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Jon Morrison talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.

Ted X speaker, author, and Story Brand Certified Guide Jon Morrison discusses the hero journey and the guide and specializes in chiropractors and doctors. He now creates story brand easy to edit websites for us as well.

Jon Morrison briefly discusses how he got into the Story Brand Certified Guide business and the back story before that week in Nashville, TN. He has a niche for clarifying the message of doctors so patients call your office after visiting your webpage. In fact, he now has ‘fill in the blank’ website templates to make your story brand super simple to implement.

Key1) You are not the hero of the story (patients story). People don’t want to hear how awesome you are and what accolades you have. Really they want to win at their life and have problems that they want to work through. 

Emotions are way more important than the pain they are in. What activities are they missing out on?

I am not trying to draw people to myself, I’m trying to empower people to live the life they want and I just happen to have the skills to help them overcome their hurdle. 

Should you go to the live event, do it on your own online or invest in someone like Jon Morrison to gyude you through the process since he has done it so mamy times with other people?

What is the Curse Of Knowledge and how does it affect the copy on your marketing?

Aim to have them read your headline and if you can capture that, then they might read the sub headline and hopefully move on to the actual paragraph.

Is using phrases like “play with your grandkids” cliché or does it have real merit to your patients?

You have to speak to the potential client on a 6th grade level and you need to speak to that person /avatar you want to have in your clinic. Not over their head but on their level with words they will understand for reasons they have for coming see you.

Jon of get clear discusses taglines and more importantly the elevator pitch.

Simplify your language; create a clear message so you can connect with them every time you talk to them.

There’s a problem in the world, and I have a solution so that you can get back to what you want to do.  You definitely want a “SO THAT” phrase in your elevator pitch that anchors the outcome

He now offers Blueprinted – Template – based websites that are tailor made for story branding doctor homepages. It’s been launched since April 2019 and if you heard the intro, I gave my thoughts on it and we hear from Jon as to why he co-created this service with his brother.

How does easy to use church websites that anyone can update correlate to the doctor based themes he now offers? Or should you just use Divi for WordPress and Bedford for squarespace?

Don’t worry the getclearsites.com pages will be SEO friendly, you can have multiple pages, blog, metatags, post audio and all the other things you would expect.

At the time of this recording he was preparing to do a TED X talk which later on you can watch on YouTube. What’s the story behind him wanting to do that  event and what is the topic on?

What can we take away from using story brand for our own community event talks and our own workshops.

Listen to what your target audience is struggling with and keeps them up at night  Now offer them something that will help them be the person they want  instead of building a product and hoping someone wants it.   Should we start with WHO or start with WHY?

Jon also explains how to connect with your clients and take a posture of a servant instead of fighting for attention. 

He is also writing a book and a course to go along with it called Discover Your Who .

To keep his family life in order, one trick he uses is blocking time at the beginning of a quarter to just get away. Not sure what that means… then tune in to the end of the show.

Listen to the end because he has a unique way to handle the last few hours of the day to keep his wife happy and the love alive.



GetClearSites.com   Website Templates

Books: Pitch Anything, Book Yourself Solid, Building a StoryBrand, Start with Why

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/125 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

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Justin Trosclair 0:06
Episode 125 discover your story brand for doctors. I’m your host, Dr Justin trosclair. And today, we are john Morris’s perspective, during 2017 and 2018. podcast Awards Nominated hosts. As we get behind the curtain look at all types of doctors and guests specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

welcome back to the program. Today’s a good one, you’ve heard me talk about story brand. And if you listen to any of the many sides, which I highly suggest, you hear a few stories of be the let the patient be the hero, let your client be the hero and you just be the guide. Right? That’s just the model. But yc go into that more in depth because john Morrison is a story brand certified leader or guide. He’s kind of carved out a niche in the chiropractic realm. And he’s been doing that for about two years. He was recently on a TEDx about late April. So that’s pretty cool. He’s my second guest that has gone

Unknown Speaker 1:03
through the TEDx process.

Justin Trosclair 1:05
And maybe by the time this episode airs, it’ll be online, all you gotta do is check. He’s in the process of writing a book and like a program based on the Start with who mentality and that is definitely something we’re going to cover in the episode. And another cool thing that he’s got in when you start story branding with people and you you gotten their tagline you’re getting there, you know about me section, and how to frame what you do to like a sixth grade reading level, and at the same time putting it to where you’re talking to the patient’s needs and their desires. And why would they come see you not, because you have all these fancy techniques, but because they can’t do x. And you can help them be there come to me so that you can play golf type of stuff. And one of the issues he’s had was he created all this copy, you know the words. And now you’ve got to go personally, and either hire someone to build out your web page, or you gotta you know, bootstrap a little bit and do it yourself, which you know, a lot of doctors, chiropractors, maybe pts kind of bootstrap it and do it themselves. And they’re getting familiar with WordPress and Squarespace. And those come with their own complications, especially with like WordPress, all these plugins you gotta manage, and it doesn’t look quite like it’s supposed to. So then you got to like change themes. There’s so many themes, which should you use, and Squarespace. It’s pretty straightforward. But maybe some of the functionality may not be what you want, or you just whatever, you know, reason, yeah, man to create it from scratch is difficult. So him and his brother created get clear sites, you can see the show notes page for all the links. And anyway, I went through a demo a live demo of it, it is super easy. I mean, it’s got the headline, like if you’ve already done the story branding, or if you’re trying to do it yourself, and you’re not hiring this guy is the blanks. Here’s your tagline. Here’s where you put some SEO, like what you know that your chiropractor in what city you’re in, and you’re going to go down, you can easily change the color schemes, they got some pre made ones, so that you know they look good. And they got some, you can customize it from there. You can change the fonts in the classic if you look at you know, the Squarespace site like a Bedford site, you know, they slide up and then there’s a new block of color and the slider beginning there’s a background image with some words on top of it, you can do all of that. You can change the icons for like, do you do grass, then do you do internet based adjusting, you do some other certification, so you can have those are if you set it up to where it’s, you know, back pain, headaches, athletics, you know, you can do that to super simple to edit everything to be honest, I mean, adding a picture, you can do blog posts, and there’s a section where it makes the last three or four nice and clean for you. Everything’s the right size, you can do podcasting. So this is originally built for churches. And so they’re like, Look, look, just modify this. So if you have a podcast, you actually have a podcast site, you can have the audio there, the RSS feed and everything. Contact pages, you know, the most important parts, the web page, the landing page, the about you, and contact, those going to be the most visited pages. I remember back whenever I was doing a heat map of my own website, I was really surprised every now and then you get like a services button, click. But really, if you just had those three pages, you would be like set to go. And so he’ll discuss that a little bit as well. I just wanted to give him some praise for for that given a solution. And I’ve already gone through the money and the investment and the time and the effort to create a story brand. And if you can’t execute that on a website, I mean, what are you going to do. And so it’s really nice to have this option, in my opinion. Now that sounds like a sales pitch. But I just wanted to give you guys a, you know, kind of an honest review, I’m not getting paid to tell you all this, about the about that site. And for a lot of doctors, I know it’s going to be helpful, because they just don’t want to do it themselves. And whatever. And this is built so that, you know, the church secretary of a congregation of 100, people could put sermon series and put that sermon audio updated on a regular basis who have no other computer skills, just basic word, you know, Microsoft Office type stuff.

Unknown Speaker 4:58
Because, you know, if you need to go to a church that has

Justin Trosclair 4:59
thousands upon thousands of members, they probably can’t afford to just pay it an IT person. So to me, it’s real simple. It’s real nice. I’m believer in the point. Again, check out the Minnesota before and after this episode. Usually, Thursdays and Saturdays when they drop. Again, there’s summaries of other podcasts that I listened to, usually less than 10 minutes, sometimes less than five. As always, the full transcript. And the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net, slash one to five, enjoy the humor and enjoy the relevant information. JOHN Morrison, let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China, in Vancouver, Canada. Today on the show, we have a guy who is a website genius. No, he is. But the part of what we’re talking about today is that, you know we have a website and sometimes it’s pretty was not effective. And sometimes we have one that’s so simple. It doesn’t really answer your questions are as it’s designed, nice, you know what I’m saying? It’s just not going to convince a patient to call you and see you. And that’s not the point of a website. And so you probably heard in the past, I was kind of interested into the story brand thing with Don Miller and read his book and trying to do my own stuff. And anyway, so ran across this guy from other podcasts and everything. He’s doing a really good job for doctors. And that’s the key point. He’s also just launched a new website to help you build them yourself, Ted x that’s coming up on his schedule, and he’s gonna write a book. So please welcome john Morrison to the show.

Unknown Speaker 6:28
Hey, Dr Justin and hey to everyone listening. Well, greetings from Canada.

Unknown Speaker 6:32
Hey, well, if that was a mouthful, I think you get it. I like what you doing.

Unknown Speaker 6:37
I can be a mouthful, that’s for sure. And so you know, everyone’s story is a bit of a mouthful to so happy to share whatever, whatever that all you want to distract, extract or I should say, happy to go wherever you want to take us Justin

Justin Trosclair 6:50
I love your background. It’s a bunch of bunch of books. It’s making me wonder later on in life, I should have gotten rid of all of my textbook that I don’t read anymore, because it probably dampens the sound great, and it looks good behind you. So we’ll see what happens. Well,

Unknown Speaker 7:04
I think it’s probably pretty hard to take a whole bunch of books to China and then secondly, you know, they they don’t allow everything over there. Do they?

Unknown Speaker 7:11
Well, you know, probably not. We snuck a Bible in. But you know, that’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 7:15
You can’t just bring a bunch of books. Yeah, who do I need

Unknown Speaker 7:18
clothes I need

Unknown Speaker 7:19
especially those ones that are back there. I don’t think I don’t. Yeah. Anyways,

Unknown Speaker 7:24
snuggle this one in that. Look. Story brain. Look at that. There she is.

Unknown Speaker 7:28
Yeah, in the flesh, the great. The Great story brand book. Yeah. I love that one. I got a copy over my left shoulder there as well. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 7:36
right by the cactus.

Unknown Speaker 7:38
Guess it’s a cactus who knows the only cactus in Canada. Hello, Chile. All right.

Justin Trosclair 7:44
Yeah. So give us the lowdown. You were a past pastor. Now you’re doing this. It’s a little bit of a change. And I’m thinking in my mind, maybe he’s doing both because there’s not much money in passing. But there’s, you know, gotta have both in life sometimes. So give us your background in how you got hooked up with sure everything.

Unknown Speaker 8:03
Yeah. So I always tell people that the difference between a full time pastor and a large pepperoni pizza is the difference is that the large pepperoni pizza can feed a family of four quite easily. But being a pastor isn’t always that easy to do so. So anyway, I was a pastor for years. That’s what I grew up, you know, getting, getting dragged to church every Sunday by my mom, and eventually just the message connected, I believe that there was a God that my life had a purpose. And so, you know, good church, kids seem to go into posturing. So I felt like that’s where I was led to go. My first dream was always to, like most Canadian kids wanted to play in the NHL. But that dream died when I was 20. So salvaged my life off the scrap heap of what I always thought I would do, and then you know, decided, well, what else is there for me to do, I’ll just go into church ministry. So went to went school to study that and then joined, or found it found a great church, out here in Vancouver got married, and we had a great really good experience, except this new board came in and basically felt that they wanted someone older, kind of leading, leading the helm there. So I found myself without a job. By that point, we had two mouths to feed and a mortgage. And these Vancouver mortgages don’t come easily. I mean, they’re, they’re pretty hefty. So I found myself thinking, Well, what can I do? You know, I’m, I like, I know Greek and I can yell at people. So what’s what what does my skill set allow? And so I thought, well, I could work at Starbucks. Or I could cut grass because we have, you know, pretty good climate actually here in Vancouver where we have grass grown a lot. So cut some grass. And then I read this book called Building a story brand, the one that you just flashed for us there Justin and I was hooked on that book. And I don Miller and I, you know, I met him a couple of times. Over the years, his he’s written lots of great books that I read before, but this was a new thing for him, just like coming out of church ministry was a new thing for me. So we, I felt like, you know, it was a cool opportunity to kind of reinvent myself. And so I heard about this guide program and went to go study with him and Nashville for it was only a week actually, I wish it was longer, just because there’s a lot of challenges. And you know, thinking that you’re the story ran guru, but you know, eventually learned, but that I came home, and my first lead came right away. And the phone didn’t stop ringing sense. So I’m kind of writing that the story around wave, but also trying to find my own my own voice in it too. Just like everybody’s trying to find their niche in life. And, you know, I’m trying to determine why did everything happened in the past? How do I take my love for people that I found as a pastor and my love for marketing and being an entrepreneur and trying to merge those together. And so that’s, that’s kind of the platform that I’m trying to build now, which is this whole idea of discovering your who as the most important part of getting your message out there. So

Justin Trosclair 10:53
it was, what I liked about it is, it’s not like website design, per se, cuz I’m sure you can do that part for us. But I’m from what I gathered, you’re not like, Hey, you gotta hire me to actually build the website. And that’s not what the story brands about, it’s about the message, creating that one liner, telling the story in a way that’s very concise, and not a lot of fluff, like 50 cents, $1, 15 sentences, I think it was like, that’s all the first page needs to be like, how much was the boil that down? As a doctor? And yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 11:23
well, I mean, yeah, that’s the thing is story brand is all about at first, like, the first step is to realize you’re not the hero of the story. I mean, you’re the hero of your own story. But you know, who cares about that, like, maybe your mom, and your wife pretends to care. So you’re the hero of the story. But really, you try to get out there and talk like, you’re the hero, people are going to tune you out. And that’s what’s going on, that’s most marketing these days is people look saying, Look at me, I’m a hero, I’m significant. Pay attention to me. And people just say, you know what, in a world of limited time, and resources, like you must be a big deal you claim to be, but if you’ll just step aside, I’m really looking for some help, because I need to win my story. And that’s the that’s what the story ran opens people’s eyes, like, oh, my goodness, you mean, I’ve had this website, and I’ve been talking about myself, and try to do this marketing, and I’ve been doing it wrong the entire time. It literally creates a feeling in your gut, where you say, Oh, my God, I can’t believe it, can I have a real redo? So it gives us a chance to say maybe I can reorient my messaging. That’s the first thing. And then the second thing we say is, okay, the people that you’re trying to reach the who these, these people that you want, you know, to come into your clinic, whether you’re trying to help, they have a certain set of problems that they’re working through, and and they’re nuanced. And that it’s not just, it’s not just a physical problem, like their pain, it’s actually the frustration, the anxiety, the depression, the feeling inferior at a family event, because you can’t join in, you know, the golf game or whatever, you know, you can’t do these things, because you have this injury. And so those emotions are actually very powerful, more even so than just I’ve got a bad back or a sore neck. It’s actually like, I’m depressed, I’m sad. And so when you come along, as the doctor and say, Look, I can help you get back to doing the things you love to get back to the life you’ve always wanted to help you, you know, feel like yourself again? Or Wouldn’t it be great to be able to play with your, your grandkids, or make it through have a full 18 rounds of golf without feeling like you’re, you’re going to die? Right? And you start talking to people like that, and they’re like, wow, you can do that. And so that’s what happens when you position yourself differently. And then, of course, what everyone thinks is like, Okay, well, I kind of understand now I’ve worked through the idea that I’m not the I’m not the hero of the story my patient is, or the people I’m trying to reach. Now, what do I do? Well, usually the first place people go just like you did, Dr. Justin would be the website, does my website reflect this idea of I am here to help people get the life that they that they want, get them back to what doing what they love doing, make them feel like themselves? Again, does your website reflect that message, and most people say no. So that’s why when we think story brand, we think website, but really, it starts with this, this different way of approaching your service, which is I’m not trying to draw people to myself, I’m trying to empower people to live the life that they want. And they just happen to have all these things that I can help them overcome, to get to where they want to go and to be who they want to become.

Justin Trosclair 14:20
Because if you do follow the, the theory, like everything that you’re talking about, that should change how you write email copy, that should change how you give given a speech somewhere is at the local chamber, something that should change how you do a presentation. So it has a far reaching effect, and everything that you communicate, if you really master it. And so one of the questions I have for you, I was looking at that as like, wow, this would be great. I mean, to fly to Tennessee, and do this myself, because I’ve got several different things going on. And like man, you know, you start looking at some of the people that do it. And you’re like, well, if I learned once, maybe I can do it myself the second time or the third time, because it becomes you know, so it’s it’s not cheap. It’s like there’s a cost involved. I think it’s a good cost. And sounds like what if I do it myself, I mean, as a doctor, like I really like this stuff, and I need to I need to figure this out, because I’m supposed to write 50 emails, not just the four that might come with a package. Is it beneficial, right? Oh, visit that? Or is there like an online program? Would you get the same benefits? What are your thoughts on that?

Unknown Speaker 15:20
There is an online program that you can take right from China or anywhere around the world. And I actually have a link that they give me as a guide that I can send to people, which means that the it’s always available. So right now if you go to story brand.com and you go to sign up for the digital online course, you won’t be able to get in because it only opens at certain points. But as a guy, they give me certain privileges. So I can actually send you a link, if you’re interested. And if anyone is interested, just do send me an email, it’s just Jo n at get clear.ca. And I will happily help you work through. I’ve been I do this for a living, right. So some people want to go to Nashville, because they it’s a beautiful city. It’s one of the funnest places in America. And some people just like, you know what, I’ll do it on my own. And some people should not be trusted with that kind of investment on their own, because it will sit there. And it will create a burden of guilt that will grow and you’ll be on your back. And then you’ll be in a chiropractor, because you’ll have this burden of guilt upon you. Because you’re not doing your online course. So some people need to go to Nashville, just because it’s like, certain time I have to show up in a certain time is when I’m done. You know, you really were saying so there’s pros and yeah, so it’s, I would never also call it a cost to right like just see it as an investment. Right? Because you’re really investing in, what would it take to pay this off? Right? If I’m able to change my messaging in a way I can I can get one more patient. It’s like, wow, this could really change and get tons more patients in the door. Not only what affects my website, but everything you do. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 16:46
it should be easily figured out too. Because, hey, my phone’s ringing more, I’m getting a lot more referrals from organic search or whatever. It’s like, no, they just are Facebook was like, No, they just got to your website and said, Oh, let me actually call you now. And your phone will start ringing that is like how you can tell I must have gotten five or six new patients this week or this month, right there that should have covered the investment. Yeah. And make yourself feel good. Like, okay. Sometimes there’s a good idea, like to fully know what you’re doing. And then to be able to still say, Yeah, but I need somebody to hold my hand because I still I didn’t I don’t know if this is right, or if there’s a better way or the layout. So I still think there’s a service for you after that anyway. But now you’re on the same page, because you both went through the same program, like, so that’s what it’s supposed to look. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:29
Okay. Yeah. Because Yeah, experience. Yeah. And that’s, that’s why guides are there. Because sometimes, it’s hard to read a bottle of pills, when you are one of the pills on the inside, right? You don’t always have the objectivity that comes from being outside of me, like, you know, let me just handle this from the beginning. Or from an outsider. So there, we have this thing called the curse of knowledge. And the curse of knowledge is simply that most people, especially doctors, who are at like a nine or a 10, level, in their thinking, hang out with other people, either socially or at work with others who are night attendant they’re thinking, and so they use all this insider terminology. And then like, okay, but now I have to talk to the public. So let’s bring it down from a nine or a 10 to like a, six or seven. The problem is that most people don’t come to websites or any kind of marketing collateral, like they do, say a research paper. So even a six or seven is too high. The Psychology of people buying and making those kinds of decisions, actually comes to the two or three so we got are really dumb it down dumb our literature down to a, maybe a grade six level or something because people don’t want to, they want to, we don’t want to be thinking too much when they’re on your site. Just like we scan stuff. We’re all moving so fast that we just don’t want to be reading websites like research papers anymore. I don’t think we ever did, actually, but certainly not anymore. So you That’s why you know, 15 sentences why I think that’s a little too, too short, is that’s the idea. You have a bunch of headlines that people when they’re flying through your page, they can kind of see the gist of what you’re saying. And then the headlines explain a little bit more if they’re if you caught them with the headline, it’s just like, newspaper writing one on one, right copywriting. One One says, have an engaging headline. And that and get invites people into read the sub headline, and if you want them with the sub headline, they’ll read your paragraphs. But that’s the order that it goes right always headline, then sub headline, and then Okay, they’ve won me over, I’m curious enough to read this. So that’s how you can engage people. But you have to make it simple, because you don’t want to be confusing them with the curse of knowledge. And and that’s that’s why having a guide sometimes is helpful just to kind of help you interpret some of your own thoughts,

Justin Trosclair 19:36
which is super difficult, because I think we get trapped with your chiropractor and I doctor, whatever you think you dumbed it down, or you’re scared, but if they don’t know about why cold laser is the best thing ever. They’re never going to want to use it. Because sometimes we get caught not I think this sometimes doesn’t everybody say you can pick up million kids? Isn’t that the appeal everyone’s using these days like now? Well, I was a top of my class. But I guess in reality, it’s not the case. And it still comes off as the doctor serving. And so

Unknown Speaker 20:07
yeah, and I

Unknown Speaker 20:08
think the problem is, you guys are probably reading each other’s like all your drinking buddies and the ones you went to college with and stuff, you’re reading all their websites and thinking everyone’s saying this. But the truth is, if I’m in a little town, and I google a chiropractor, I don’t know what all the chiropractors in like San Diego and New York and Guan Joe are saying, right? I’m just looking for that one person. So whatever they’re going to say to connect with me, is going to be critical now. Yeah, maybe it is like a bit cliche to talk about the grandkids. But I know that that’s a real pain point, especially you know, as me now in my late 30s, this is when the body starts to break down. And the golf thing is very applicable to me, right? If somebody told me that they could, like, help me from my aging hockey hips, and make me feel great again, so that I could be out on the ice like it, like, like, I want to, I’d be like shut up and take my money, however much you need. Yes, make me feel better. So that’s, that’s understanding the pain points of the people don’t I don’t care if you’re going to use Gaston, or a RT or, you know, all that stuff just make me feel better, is all I care about is as a member of the public.

Justin Trosclair 21:12
Okay. So that’s really where we get hung up is, we think is the techniques that are going to impress people. And for some people, they might be looking for those things. But there’s a part on the website that you probably cover that is just not on the homepage. It’s not the landing page everyone sees.

Unknown Speaker 21:25
And maybe you do because but like, honestly, how many people in your experience are going to going to look up? What is Gaston technique? Because I saw the logo, it’s like, I see the logo, okay, sure they’re certified. That’s all I care about. But I know it’s a big deal for people that have taken all that time into grasping. And if you’ve done the McKenzie method, you know, that is that’s valuable to you, you care about it. But the problem is, I mean, and and your buddies do too, and you’ll use it to help your your patients. Sure enough, it’s going to work too. I’ve seen I’ve seen the studies about Mackenzie I’ve even seen him in person at Parker. And I, I just want to see what’s the hype with this guy, right? So I watched and I was like, Yeah, okay, he seems like he seems like a pretty smart dude. And I’m sure this is helping because all the all my friends were raving about it. But as a member of the public, I have no idea who Mackenzie is or what the McKenzie methods are. All I care about is wanting to get better. So speak to me, as the person that that you need to come in and don’t speak over my head, or else you’re going to MIT, you’re going to lose me.

Unknown Speaker 22:25
All right, let’s talk about this one liner. Is that the same thing as a tagline?

Unknown Speaker 22:29
Very similar? Yeah. In fact, probably it is. You know, what a one liner tag lines. in marketing, we use all these different words, but it’s really like, What do you say? What do you say if the first line of your website right, or your email signature? Do you have something like that? Usually, you just want to help people’s aspirations, right? I mentioned a couple of them

Unknown Speaker 22:49
feel better fast.

Unknown Speaker 22:50
Yeah, something like that. That’s I mean, that’s all I care about. I don’t want a long term plan. I don’t want to be taking time out of my busy schedule to come. See you three times a week. I want to feel better, faster, three times a week. Sure. If you’re going to get me better in two weeks, three times a week is fine. But if you’re going to do me, like two times a week for like six months, that’s not. Yeah, that’s my problem is I don’t want to be here forever. So tell me you’re going to help me feel better as quickly as possible. And and you’ve got my attention. But that’s that’s the tagline. And then we have what we call the elevator pitch. And the elevator pitch to me is what you’re actually using more than just a tagline. Because your elevator pitch is what you use to connect with people when, when you’re talking about what you do. And we love asking each other what we do, right? It’s one of the number one, like after we get their, their name, where they’re from, what do you do, which is probably

Unknown Speaker 23:36
the worst question we can ask,

Unknown Speaker 23:38
if you’re looking to actually build a relationship, they say,

Unknown Speaker 23:40
right, on that question.

Unknown Speaker 23:43
Yeah. But there’s a way to do it so that people actually get excited about what you do. Even if they don’t need your services, right? It’s like, oh, you’re actually kind of helping some people, aren’t you? And so there’s a few ways you can do that. I find in an informal accent, plane, people asked me what I do, I’m just gonna give you an example. I would say like, well, if I don’t want to talk to him, or if I’m in my book, or got my headphones on, I just say I do marketing. And they’re like, they never know what to talk about. So it’s like, even worse, even more quicker was when I used to say, I’m a pastor, and they really don’t know what to say anymore. Yeah. Right. So that just stonewalled the conversation, which is kind of good if you want to be a little introverted that particular day. But if you want to actually get them excited about what you do, which is it, you know, if you’re at a networking event, or if you do feel like this potential client is is talking to you say, I would say something like, Well, you know, how leaders or business leaders get so good at what they do, that they have a hard time communicating with others? And they say, Yeah, Yeah, I know, people like that, or someone else they like, have you ever hung out with a bunch of nurses or doctors and realized they use so many different codes and insider language? You have no idea what they’re talking about? So yeah, definitely, I say, Well, most business leaders are like that, the better you are in something, the harder it is to talk about what you do. So we have a framework that actually helps you simplify your language, create a clear message, so that you can connect with people every time you talk to them. And then we just, you know, create your marketing collateral like that. And they all say, That’s really cool. I didn’t, I didn’t know there was people like that. So chiropractors or who doctors could just you just pick the problem that you solve so well that you know, people are struggling with your niche. And you say something like, you know how you pick your niche and you say, you know how so many people struggle with with a bad back and they think and they and they’re afraid that surgery is the only alternative for them? And they’re just totally afraid. Yeah, I, I got a bad back. And I thought I was doomed. Or I hate to go under surgery or my my, my mother went through a terrible back surgery she was out for years. Yeah, well, we understand that sometimes surgery is necessary, but sometimes often it’s not. And so we have a very natural way to get the body back to, you know, whatever it is feeling great, or whatever you want to say, but so that you can enjoy your life again, without surgery. And that’s just a way to say like, here’s something I’m doing now. That’s just literally one example of the thousands of things that chiropractors do. But it’s an opportunity to show there’s a problem in the world. And I have a solution so that you can get back to doing what you love. So so that usually I love to include is if you have the word so that in your elevator pitch, usually you’re on good. You’re thinking through what is the actual outcome that I offer. And when you’re talking about the outcome, you’re actually talking to the people that right now would love to have that outcome. So they can’t help but get excited, because that’s what they wake up every day hoping that happens. This bad back is kept me from work. It’s kept me from play. It’s kept me from doing the things I love. And this person just said that they can help me without surgery. I’m totally listening to them. Which is a lot different than just saying I’m a chiropractor.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
very intriguing. It wraps

Unknown Speaker 26:48
around here to do.

Justin Trosclair 26:49
Yeah, yeah. And that’s what I like about you as well, because you could probably if you’ve done enough chiropractors done enough, Dennis, you start to know like, all right, you kind of fit into this category of dentistry. So podiatry, you just got off of a podiatry series. So Oh, you’re the sports podiatrist. Oh, you’re the wound cares, podiatry. You’re the orthotics guy. And you can start saying, Okay, well, this is kind of what I’ve done in the past with these types of people. It works well. Then you start figuring out what your niche. Okay, it within that whole thing in tailoring it down, I would think to what you actually want, if you don’t like headaches. Yeah. I don’t mention headaches. I don’t want it.

Unknown Speaker 27:26

Unknown Speaker 27:28
Is that accurate?

Unknown Speaker 27:28
Yeah, for sure. And, and learning learning about chiropractors is something I never really thought that I would ever do. I just went to a chiropractor because I I grew up with a lot of soreness playing hockey, but I didn’t realize that, you know, there was it was so split between different philosophies and stuff. So I’ve really carved out a niche with with the evidence informed community evidence base, whatever you want, whatever they want to call themselves, I’m kind of still the outsider. They have the right to self name, you know, I mean, and and I didn’t even realize that I didn’t even realize there was such a thing as that. I just thought everybody was that it was a chiropractor would just help people feel better. And like, it’s that’s not the case. So I’m, I’m very careful with how I talk. I never want to be the Cairo marketing guy. I just don’t I’d rather be friends with with Kairos. But in that sense, I can I feel I can help them better because it’s kind of easier when you’re when you’re on a friendship level with people rather than having this big, you know, enterprise that just runs chiropractors through the machine. I just, yeah, I just don’t think because people are too specialized. You know, like, some people do sports and some people don’t even just had a client that does animals. I never even thought that was a thing before but evidence, evidence based care helping animals say okay, let’s do this. So we had to really get down to what, who they’re trying to reach to so

Justin Trosclair 28:47
you know, it’s crazy. I want them to look at that animal part just because I was like me and people love their animals. And you know, I got patients that come in, they’re like, our they can’t afford your treatment. And then in 10 seconds later talking about replacing their cast ACL. You know, that’s all cash is like you replace your cat’s ACL. Sorry, animal lovers just is not there yet. I’m just not there yet. Like there’s definitely money in the veterinary realm of things, but

Unknown Speaker 29:13
I don’t know what your demographic what the what the audience is about cat lovers is but we could tell probably a few jokes about that, that we can hold back till off air. Yeah, I just think I tell you what to do with a cat.

Unknown Speaker 29:26
Especially in China, they probably have all sorts of ideas. Put it in the soup, right. You know,

Justin Trosclair 29:29
I don’t see a lot of cats. I don’t see very many cats here. Okay, dogs Mutt ugly dogs. I see a lot of those in the last few years has been better. I’ve seen real dogs. I’m like where you’re getting these amazing. Puppies from?

Unknown Speaker 29:41
Great. Well, you haven’t seen the cats because they’re in the soup, aren’t they? or something? No. I just know idiot. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
I don’t even think the culture that make that joke. I don’t think they eat the cats. I’ve never heard people eating cat but dog. That’s something I’ve heard. But I think they’re just on their own path over there.

Unknown Speaker 29:58
us just literally spent half half every show just like fighting Chinese stereotypes. And I apologize for that. I had to fight Canadian jokes. Honestly, I got a I spent half the time apologizing for Canadians because that’s what we like to do is apologize and then fighting the stereotypes that it’s snowing all year long. And

Unknown Speaker 30:16
it is a place that I never visited and I’m always gonna like, do I want to? It’s gonna be so cold

Unknown Speaker 30:22
to your shame. You have not been here is not it is beautiful. It’s like Seattle, but but I don’t know with less less guns.

Unknown Speaker 30:29
Oh, that’s true. Vancouver’s over there. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 30:31

Unknown Speaker 30:32
swear up. We’re up higher. Okay, Toronto is the one that’s near New York.

Unknown Speaker 30:35
Yeah, Toronto. Exactly. Exactly. So you get the laid back West Coast. You know, Canada is like tilted West and all the loose nuts and bolts all end up on the coast. So it makes for some pretty fun. makes for some pretty fun living the culture out here.

Unknown Speaker 30:48
Can you imagine it like Hollywood was in Nebraska or something?

Unknown Speaker 30:53
So wild? I don’t know. We just love the planes, boys, the wind in your hair and a tumbleweed? Through the skyscrapers. I don’t know if you saw

Unknown Speaker 31:01
it from the brassica too. So who else can we take?

Justin Trosclair 31:05
I don’t know anything. I’ve never been to Nebraska either. That’s another place I’ve never been. But I’ve been to a lot of places just not those. I don’t know. Let’s see your ICF certified. One of the things I was curious about. You talked about a just launched at this point, when your show comes out. It’ll be about a month. So the wrinkles will be ironed out, which will be great. Nice. Get clear sites.com. It’s a done for you. Or you can do it yourself. But it’s brain dead simple. So anybody could do it. In a matter of I don’t know how long it would take but give us a little spiel about that. Because that’s really interesting and really exciting for a lot of people who want people to just do themselves and not be frustrated with like the WordPress or even Squarespace. Oh, man.

Unknown Speaker 31:43
Yeah, no kidding. So I feel like a ton of time is us just helping people figure out what platform is the best to build my site. Now, sometimes a few a few folk will just say, you know what, I’ll just hire someone to build it because I do patient care. And someone else can do website tonight. I totally get that. Because I think you know, we all have to stay in our lane. But some chiropractors are literally like they’ll bootstrap anything and everything right? They want to do it themselves. And I respect that because I’m kind of like that, too. I’ve got a little bootstrap or in myself, I don’t want to be paying subscription services or fees. I don’t have to, you know, so what I figured out was a way to answer people’s questions of what is the best story brand theme is it you know, is it Bedford on Squarespace, or is it Divi Divi Theme on WordPress, and my brother actually has made his living and he just, he’s doing so well. He’s got over 600 churches that he has helped build these websites for. So a church website or low budget is usually low. And the needs are quite high, but very predictable. So there’s certain things that churches need, and who’s running with the sites, but Aunt Betty there, who’s the church secretary, and she also, you know, plays the piano on Sunday and keeps the flowers together and all that anyways, so very low a coda ability for Aunt Betty all due respect to her. But she can change a Facebook profile or something like that, but not a ton of website building. And usually everything gets put on her. So what Matt did was, he created a very easy to use template that was easy for churches, and add Betty to be able to add words, add pictures, pick a certain set of colors, pick a certain set of fonts, and just all kind of done for you. In the story brand community, I found it was very similar. You have these boots trappers who want to create a clear message. And maybe they’ve done a brand script before so they know who their ideal client is. They know the pain points, but they just don’t know how to make the transition to a website. So what I did was create a template where I say, put your one liner here, state the problem that you saw of here, right about you here like it’s okay to have an About section people used to think it’s the story brand world that we’re allowed to talk about ourselves. Well, you really are, you just have to talk about yourself in a way that you’re not the hero, you’re the trusted guide. So make statements of empathy here, talk about your authority here, talk about your badges or put your put your grass and logo right here. And then include this testimonials here. So we just have it all laid out for you. And then there’s an about page and a service page, and things like that. But it’s all kind of just done for you so that if you can make changes to a Facebook profile, then you can make your own website. And it’s so far the feedback has been amazing. We just literally launched it today. And it’s been really cool to see people just saying shut up and take my money. This is the most amazing thing. We’ve been waiting for this for so long. So it’s agnostic of Squarespace, it’s agnostic of WordPress, you don’t use any of that stuff. You just use a very simple builder. And you can customize it as you need. But I think is just helping boots trappers feel like they’re web designers without getting the frustration of trying to navigate WordPress and Squarespace. So as you can probably tell, I’m very excited about this the new launch and excited because it’s going to help some people.

Justin Trosclair 34:58
And this is great, because everyone’s already got the blueprint, you’ve already spent the money you spent the time to create the journey and the pain points and all the worksheets that they have you go through to figure out everything. So at this point, it’s not like you’re buying this website from you. And then now what do I put, there’s like, no, everything’s on a piece of paper is brilliant. At this point, just copy and paste, you’ve already done the hard work. Now we making it easy to actually make it representative of what you need on the website.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
And the cool thing is that because the platform is always being developed, it’s kind of like you’re like an iPhone app or whatever, that it’s just constantly getting updated. So it could be the last website that you ever buy, because you you pay a one time fee and then a monthly but then we’re always going to work on designing it. So in in 10 years from now, you won’t have to completely turn your website and build a new one, you could actually just have everything still there. It’ll just be constantly evolving as, as customer or consumer habits of all.

Unknown Speaker 35:52
JOHN, do you do SEO? Will it be SEO friendly?

Unknown Speaker 35:54
Yeah, that’s a great question. So there’s a few things SEO is a very complicated thing. There’s on page SEO, meaning do people like the words on your site, are they staying long. And that’s an important thing that people don’t always realize, like if if people are bouncing off your site, you could have all the SEO backlinks, hacks, all that stuff. And none of it would matter if people are leaving your site right away. So having good content, that would be the first thing, making it mobile friendly would be another thing, making it fast. So that the load time for when you first click on or go to that site is important. So it will have all that stuff. And then of course the people that want to do meta tags and descriptive page titles, all that up is there as well, too. So but I would say this, you know, as a reaction maybe to some of I mean, I geek out on SEO time, so I totally understand. But it’s one of the most important things is to have an engaging site with great content. So you could host a podcast on this site, you could do a blog on this site. And because it was all it was all made for churches, right. So it’s like, they have sermons that they need to regular upload. So we just we just change it from sermons to podcasts. And then we turned it from, you know, news articles to blogs and or resources. And then you could just, you know, if you can handle a Word doc, then you can handle writing a blog on this platform. To me, I’m just like, I cannot wait to build my own client sites on the things so even if I just built it for me, that’s why I kind of get so excited is because this is going to help me who doesn’t have a lick of coding. You know, I work with I grew up with people that like people’s what I do, but copywriting it was this thing that I came to love because it’s connecting with the psychology of people. But then so it was like do what can you do website so I need to do it. Well, now all of a sudden, I have a tool to build websites. So

Justin Trosclair 37:33
so you so that you can put a blog, you can put a podcast, I’m such a WordPress guy. I’m like, what makes it easy. There’s a plugin, there’s no special coding. So this guy, he’s already figured it out and my able to go in the back end and do the blog, or am I having to say hey, john, and your brother insert this today?

Unknown Speaker 37:50
Oh, man, I wish I know you don’t talk to us at all for that stuff. No, you go in and you do it all yourself. And it’s very easy. You don’t do any of the like it’s no bad and stuff. It’s all front end. So you can kind of see it as you’re putting it all in. I do not do well with WordPress, it WordPress creates so many frustrations and all all the backend stuff you have to do and all the plugins you never have to do any of that stuff with our with our sites, which I I think most people will appreciate because plugins are just, I mean, don’t get me started on plugins. But yeah, maybe there’s WordPress people here. And you know, tons of the web, the internet world is is based on WordPress, I just particularly I’m not interested in. So people that are pure, like web designers will not like this software, because it’s just for, it’s just about empowering the people who don’t do website design that want to create websites,

Justin Trosclair 38:38
there’s so many doctors who probably are into that, because, you know, sometimes I think like with churches, I went to a mega church in Colorado, I mean, 18,000 people through a weekend, but then when I grew up, it was like three or 400 people there like enough and other churches, you know, just kind of run around you like only 80 people in this place. Like, well, I’ll just combine forces in another way. It’s kind of wonder like, Why don’t got 38 in this town, y’all can just combine into like four based on their generic geographical region. But, you know, but you got to think about like, that’s the people that you’re referring to, yeah, if you got 18,000 people, you probably gonna have your own team. But all these small places need something simple. They could be like, he’s just not very computer literate. And they still need to get it done and have somebody that they can just have somebody on payroll doing it and not be a big thing. So is there a when you go to get clear sites.com? Is that the basic template? Are there any live sites that we can check out and say, Oh, this is what they would look like done.

Unknown Speaker 39:32
That’s so funny that you say that because on my to do list is to make a chiropractor, what a template, we have a story brand template that we’re using, that’s just for generic, say business, whatever. So that will be available, certainly by the time we’re live here. And they can just click around and see while so I can do a demo with people, if they’re interested. Someone on our team can do that as well. But hopefully by this by when this is live will have a chiropractic template, which you can can just click around and and then I’ll have video demonstrations showing like here’s how you make a change. Here’s how you customize it. Here’s where you click to change that logo to that generic logo to your logo. So

Justin Trosclair 40:12
it’s not blocked in China. So that’s great for me too, because I can use VPN and do these interviews, because it just kills the internet. So I was actually able to access that site, which is great that I don’t know what that means exactly. For anybody else. But that’s exciting for me.

Alright, last two things. It’s just just an hour of all things. JOHN, who’s not the hero, guys. He’s not the hero. He’s your guy. But these are the qualifications of

Unknown Speaker 40:36
certainly not my wife would say the exact same. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 40:39
pick the one you want to first.

Unknown Speaker 40:40
Don’t tell my kids so they still think I’m the hero. You got a four year old and a two year old they still think I’m pretty.

Unknown Speaker 40:45
I can’t wait for that moment. You know, that’d be great for me. My kids just not seven months. So I’m really excited to see what she’s like. That is the best thing ever. like

Unknown Speaker 40:54
yay. And there is a moment where it shifts right because it goes from like, Dad can you help me do this to dad? What are you doing with your on your phone? Like change that like give me that thing? You know your dad your website sucks or dad? What are you doing this technology here? Yeah, let me handle this. And that’s like your seven How have you beat me and I used to change your diapers and and and Allison you coaching me? I don’t know if that happens at seven or or 27 or 17. But definitely had a shift does come where you’re like, or like you’re like everything to them and all sudden it’s like you’re stupid.

Justin Trosclair 41:24
They said this is the first generation or I guess the fruit of that first generation where they’ve never had no dial up internet. They’ve always had it on their phone sounds like yeah, that is gonna be we’re gonna be so old sounding to these kids when they were like, I still remember cassette tapes. Like what? What anyway? So you got invited or no, that’s not that’s not true. You applied and got accepted to do a TED x. That’s right. What’s up with that?

Unknown Speaker 41:48
Yeah, that’s part of my own journey to to kind of get out of Don’s Don Miller shadow, not that I it’s a beautiful shadow. I enjoy it. But you know, I kind of wanted to be doing my own thing. Eventually. I can’t I can’t base a 30 year career on a book that was written in 2017. Right. So I kind of got to step out on my own. So I had this this idea once I was reading, I was reading Simon cynics start with why. And I reading it from a story brand perspective all about, you know, you’re not the hero, your client story your customer is and I thought start with why Yeah, maybe maybe when you’re on top of the mountain looking for the reason for your life and what your beliefs are. But you come down the mountain and you start talking about your why people are just going to think Wah, wah, wah, they’re going to tune out right, hippie, and that’s what happens is you have a whole bunch of people talking about their why, and nobody really cares. I got joked about before, right? Your mom cares, your wife pretends to care, but other people, the ones that you really need to reach, they don’t really care. So

Unknown Speaker 42:45
that’s been a big push recently. Totally. Oh, what’s your underlying mission? You like my mission? What? Come on?

Unknown Speaker 42:51
Yeah. What if your mission is to help people become the people that they want. In fact, not just people, but help these people like pick a group of people. And that way you actually have, you have a living, breathing market that’s there. Because these people are they live broken lives, they have broken bodies, they have broken families, they don’t know enough their technologies to slow, there’s things that they need to grow their to, they’re too fat, they’re too slow. There’s something wrong with them. I mean, that person I just described, they got a lot of problems. But the good news is that those problems create a market. Yeah. And then if we just say, I’m going to help these people with, with what I do, so then you know that you have a living breathing market there. Rather than what we do is like, I’m going to design this product, or I’m going to write this book, or I’m going to do this thing, and hope that there’s people out there that will buy it. And what that I mean, the problem is the disruption in the world is that things are moving so fast, that you’re not guaranteed that that there’s going to be that people are going to want what you have. So what I say is start with the people that you can help get to know them, listen to them, and hear what keeping them up at night, and then offer something to become the person that they want. Maybe it’s your course, maybe it’s a book, maybe it’s a podcast, maybe it’s a service, maybe it’s a product, maybe it’s a piece of technology, maybe it’s a program, I don’t know what it is, that’s your job to figure out how do I get these people from where they are to where they want to be? And so I pitch that to the tech community. And they’re like, Sure, yeah, talk about that. That sounds good. So I actually do that in two weeks. And honestly, I always wanted to be a TED speaker. I knew about the platform, but they don’t really invite preachers up too much, probably for obvious reasons. But there was a great opportunity now that I’m doing marketing consulting to, to say, Hey, I think I’ve got something that can really challenge a very popular idea in the tech community like to start with why idea is, that’s the number one ever viewed TED talk was Simon Sonic start with why. So I’m going to come in and say no, no, yeah, why? Maybe he’s good. But but start with who? If you really want to make the impact and see your ideas spread?

Justin Trosclair 44:58
Well, that’d be fantastic. We’ll have to keep in touch that way. I can link that in watching myself, probably eight months from now, whenever it finally goes,

Unknown Speaker 45:05
I won’t be blocked in China. You know,

Justin Trosclair 45:07
yeah, VPN, you can see anything. It’s pretty sweet. That’s exciting, though. Man. I’m really worried because I’ve only had one other chiropractor on that did a TEDx talk? And it’s not an easy thing to do. You really have to have a viewpoint that stands out for some reason. So what you just described sounds great.

Unknown Speaker 45:22
Yeah. Well, I think it’s, I think there’s some if there’s people listening to this, there’s probably a TEDx in their, in their town or city soon, or at least Usually, it’s annually. And it’s a great opportunity to build your platform, right? It would look really good on your about page on your website, or on the front page, a website, as trusted by TEDx. And then they could hear your philosophy, right? Because I bet a lot of your listeners have a have a different angle than most people think. And the idea of Ted is, is to help new ideas spread, right. It’s a platform where you can come up and you can share something different. And you don’t even have to be a great public speaker because they have coaches, most of these cities will have a coach that leads you and helps you clarify your thinking. You just can’t be salesy. Yeah, you can’t be salesy at all, you just have to present a new idea like at the one I’m doing. Couple weeks here, there’s the dentist that’s speaking, and he’s going to share a different view on care what it means to have patient care or health care. He said, most people just most professionals don’t care anymore. So he’s gonna use the word care and talk about it, they’ll probably get some new patients or that or he’ll just elevate the level of what people think about dentists that day, right? I’ll look at dentist as public speaking, it’d be cool to have a chiropractor, come and share some different views on what it means to be evidence based or whatever, whatever it is, right? Whatever that people’s angle is. I think there’s an opportunity. Ted is a great brand that is inviting of people to come from a grassroots level and come and be discovered. So I think it’s a good feather in your cap. All I did was think I said what it was, like, you really just have to get past the panel. Yeah. And that panel, you really have to think, Okay, this panel is the hero of the story, right? Now, they have a certain set of expectations and problems, right, they have 10 spots to fill on this event. And they need somebody so I just tried to be as engaging with that thought as possible. And then said, My thought is actually going to be helpful for your for a placement and on your, on your, on your event. And they bought it all up. So

Justin Trosclair 47:19
if you’re looking to that sounds great. What can I do? My thought would be listen to a bunch of TED Talks, when you listen to them afterwards, jot down a record yourself discussing what you learned from that not like, learn learn, but the behind the scenes like what was their flow that you like, what was the topic that you said, that’s really interesting, I bet you I can relate that to the profession that I’m in. And then you can go home later and start writing that down like are now you can flush out an idea from 20 different TED talks that interest you. And now you can start creating an angle that would appeal to this panel. And that’s not self serving, but definitely could work with what you do. And in that, because that’s kind of what you’re doing now and

Unknown Speaker 47:55
angle it as like there’s a problem in the world. And I have some ideas to how we can solve it. And the problem could be very individual based. It could be societal based. It could be there’s a problem that exists in your profession. But what would it does when you talk about a problem is it gets people hooked? Because they instantly think, well, how does this problem get solved? It’s just a psychological trigger. where people want to know, when I hear about a problem, all of a sudden, I need to know the solution. I just have to find out how this story ends. It’s how we get caught up in bad movies sometimes or bad. You know, some some show that we stumbled into 10 minutes in or like all of a sudden, we’re hooked because like, I need to know how this problem resolved. I don’t know why I just need to close this loop. I don’t want to die not knowing, you know, Does he ever get the girl it’s a hallmark movie? Of course he does. Why? Why did you start watching it? You know how it’s gonna end? But maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. I need to know about that. I watched a lot of homework. But definitely then that would Netflix. There you go.

Unknown Speaker 48:51
I started Louie. Sometimes I’m like, What is this? And I go Wikipedia? What’s this spoiler like, Oh, my gosh, I’m glad I didn’t spend the next

Unknown Speaker 48:58
hour wider this time crash?

Unknown Speaker 49:00
That’s like one review. One star? You know, yeah, you

Unknown Speaker 49:03
had you had to find out the end. Right. So that’s how that’s how you start? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:08
one of the know what happened, but I don’t want to watch it.

Unknown Speaker 49:10
Yeah. So you need to know the end, though. That’s the only point is so when you bait people and saying there’s a problem in the world, if you if you have some ideas to contribute to the solution, you’ve got yourself a nice pitch for a TED talk,

Unknown Speaker 49:21
you’re writing a book? What’s going on with that?

Unknown Speaker 49:24
I just the same thing. You know, I’m trying to build that idea of what does it mean to start with who How do you become an expert to the who, not the not the band, The Who, but you’re who the people that you think you can help? How do you rise up and, and and speak to them, you got to get to know them, you got to listen to their problems, and then you have to show up in their life, you have to be providing regular content, you got to be speaking to them in a way that adds value to their life, you got to, you know, maybe it means writing a book, maybe it means having a talk, maybe it means having a podcast or something that that shows that you can be trouble, help them. And then they will pay you money to do it. Right. And that’s how you make the kind of income and impact that that you deserve to make with your ideas. But I’ll tell you, what doesn’t work is starting with what you are all about. And just trying to tell people who you are and how great you are. People just don’t have time for that anymore. It’s how we’ve coped, we’ve learned to cope by saying, you know, I only have radar for problems that I’m dealing with right now. And I’m only going to listen to those people. Facebook knows it, right? They put all your problems right there in your feed anything you’re struggling with. They’ll throw it right there. And they know you know, if you’re working on a DIY home renovation project, they’re going to start putting solutions to problems in your feets they How did you know that that’s all I care about right now. Well, they know that you’re, it enhances your user experience, when you’re solving people’s problems. So that’s how you that’s how you kind of develop into a thought leader or you become influential to your your people, to your tribe, to your nation, whatever it is, you show up, and you add value, and you take the posture of a servant. And the contrast would be like, the posture of like, I gotta fight to be known, I gotta fight to get my ideas out there, I got to fight my competitors. And I would say instead of that approach, which is exhausting, and you’re just going to be fighting your whole life, why not take the posture of a servant, and say, I’m going to serve these people, and I’m going to help them overcome their problems, I’m going to help them become who they want to be. And so all those ideas take about a book to get through. So I’ll do that. And then I’m just going to start a little course called discover your hood. And, and I got a website for that to discover your home dot CEO, and basically just taking people helping them figure out who is my who, and how can I help them and earn money from it too.

Justin Trosclair 51:44
When I I’m trying to always think like, Okay, what is the where’s the worst case scenario that he’s referring to? I think I finally got it. You’re a plastic surgeon. And all you have on there is award winning surgeon using Bella phila with this technique before and after call now, right? You like,

Ah, that was just about you and your skin? Well, I guess that’s kind of important for those people. But that’s kind of how I get it. I think a lot of like, you’re just talking about yourself, and you’re putting up before and after. And you’re just hoping patients can see themselves in that. But like you could actually do a better job and not really talk about I don’t care what scalpel you use, but I want to see the results. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 52:19
Yeah, yeah, for sure.

Justin Trosclair 52:22
And that’s funny, once you start saying start with who and all that, like, I think I got my, my title for the for your show now. Yeah, there we go. It’s gonna be something like that. Because that, that that’s really staying in our like, perfect. Alright, last two questions. You ready for this one? It’s okay. It’s the personal side, we’ve already got a little personal throughout. But we all want to take more vacation, especially for yourself your consulting now, you know, maybe you’re gonna have to have start asking questions, answering questions about this website stuff to get figured out? How are you able to unplug and take more time on game night?

Unknown Speaker 52:54
Okay, so I know what I should be doing. And I mean, I got a little kids. So I mean, I’m just as guilty as the next guy have like, hey, it’s bath time, and I’ve got my phone underneath the level that they can see it and I’m answering emails and stuff, I at least know that the problem. And so what I’ve learned to do, step one, acknowledge the problem. step one, step two also acknowledge that those of us who are self employed, do not get salary during the time we take off to right. So step to acknowledge that there is a, you know, for me as a Christian, like there’s a faith component where I have to believe that my, my daily needs will be fulfilled, even if I’m not working all the time, right. So my clients are not my providers, right, like God promises to take care of us. So I have to always live in that truth that he promises to feed birds, and both flowers and so he promises to take care of me. So therefore, I don’t have to be worried about that kind of stuff. So then, therefore, I can block some time. So what my wife and I do is we just have start with an open calendar and say before, all the business of all the activities and my client meetings and whatever writing times to write and TEDx events, before all that stuff, let’s book some time so that we can actually get away as a family, and then some time for us as a couple. And you know, to say that’s easy is not the reality that the truth is that it’s hard, we have to fight for it. And there’s always things that want to creep in and take it away. But it’s valuable, right. So I love Disneyland. So I want to take my kids there every year, I just learned about a camp that has a daddy daughter retreat. So I get I’m gonna have three daughters in a couple of weeks here. So I have to now will have third one coming. And Congrats. Yeah, thank you. So it’s gonna be a lot of work. I just feel like this weight of an oncoming freight train coming at me right now, you know, with a newborn, but I want to do like you know exactly what’s coming. And you still didn’t know exactly, we finally figured out what kept causing it every two years. So we’re working on that as well. It took three times though, to try anyway. So there’s, there’s that lead to do like fun family trips. But then also, I really want to connect with my daughters one on one. And so I want to take them every year by just committed, we just like just talked about it two days ago. And then personal personal times, thankfully, I get to travel a bit for work. And so that always feels a bit like some time away for myself too. Because, you know, it’s a lot even as a dad, I would never complain that it’s more than a mom. But it’s still a lot to have young kids. And so that’s the space that I’m in. I mean, I’m sure a lot of people have young families and they would feel the same. It’s just tough to get away. I just feel bad for the people that say we haven’t been away in like three years. It’s like that is too much, right? Like that’s, there’s no excuse for that. Because you can just eat a little more Kraft Dinner, but getting away together to connect as a couple. And as a family. I think those are where your main experiences that you look back on it at the end of your life. That’s where usually they come from,

Justin Trosclair 55:48
oh, we’re doing the same thing. We’re like, Okay, I need some time for myself, because you’re still that person before you had a kid. We like I like to go and do this and do that and just trying to figure out like the gym routine. I like to go to the gym. But then I feel guilty because like, Hey, I don’t get to see my kid that much. But like I still need to go to the gym. So how do you work all of that in and then go on dates with your wife at the same time. So there’s a lot there was a new parent and then even four years in use their stuff I

Unknown Speaker 56:13
was going to get like the doc you either neglect your muscles or you neglect your kids, but someone’s going to get

Unknown Speaker 56:20
and you gotta shoot this right? I see guys are like these huge, you know, ripped arms and I’m just like, have you ever hundred kids with those muscles? You know? Like, baby? Yeah, anyways, so you gotta you don’t want to go every day. Yeah, that

Unknown Speaker 56:32
was never that guy. Like sometimes I’d go every day just because I don’t have anything else to do. But really reality. I just need make sure I can go there a couple of times a week. Keep this hard working. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:43
Yeah, of course, I but though, you know, I think the dad bod is kind of a badge of honor these days. You know? You just heard one comedian say I’m not in any kind of shape that anybody would comment. I’m not overweight, but I’m not definitely in any kind of good shape. I’m just kind of there. I just exist. So that’s another when my kids are young, because I just really, I want them to know that the daddy loves them more than daddy can run the triathlon. So that’s only my approach. That’s true. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:09
I don’t know how you do it. That’s a whole nother topic. But doing marathons and triathletes. That’s so I don’t know how to test it. I don’t know how you do it.

Unknown Speaker 57:16
Hey, maybe just early my I tell you what wouldn’t work in my house? Hey, honey, work was great. today. I’m just going to go take off for two hours. And then I’m going to sit, you know, and then I’ll go to go unwind for another half an hour. Like That ain’t gonna work around here. I don’t know. I gotta go recoup. But the doctor Yeah, I gotta go. Yeah, and then make me a protein shake

Unknown Speaker 57:35

Unknown Speaker 57:37
Waiting for me when I get back. You know, the temperature. I like.

Justin Trosclair 57:41
That ain’t gonna work in the Mars of house. I’ll tell you that. But, uh, speaking of the Morrison household, how do you keep the missus happy? Where do you all do to make sure your relationship stays strong? And, you know, not end in divorce and all that?

Unknown Speaker 57:54
Yeah, couple things pay the pay the MasterCard bill, when it’s due. That’s important. Yeah, money doesn’t make you happy. Certainly, as a as a pastor, we monies was a lot more of a struggle. And so we’ve probably fought a lot more. So just to have a growing business, it really does help. I know, that’s really shallow. But it’s true. There’s a few things that probably we do that i don’t i don’t know if anyone else can do but we have like some very set routines where we’ll get up in the morning, I make her a latte. We watch the news together after the kids have breakfast. And then I’ll go to work and then come back, we always make sure I’m home for dinner. And so then I’ll do bed and bath with the kids. So that gives her some space. And that way, she has some margin for the at night. And then we usually just go to bed at the same time, which I guess that it’s not reality for everybody. But that’s hard. It’s just a time. It’s time to connect. I just I swear like something about my wife. I know we’re being taped here. But she’ll, she’ll be kind of like in the mom zone, and then dinner zone and then, and then all sudden, it’s like, we usually watch the show at night. And then at night, like soon as we’re down, I’m right, like my bed, my head hits the bed, I’m ready to go. And she just starts talking. I’m like, Okay, I gotta be I gotta have a moral duty to engage here. But that’s when she wants to talk. And I thought, well, you know, if I stayed up or had a video game or watched hockey or whatever it would be then we’d miss this this opportunity where she actually really is ready to talk. So God bless her. You know, she’s, she’s a great woman, she pours out a lot, that’s least I can do is stay up and listen to all the different things. So

Unknown Speaker 59:25
what are you going to do it anyway? At some point?

Unknown Speaker 59:27
Exactly. Yeah. Yeah, it’s better to have her or me listen to her than me listening to a counselor for what I should have done instead. But yeah, I mean, date nights are important. I’m sure. The guests have talked about that. What else do we do? Yeah, just try to try to just forgive each other. We’re both like morning people. And I’m up really early. I try to get up before the kids. So I’m up pretty early. But yeah, maybe, maybe not. I think we’re just kind of people are, we’re definitely not late afternoon people, right.

Unknown Speaker 59:55
I’ve met

Unknown Speaker 59:56
people that they’re like their husband or wife or like complete opposites. So we’re all

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
I gotta

Justin Trosclair 1:00:01
sacrifice the wake up, or I’m sacrificing but not going to bed. And they’re both like, Wow, so anyway, you have any favorite books, blogs, or podcasts that you feel like we should definitely take a look at.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
I mean, the building a story brand podcast is fantastic. I really love it. I’m probably in a bit of a different space than than most people with what I like I kind of listened for business purposes. Right? So I mean, I’m listening to marketing podcasts and different people talking about how to be a consultant. I love Seth Godin. Kimball podcast, that is a fun one. There’s another one called, yeah, there’s another one called ditching hourly, which I really like, which gets you out of the trap of always getting paid per hour for your services, which is annoying if you’re paying somebody who insists on not paying getting out paid hourly

Justin Trosclair 1:00:45
want to do that with my own business. Like when I go back to the States, and I really don’t really want to do is 55 per visit, I would like to just be able to say, Hey, you got headaches As for 95. And that’s it. I’m long is that gonna take about a month? Give it to you know, I just don’t like, like you said like the earlier,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
you could say, Yeah, well, you just say like, how much what’s the value of to be free from headaches? Would you pay 1000 bucks if you didn’t have headaches? Yeah, of course I would. Right. Okay. thousand bucks. I’ll cure your headaches.

Justin Trosclair 1:01:14
Because I was talking to PT a couple. While it’s been a while now. And that’s what I asked him He’s like, Well, you know, we used to do an hourly rate is like, an hour, 25 an hour or something. And then they can split it in half, or whatever I was like, so what happens if like, 12 minutes into a 30 minute session, you’re like, I’m kind of done. I gotta like, make up something for the next 15. And he goes, Yeah, that’s one of the things we started to run into. So we had to figure that out. And that’s episode like, six is the cash PT mini series that we had earlier. I don’t remember the name interesting. But interesting.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
Anything else on the on the podcast realm, books, let me just think, Book Yourself Solid is a great book, I just looking back at that. I really love that end, the idea of Pitch Anything, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that book, Book Yourself Solid pitch, anything will really help for me in the early days of my business, just to to really learn how to frame your yourself and how you talk about what you do so that you earn the kind of money that you deserve to do it. So I was highly recommended. I was recommended those so I do wreck pass on the recommendation. And if someone who hasn’t read building a story brand, they probably win. Like, how are they still listening this long? I don’t know. But it is a great book to read. And I’d highly recommend it. It changed my life. And I think it really help you get clear about who you’re trying to reach and how you’re going to reach them.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
any clue in your book may actually come out?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
No idea. I got a I got a couple of deadlines here that I need to start hitting. So I would I would hope that it would be ready by fall. Oh, that’s not far. Because I’m going to I’m going to take Yeah, I’m going to take the self publishing route just because I the traditional publishing just takes forever these days. Yes. And, you know, yeah, so I’m going to work with some like, kind of like, hybrid kind of self. I call it self published. But you know, it’s like a independent small publisher, but Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
not direct on Amazon.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:58
Yeah, then do a direct. Okay.

Justin Trosclair 1:03:00
Yeah, I mean, we’ve done this is really good services out there, where you can print books yourself, and then you know, they’re really good rate. And then you just sell them on your own. And then there’s you can do to the Amazon as well. And there’s a couple other sites, but it’s all about distribution to like what you’re looking for, which is yes, one. Yeah. And what are the websites that we can find everything about you in what you’ve been offering today?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
Oh, man, there’s so many. Right. So my main site for my company is get clear.ca. And then, and then we’ve been talking about the the websites you could have get clear sites.com. And then lastly, if you’re interested in learning more about that, discover your who idea, it would be discover your who.co. Very good.

Justin Trosclair 1:03:41
JOHN, thank you so much for dropping all this knowledge on us. I like to listen to my again, my pleasure. I love long podcast, and it like allows me to go deeper and discover something more about the person. So those who stayed in this long. I know they’ve got a lot from it. So I really do appreciate you.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
Oh, yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah, feel free to you to take any of it and all of it. It’s all yours. So thanks. Thanks Justin and thanks to anyone that’s listening, it’s been a pleasure to get a chance to serve you and hope it’s been beneficial.

Justin Trosclair 1:04:14
Another great interview has ended. As I always say, I hope you listened critically think and implement something so that your practice life, family life can improve. This week, one hit you up with a few links today, if you’d like to know the top episodes of 2018 and 2017, or you just go to.net slash top 1718. And you can get a PDF of all those episodes, it’s like 22 of them. If you’re interested on any of the programs that I’ve actually been interviewed on, just go to net slash as heard on supply on as, as seen on you know, so as heard on, if you didn’t know, the needless acupuncture book sales page has been revamped. So it looks a lot better. You know, sometimes when you look at a web page, it doesn’t look like it’s put together will be like, Man, I’m not sure about this thing. But it’s been redone looks better. And also, if you have an Android device and you’re curious about it, you can actually download the same five protocols, blueprints, if you will, right there on your phone at the needless acupuncture app. And for less than $4, you can get the whole book on your phone from the Android Google Play Store. So just to check that out. The electric acupuncture pin is still available at a great rate, you can get it on its own or as a package, seeing it the book, The E pin, as well as the regular points. Now, some of the things that I’m recommending blueberry hosting, that’s who I use, I really like them a lot. I’m not gonna lie to you. Fiverr is where I get a lot of my music done my logos, I don’t know if you noticed on Facebook, I believe my picture is now a face with a bunch of words and just saw that real quick, was cheap. Wanna try that for a while it’s fun. Turtle pillow, it’s a travel pillow, it actually like an HP minute. So you can rest your neck and your chin on that. So you don’t get like the chicken Bob, where you you know, you sleep and you wake up really fast. And you know, those those U shaped ones, I just don’t think they work very well. So for me, it’s worked really well. I’ve traveled about 10 different countries with it across the, as they say really highly recommend that if you’re into instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, two options, you got hot grip. So that’s that’s hot grips, and also net slash edge, you can get tools there as well. But they also have way more than just tools they’ve got how to get to use Google Apps as your EMR blood flow restriction cuffs, there’s a lot of research on that device. And you can check that episode from the past, you can get an automatic 10% discount on all the products from the edge mobility equipment. One of the devices I use to to send out snippets of the podcast via picture and quotes from the text that I write on the show notes is missing letter, they just took all the last E and letter.com. Pretty much you know you can do a blast and two months, I don’t like five of emails or two months, I like to do nine emails over 12 months. So that person who was interviewed last month doesn’t just get lost, right? You know, so every day I have a new episode at a highlight and it’s all automated, really cool, definitely check it out. If you need to record your screen like screen cast or Matic also j lab audio speakers have said before I love them, it’s a great company and now I get to actually be an affiliate for them. So if you end up buying into their products, it’s like anything I get a little piece probably have like three or four different products. I mean, they just the battery life so longer sounds quality is amazing. And for the price that came live would have been. And of course the show notes anytime you see a book link by it comes to me. And that net slash t shirts will help us out. And lastly, again, something I don’t talk about too much. But you need coaching, whether it’s via the today’s choices, tomorrow’s health need some help with taking those small steps and accountability so that you can actually lose the weight or start exercising more or get your budget in order. Just let me know I can help with that. Also, if you just need some minor marketing coaching or things like that, I can help you out with that as well go to net slash support. And of course on there you can also buy the host a cup of coffee, or even more than that there’s different options available. So thanks for tuning in. And we’ll see you next week on the Minnesota.

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