afford, sometimes you can’t do but you can do something every week. But it’s the team. Don’t ever stop dating your partner. That sounds like what you’re talking about that you definitely doing those things when you’re younger, and that first six months.

Unknown 1:03:08
Correct. And then you forget, you know, oh, wait, I’m supposed to still be doing this. And, you know, one of the most beneficial things I can give out there. When I was younger, my husband would send me you know, let’s say the dozen roses, and then you get home and you crush his Spirit because you tell him That’s too expensive. Don’t send that to me, you you come up with all these reasons of why he shouldn’t have done it instead of just receiving, a lot of us stop receiving. When we stop receiving, we crush someone else’s spirit. So we have to come from a receiving spirit. And I no longer if that’s what is going to be his way to tell me how much he loves me and his little special. So now since I hush up and I just don’t over him and I take a picture and put those flowers on Facebook. It’s Guess what? Again, I’m just because now I can’t fall was three and four times a year now. And I no longer Look at that, oh, they won’t last or it’s too much money. I look at the heart that did the effort. Because stop crushing the effort. I love this story. I had a friend. And she was in a core coming home from her parents house. There was the husband, a daughter, she was pregnant for a child. And they were hit by drunk and drive on the way home and she lost her husband and her daughter. And she said her husband had given her the wrong cheese flannel shirt. And she hated that flannel shirt. What she said guess what happened to the next five years? She lived in that flannel shirt. Yeah. So you know, sometimes we have to remember to stop crushing someone else’s best effort.

Unknown 1:04:58
Because we don’t know it. They don’t know better. How can? How can they do better? We have to just stop crushing whatever the effort is and stop putting it in our head what it needs to look like and find a way to say, you know what, thank you. I’ve received this.

Justin Trosclair 1:05:16
Right? And the more you get to know the person the more you can fine tune. What What gift you’re giving somebody so that they receive it may be easier are

Unknown 1:05:25
correct. Yeah. Wow. And that’s learning the person. Yeah, learning the person.

Justin Trosclair 1:05:31
Very nice.

By dry their eyes real quick.

Unknown 1:05:35
Oh, ok. We can dry eyes.

Justin Trosclair 1:05:40
Alright, so we’re going to any other comments on the on that before we switch gears to the last couple questions?

Unknown 1:05:45
No, I think I did a good job on those.

Justin Trosclair 1:05:51
Listen to that.

So last couple questions. Do you have any kind of morning routine or lunch routine that gets you focused and energized for the rest of the day,

Unknown 1:06:03
when I worked the job for 27 years, I went to work. About 18 of those years, I went to work at five o’clock in the morning, I started a routine that I got up at 330 in the morning and for a half an hour, absolutely had a morning routine. I had prayer time I read certain

Unknown 1:06:22
certain books or you know, parts of some books in order

Unknown 1:06:28
to start molding my heart into the person that I want it to become. And I still have that practice today. I don’t have to work up wake up as quite as early in the morning anymore. And I still have that practice to where I in the morning. I actually have some type of spiritual time. And I’ve gone from I mean, I hate to say this, but it’s like, I’ve done so many different things. I don’t just stick to only what I’ve known and what I’ve been raised with. So did I do in my meditation at one time in my life? Yes. Did I read the book of Mormons one time in my life? Absolutely. I did Bible studies, nondenominational for so many years of, you know, I want to evolve as a person to be able to have awesome conversations with people no matter who they are. So therefore I’ve reversed myself. And you know, in return, I’ve been brought a lot of people. So even in my profession, when I’m meeting with someone if they are of whatever faith, I can switch and have something to speak of with them that I’m not so left field off away from where their center is. So that’s what I’ve done the last 3040 years of my life and sometimes on my lunch hour, I will go in what we call a CI ci machine.

Unknown 1:08:01
It just helps you get back into balance and back into center on my do it for five or 10 minutes. Sometimes I tell people I said if you gotta go take a nap for lunch, go do it. I mean, if it’s 15 minutes, it’s 15 minutes. So do something to recharge and we call that self care. So always do something to do self care. But yes, I have practice that. And I think it’s an intricate part of holiday evolve to be the person that I am Today’s the inputs, the deposits that we put in. That’s important. That’s important. Yes,

Justin Trosclair 1:08:34
very important. And that leads me to do you have like a favorite book, podcast and blog that you secretly enjoy and one that you can share with our listeners?

Unknown 1:08:45
Well, one of my favorite books, and I often often tell people about so the first one, foremost is the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent peel. Norman Vincent peel died when he was 92 years old. However, I find that a lot of people forget how important their words or and I feel that in reading that book, it opens you up to a lot of avenues that you didn’t even think of. And my other one is the Four Agreements. And you know, I have to tell this to people all the time. It’s like, don’t take anything personal. Don’t take another person’s words personal. In the Four Agreements Don root of, I’m probably gonna pronounce his last name Rome, Ruelle.

Unknown 1:09:39
He, you know, it’s so beautiful in every year, I reread that book, every year, I reread it because I think as a human behavior, no matter where we go in the world, and this has actually been researched by psychologists, no matter where we go in the world, everybody faces the same insecurities fears that no matter which not which nationality you are, and in the port of not taking anything personal, you know, your name is a very important name, your words, you know, are very important. And I just find this book gives you some basis to live your life and to not be so stuck in your head with.

Justin Trosclair 1:10:22
I like that. Alright, final question. Do you have a favorite app, blog or podcast again, and it could be business, our pleasure.

Unknown 1:10:32
I really like Murray folio, probably because she has a lot of enthusiasm. And I’ve watched her through the years evolve. And she’s interviewed Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, I mean, you name some of the business icons. And one time I put on Facebook that, you know, a quote from Richard Branson, and somebody else put Well, if I had his money, and I say to myself, will if I want to learn how to succeed, fully run 25 businesses, then I think I need to be reading his autobiography, Probably so. So you know, it’s kind of like reading those wonderful autobiographies of successful business people. And that’s what I’ve, you know, tended to do coming up, and I, so when you’re going to tell me an iPhone app, a podcast, I came to the realization in the last month that I have a substantial library, I own the books, my husband has a boat, I probably have books worth, what his boats worth

Unknown 1:11:40

Unknown 1:11:41
a lifetime of reading, and you know, when I go down them, I think just to surround yourself around books and being able, and I often tell people go to the library, it doesn’t mean you have to own them, like I do. But so one of the things that I inherited from someone is her books. So evidently, she thought that books were really important to me. So I don’t think it’s an app. I know, that’s a new generation. Um, you know, I don’t really think it’s an app that really calls me I think it’s the books that call me. And I just look back. And I think it’s what I feel good around, because of the fact that I could just walk in a room and say, Okay, I need this certain information, you get the book, and bam, there it is. So that’s like all these little messages, divine intervention, you know, spirit, universal energy, whatever you want to call it, that’s what I call, you know, I like to tap into. So it’s not, you know, just a electronic, I think me, it’s that good old fashioned reading light in a good book to read.

Justin Trosclair 1:12:51
I used to always have, like, I’d go to, like, you know, a coffee shop or a bookstore, and I bring a book, or I guess I don’t a bookstore, and I just read the books there. There’s almost like a comfort is like, Oh, I have I have my book, I want an airplane and having my book, or I have it on the phone that I can, you know, digitally read it. And it’s just like a comfort thing. For me, I’m like, with you, I really love having books. And I stopped buying books for a long time, because I was like, I’m just gonna go to the library, I’m going to read it one. If it’s really good, I can go and buy it. But generally, it’s a one time read. You can make notes if you want to. And just refer back to that, you know,

Unknown 1:13:26
yes, and I’m highly encouraging people to, you know, go to their libraries. We have wonderful libraries, and it actually get some lonely people out. And it’s, you know, like you just said, We don’t need to keep filling the landfills up with more books and more paper and cutting trees down. Let’s utilize the resources that we do have, which is the

Justin Trosclair 1:13:48
public libraries, and just a public service announcement, they actually can just get a book from another area, if they don’t have the book that you’re looking for. Even if you have to wait a week or two you will it typically from another library, no problem.

Unknown 1:14:02
I used to go in there and tell him search the state and find me that book. And they would call me to two days at the most and guess what that book was there? And if they didn’t have it, and nobody in the state hadn’t guess what they purchased it. And I didn’t have all these books. When I was first coming up. I I’m self made, I did not come from somebody gave me are my parents had handed me this amount of money, and I could go do something. So I utilize the library’s coming up because I didn’t have that luxury to be able to even purchase the books.

Justin Trosclair 1:14:39
Yeah, well, how can people contact you.

Unknown 1:14:43
So we have a website, it’s nature’s link, wellness, calm. And through there, you can go to the contact page, and we have all our information there to where you can definitely get back in contact with us. So that’s nature’s way ns link wellness.com.

Justin Trosclair 1:15:03
Very good. We’ll put that in the show notes, or any closing remarks before we we conclude.

Unknown 1:15:09
I just want to thank you for the opportunity of bringing my wisdom and words, you know, to the podcast and just really asking everybody to just start taking one thought of how can you leave this place? a better place? I want to read a quote, and it stays in my office. The greatest use of life is to spend it doing something that will outlast it. William James, how will you leave something that will outlast you? We’re going to end with that. Thank you so much for being a guest today. And I hope you have a fantastic 2017 Thank you so much, Justin, insane to you.

Justin Trosclair 1:15:53
Really enjoyed this interview. I don’t think I have a lot to say but plenty to ponder this week, between the advice about appreciating and receiving the gifts from loved ones ways to give back to Mother Earth and aspects to consider before becoming a coach or or launching a online product. Thank you for your time and your insight today. Again, the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash 07. As always, travel tip is coming up next, just want to give a gentle reminder, the E book when it comes out. If you were to go to a doctor’s perspective net, on the right side of the screen on a pop up on the bottom of the screen, there’s all kinds of places where you can put your email. And when that comes out. For a limited time, I can send it to you for free. It’s not only a book about nutrition and exercise, it’s actually like blueprints. If you haven’t really been able to stick to a diet much in your life, if you haven’t really done much exercise and it’s kind of a daunting and you get demotivated quickly, I have steps implemented steps for you to take to make big changes over. But small changes, to start with, to get accustomed to maybe eating less food to how to build up to 20 minutes of exercise, and things like that. So if you’re interested, sign up, because it’s not only something that you could implement for yourself, especially if you are

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Today’s travel tip, I’ve been to some countries where beer is dirt cheap. I’ve been others, where you look at the price conversion like wow, it’s the same price as America. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really go on vacation to get drunk. But I do like you know, an occasional beard. So my point is, if you’re on a budget, which most people are on a vacation budget to have a beer, but you don’t have to have like, you know, five or six beers. And this is more for like the long term travelers. But those are these backpackers in certain countries. And they’re drinking like crazy at the party areas of town. And then they complain about the taxi and beaten up the taxi guy about their price, but paying like full price for beers. So it’s just there’s a disconnect there to me. I’m just like, support the local business, you know, either the local restaurants, you know, I’m not saying don’t negotiate your taxi ride, but you know, you don’t feel crazy about it. Like I said, if you’re on a budget, just don’t drink so much alcohol, and you’ll be able to stick to your budget because there’s other things to spend money on by a souvenir

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