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Calum McGuigan of Shape and Foster talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

4k to 4M in one business, Calum McGuigan now focuses on video and community based lifestyle development focused on 6 aspects of health. He does this with a site and app called Shape and Foster.

Scottish man, Calum McGuigan, moved to Canada to play Rugby, loved it so much he stayed, then started Fervent Events with $4000, hit Canada’s top 500 fastest growing companies, fast forward a decade it sold for 4 million, and now started Shape and Foster.

We spend some time talking about his event company. Really it is an In-store sampling, demonstrations for consumer electronics (phones) and food, pop-up shops and even food sampling in Costcos’. They would do all the logistics for set up, finding locations, staffing the events and more. After 9 years he started getting burned out and really questioning his WHY?

Why am I in this, do I want to keep creating events and promos for things that can make us sick like burger and fry restaurants?

How do you sell an event company in the middle of covid 2020 when everything is shutdown? Did it hurt the selling price to the point of backing out?

What can we learn from unicorn business acquisitions for companies that really haven’t even turned a profit, think Uber or companies bought out by Facebook.

Disclaimer: Yes, this episode’s interview is a paid sponsorship.

Shape & Foster

A 12 month journey to revamp your life from all angels. They have 6 experts delivering information and exercises (homework) in less than 20 minute videos each month. You have to finish the first month before consuming the next months information.

Actionable Insight

It’s a Lifestyle Development website and app covering mental health, fitness, nutrition, financial planning and life coaching plus live yoga classes. You should be able to watch these lessons and make changes, even small ones, into your life and over the course of a year see a better you.

Why is so much of Lifestyle Development so Retroactive?

As in, we start a gym when we are out of shape, we learn about mortgages and interest rates during the process of buying our first home. It’s kind of backwards so what happens if we can plan ahead and finally be proactive about our physical and mental health.

When promoting a paid membership app, how far out do you set goals and what do the goals look like?

There are no up-sells once you join the Shape and Foster app and the experts are not luring you off the program to sell you their stuff neither.

Calum does recommend and encourage signing up and paying for Shape and Foster via the website and to help out he is offering a 14 day Free Trial exclusive for web sign-ups (also the app store is more expensive than the web purchase).

We go over the details of how new months and material are unlocked. www.shapeandfoster.com

4 Part Marketing

be a podcast guest, digital social media, PR agency, and Lift Off (running ads on other apps that relate to your target audience)

Podcasts: Pat Flynn’s Podcast, Membership Guys and How I Built This

Family: Have 1 on 1 time with your wife and kids and friends and yourself.

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/170 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript

a doctors perspective e 170 shape and foster calum mcguigan lifestyle development
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Episode one hundred and seventy actionable insight into lifestyle development with shape foster justin chocolate and today. we’re kalem acquaintance. Respect twenty seventeen and eighteen podcast awards nominated host invest celie author on amazon as we get a behind the curtain. Look at all types of doctor. And guess specialties. Let a doctor’s perspective first episode of twenty twenty one today. We have a membership app about health and wellness in six different aspects. And we’re going to go through all of that on the show. As far as what does the membership cover. What kind of experts while you would use it potentially how this can be used for your patients especially if You know they need it. But it’s not really your expertise in some of these areas. This is a paid sponsorship. So that’s your disclaimer. And i got access to the site for some time before we jump into the interview. If you’re looking to get the word out your book or for your own app your own workout program or membership site etc. I do sponsorships. Sometimes whether it’s a thirty second or sixty second read as you’ve noticed this past year or a straight up sponsored episode if it fits the program and i think that it could benefit the audience. Then send me an email. Let’s talk also. You’re getting some benefit from these episodes from the minnesota especially the last week we put out five in that last week to get you prepared mentally and business wise for twenty twenty one visit a doctor’s perspective dot net slash support and everything from one time support monthly subscription support. Every dollar counts. If you’ve listened to more than one episode maybe just give a dollar try that all of this helps all the stuff costs money. It’s cost time so anyway. It’s really appreciated. I just use pay pile not patriot unlike a lot of people. Maybe there’s something i should look into but i don’t think so there’s also special bonuses if you go to the website you can get swag books etc based on the amount that you pledge. Well all the show notes and the transcripts can be found at a doctor’s perspective dot net slash one seven zero s pass guest who is unhappy that the transcripts have error for your show. Are your someone who just loves grammar. Would love to pay to get the transcript. Perfect feel free to send me that. Perfect that transcript as a as a gift and i can update that episodes. Transcript all right. That’s enough. let’s jump into today’s show. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain from germany and canada today on the show was pretty much our third week in a row that we’re going to have a foreign accent so i hope you like the scottish one and his isn’t bad. We’ve already talked with understand them. It’s okay i did. I did a conversation to a hotel. That was tough during kobe. Trying to see if. I can get a hotel room guys. It’s not as bad but anyway. He is an entrepreneur. He moved to canada back in six. He got married but he started. This company called fervent events in two thousand and nine eleven years later this year of all years. He sold it. It was on the candidate. A growth five hundred list twice reached four million in annual sales so this guy is able to grow a business and now he’s pivoted into this thing called shape and foster and as of january it is now alive. It’s got an app. It’s got a a web based part to it. They’re creating members in lifestyles with real mental health fitness nutrition financial planning life coaching. Even yoga really been avenue access to would have been working with it for a little while. It’s pretty sweet. Is very actionable. So i’m excited to have him on. And to learn about shaping foster in lifestyle development so without further ado please welcome column mcguigan. How’re you doing justin. That was an awesome intro. I really cute introduction yearly near that you must be. You must be reading a script over there. Did it come off to own. It was awesome. Thank you very much. The warm introduction really happy to be here and i’ll make sure that i speak quite slowly so that my my accent doesn’t tripped over an f. Should you have a large listener base in louisiana. They may not. You may not come across many people and very happy to be here into have an opportunity just to talk about my previous work history and what we’re doing with with shape and foster and part of you know hosting these shows when you know what you want to talk about is there’s the past and there’s my experience with with the software so i guess let’s just jump in because you had a successful business more million in annual sales doing evince talk a little bit about what was going on. Yeah so i started the business affairs advancement backbone and i’m from scotland.

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Does he said. I moved to canada in two thousand six and toronto ontario. It was only meant to be for four months. I came here to play rugby. Just loved the seti loved after the boat went home got parent came back and three years. Later i started my business. I went through like go. Impairment residents in canada. And and all that sort of stuff start my business in one nine fair from the vents. I started with four thousand dollars completely. Dropped like zito budget to in ads on craigslist dame. Making tons of code calls hondo a part-time job in a call center as i tried to launch this business. Yes completely bits drop damn. We went to the five hundred twenty candice fastest growing company less can’t as many low sorry forbes less so to speak and stow completely dropped. I sold the business in july of through. There’s twenty and german corbin which i can talk a little bit. I was stolen named sole shareholder so never never had to take on partners. Never had to take a loan from a bank. Cancel which i mean that. That is parole in hindsight one of the maybe wanna reasons. I did. Choose to sail. I think that the comes attainment as a solo prisoner. You’d probably grow to a certain level that it would be nice to have a partner and or anex jaw an extra couple of senior figures and room that can can take some of the the weight off your shoulders and for myself like i work industry for eleven years. I really enjoyed it for the first nine years and in the last two years. I can’t stop to join it. I just i stopped. Can i felt like what what what’s my purpose here. What impact my really have like a quick service. Restaurant comes to fair from events the five million dollar budget. We’re going to grab it and we’re gonna do that work but we’re going to be basically promoted stuffing burgers and fries. Don’t people’s throats like that doesn’t really make you feel good like we had an opportunity to massive tobacco company for example it was like twelve million dollars over the course of three years. It’d be a big piece of business for us. We didn’t win it. And how do we want it. Would i really enjoyed that work. So i started to kind of have a law besse last couple of years and covert debt and the whole industry events industry obviously went into hibernation stove can as right now and although the valuation of my company really decreased and i saw an opportunity just to to sail on exit because it would be a quick quick quick exit there is residual activity and the business at the either do but we had a law. Good pass history to go on. Get lots of clients loss of gray connection. So we’re still yeah. We were celica could acquisition for the larger company and we had multiple offers. Were very fortunate most offers. The obviously evaluation was a little bit lower bit enabled essentially was myself to sail gave a business. I kinda stopped enjoying and to start something new that i am. I have energy again. I have that buzz. You know like. I really really enjoy my work again. I enjoy what i’m trying to create and this that’s relatively well-shaven foster i believe will do very well and you get about it so well. Let’s go back just a little bit. I think there’s a lot of people’s dreams. Can i create something That can be bought out by a big corporation because you hear twitter by now. Some company worth a billion dollars. And you’re like wait. How much money did this company. Actually make totally. They still so it was say three hundred million for three hundred million but maybe they only made a million in sales. I know that’s just crazy stuff. Monastic wholesaler cohen. Bali lake the whole unicorn. Thing is like i can’t get my head around that i don’t understand how a business can ever sale is not profitable. I mean you’re looking. Somebody’s companies right now like uber. Even uber uber never never profited an any quarter as Constantly running a loss but has a massive valuation and there’s people in the tub. He can billions of dollars. So i don’t understand who i don’t get the economics of that because i would think uber is the top chain but i guess they’re hoping maybe like apple or google might buy them out and then there’s i don’t really get i don’t know i think i think that i feel the money is in the service of the software thing. The money is and the data like information equate with a customer base. And all that sort of stuff. But i mean i. I don’t really have enough knowledge to talk about atlanta by. Just it’s just an example like as well as well publicized.

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That number has not profited in any quarter but yeah they have a massive ’em evaluations really high. Yes fairburn advance. My company was tiny that was smaller than four million dollars. Nine we wear profitable we profit every single year so it was easy to sail but obviously during covert. It was a little bit more difficult. Because there’s a big asterix next to what the future holds usually when you sail a business. He on past revenue and over the course of the last two years however pasture avenue in covert means. It means nothing. It means absolutely nothing right now sam. No one’s looking at the past eras looking at what the potential is for the future so the buyers had to kenner forecast low and dam and make a bay. I guess in the end but what the company that purchased. they’re already. they’re already making money back. So it’s all good and what kind of stuff are you doing. he said something about burgers. Maybe tobacco evan. From food food’s like consumer consumer electronics mean we had we. We were not an events. Company recalled fair from the answer essentially end store in store sampling and demos pop up shops. All events like a hard staff all that stops a large client of ours. We worked with. It was in costco so we ended a fit sampling costco. Boy did all the product. Demos the code code shows sounds like a massive piece of business for alcohol sampling and liquor stores. What can we sail foreign. Companies for example to duly festivals and events like summer tours. Ozzy would ban the booths are you. Would we feel beautiful thing. We would come up with here. Here’s a leslie our client as john’s cell phone unless dressing and and we would see. Here’s thirty events and festivals in canada. That we think you guys should be out next year. Here’s a tool what -tendance all the rest of it. We’d like to have a twenty by ten booth at these. This is what the idea is in bringing people to. The birth is regard. Engage them. and we’re going to try and increase your your downloads on boy activists whoever it may maybe this whole thing and then we draw the of all the vents and source all equipment and all the transport. Anthony it was needed anything that was needed an android obviously staff as well so it was a big it was it was a big undertaking and then see did all the logistics and they just wrote checks out exactly i mean. They went to tender for for these opportunities at the had. And then they’d see there three or four proposals they receive back from different marketing agencies. And and hopefully win the business and we go from there spy loved it for nine years in the last two years we mean. We weren’t massive eight full time employees but in addition to that because the nature of our business is open store sampling. The lessor stuff we had like over a thousand part-timers on are on our roster so it’d be read some like months where like december for example christmas time we’d some months where or pedal was was pretty massive but yeah we’re we’re a small business for all pro very high level through the use of technology you’re able to do like geo chickens and and some remote place like you’re able to schedule people using the internet like everton you can do everything remotely no and it was that just stop being enjoyable for me now. Let’s see this c- switched into this shape and foster which again is A lifestyle community lifestyle development type of web as well as ap. It’s about the community. You can do you can message on the platform. And you’ve got these videos with six different modules. There’s a new a new video every month in each category. Very user friendly on the webpage that is well made it flows good when you’re the user experiences my good did you enjoy. Have you enjoyed it so far. You you’ve pretty good. Yeah i think so. I don’t know what you’re gonna expect like whatever interface you have is a little bit different. A newer style. But it’s it’s easy. It’s fun the videos are not like excessively long. They know what they’re doing and that’s the question to like. Where’d you get these people. And and how are they qualified to do all this stuff oh the video substantially like i mean for those that obviously have a chance to look up. Yeah so and foster. A lifestyle development app is also available and web browser. Same sleep. Pay for membership an entire. You’re taking on a twelve month journey of lifestyle development from sex experts. Each of who’ve kid eight courses specifically for shaping foster so as was just mentioned the sex experts. They’re essentially an eight is. the i believe. Important healthy heart healthy main fitness nutrition mental health life coach finance and yoga and then just as justin said every single fair days.

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New course material becomes available in the app so basically i hired sex experts to come up with unique programs. Just for shaping foster. Each of the the monthly betty. Oh as they’re made acceptable by each expert. Justin to your point all fifteen to twenty minutes because that is the kenna. That’s the team. Someone is going to really concentrate on a video. I mean there’s a reason at ted talks and average or eighteen minutes long because they’ve they’ve worked. The people aren’t going to stick around for longer than eighteen minutes. So the big thing that. I’m pushing the shape and foster as a lifestyle development up as it’s gonna take you on a journey over the course of twelve months. I can’t slower pace. It’s not like it’s not like consumed twenty hours of video and be your best ceo of in four weeks. That’s not what that says. This is consumed two hours of video every month for twelve months. So there’s a long tail. So i’ve idea but each one of these videos from sex experts. They’re going to pervade actionable and say that as a key. I’m going with here. Actionable and say something that you can enter into your daily life with immediate effect. Really i mean. I don’t know how much you’ve looked anybody was year. I mean i. I’ve done a few already month. One for example with mental health mental wellness professional tiny. Sova month one. She talks about the wine. Hove emotions how you have to drill down five times. She she recommends if you say something. So hypothetically and i’m just making up an example here. Your kid comes home late at leeann at your teenager. Control me in or something or after the medical home and really annoyed of it and you and you take something in them and then you ask yourself again. Why was really annoyed. And you ask yourself again. Why i was really annoyed and drove in deeper and deeper and deeper. And maybe you get down to that final point. You’re like well. God like my son’s socialized good for him but i don’t socialize. I don’t see my friends anymore. And the joe into that deeper sort of emotion as to why you’d annoyed pray pood- example but you get you get the idea so i’m watching this month one bedroom mental wellness and it and they’re right there. The drove down effect. It’s something i’ve already learned. Start to kim up to enter like f. I was to fill up. Savage is something. i’m. I’m trying to drill a bit deeper to why and because often it’s not the surface level. That’s not why why you’re or something something more than that and say is what this platform is all about. And it’s the same with nutrition. You look like the nutritionist. The month one videos with adjusted pipe nutritionist. Their amazingness like. Here’s what should be in your pantry. Here’s some basic tape was that you should have in your country. There are good for you. And then there’s another you like. Here’s a country that you can make from scratch. That is a nice healthy cutty. And it’s just let things that you can watch these videos in and you can put into your life quite easily without a crazy amount of effort in work but whenever you to develop and grow as a person so we have a. We have lots of work. From our fantas instructor loss of info from nutritionist mental health expert. The life course complicates the mental health. Thanks regular financial experts. Also we have light biweekly. Your guys well. The financial lady lady. Yeah was she. she’s fantastic. Yeah if you go through the video and you actually. You do the workout like another work. The worksheet yes. Yeah and take notes and have a plan for yourself like this isn’t going to be a twenty hour course like you said. Pay me four ninety nine. Get this awesome. Course you know you actually have to sit down take your time maybe carve out some time out of your week each day or whatever and go through some of these lessons and some of these projects that they want you to do. Then you’ll see like this is actually taking shape in your life. You’re totally right because even the workout guy. Yeah this is crazy. It wasn’t like p ninety x no utah has workouts are all work. He has on the throw twenty minutes. You can do them from home some workouts. You need like a lightweight farley. some dumbbells the majority that workouts just body we so you can do from the comfort. You don’t hold our gems ever ever reopen. We were chiropractors physical therapy a lot of the audience. This is like to me. Why invited you on as well was because when i was getting involved with i’m like okay. This is so that we could actually refer to our patients. If we’re like look we don’t really dabble in this stuff that much. I just want to do this but people ask these questions as. Here’s a resource an affordable resource that you can just go to and they have good information and you can make those changes on your own outside of this clinic without me having the expert on all of this stuff.

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Yeah exactly. that’s exactly. Yeah and like the way. The reason i came up with this this aptness idea. I mean i can’t even through my own development journey. The last couple of years. I started to work again and i started to watch a little bit more but it is still a big thing for me. I need to work on. And so i’m looking forward to work a lot of guys on sheep and foster gestion about bear starbucks prioritize and family more. You know drinking alcohol. I’ve gone on my own kin. Join the last couple of years. And i wanted to. I really enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed the development. Like feel good about myself. It feels good in a sunday to to not be hung over for example and to be at your one hundred percent best best for your for your kids like so i mean i go on with and and i thought why not continue this journey and other people would like to do something like this as well. What shape in foster started in my head and so much of lifestyle development is retroactive. Is crazy so much retroactive rate. Like you deal with you. Look a mortgage when you’re buying your first house that’s going to be the biggest investment your life and you’ll learn them at mortgages entries as your as your end market for your first home. It doesn’t make sense. You start going to the gym. at least i did. When you’re already shape. Utrition the same thing like i google anxiety. The i team ahead and attack. You know what i mean. What’s happening to me right now. My dine may maybe somebody who looks coach there. What is already feeling disjointed. Like all of this is retroactive. It makes no sense. So i’m trying to create here as as a proactive and vitamin like a community. That’s a little bit more proactive. That you just work on your ceo with through all of these different principles through the course of a year and yeah we’re working yourself so there’s a little bit easier than buying a bunch of books too much easier and obviously you really wanted to spend hours on youtube. I look for sex professionals yourself. Obviously i’m sure there and do it but it but it’s all in the one place everything here is in the one place is. The programs are designed by professionals. The experts have designed with the thought in maine that the member is going to be on a astronomy for one year. The special specially accumulated. I’m going to be the biggest cheerleader. By honestly. honestly. I think is awesome. I think it’s going to be brian. And hopefully and what people will get you say of it. Do you think that you’ll have to expand into different. I don’t wanna call them providers but the experts in the in the you to get new ones at some point. That’s a very interesting question. And it’s obviously with boat rate. No like we’re in our launch month in january and the only thing i’m really considered right now is as the next quarter is january to march. Can i get excellent a can. I get loss. Can i get excellent conversations and engaged members people watching the videos. That’s home thinking of every no comelec manno core three maybe like all your september is tame for me to start to think about what you’re to look sleek and maybe you’re too is completely different experts. Maybe it’s a sex people from different backgrounds. Or maybe it’s advancements on the programs that you’ve already been doing and one thing i want to just know as i talk about johnny in year one and year two. Sr stuff the way this is designed anybody can join any anytime and they start at the beginning so if a member joins in may or a member joins november beget simply get month one in me or month one in november. That’s host is so although it’s january right now if you’re lessons but if example thank oh messed messed my my opportunity to get three part of this. You can join right now and you’ll start just where you would have stars in janua because not fake scarcity here no no there’s not fake scarcity. Same the doors are always open. And the apple design deserve. Everyone starts that exact same point speaking of cells tactics Are they going to be a lot of up sales. When you’re in the app or these people trying to upsell their own program that they already have created absolutely not that under strict him. I was see it like mean party. Contract is essentially are like. This is about shape enforcer. it’s not about individuals in the individual. Experts are all business owners in their own rate or fantastic. Which i’m sure you can google and find them on your own exactly so should member really like you said you. Late should financial expert. If you’re really why to work with our one on one of course you can give her a call like known stuff not but no demand members of again up sewed once you pay your either monthly or annual fee is a flat fee.

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And there’s no more upscale and say it’s a one-size-fits-all approach you. The annual fee for the phone remembers january and february annual fee for years. Two hundred nine hundred thousand dollars. Usd or monthly twenty. Nine one thousand nine hundred. and what. I guess is access to all sex experts. So as a one-size-fits-all you can’t just select oily. Want to learn from to really want to learn from three. You get all of them for that for that one place and part of the reason i’ve done that is ’cause i think often what we’re looking for or what we need is is not. We’re we’re looking. Yeah you don’t even know it. You like i paid for. Let me watch you like whatever. That’s exactly that’s exactly it. I mean i think Heinous going to be interested in like some people may may come because the interested in a life coach and mental wellness and any may end up watching the financial deals because they’re there and they may be like catholic of possession. Right can actually invest. No you know. I mean investment. Show like there’s going to be loss of interest and let ’em stories. I think to two members usage and walk brought them into the app and then the actually ended up getting off in the long term. What about community is going to be accountability and notice like you make comments and things but is that gonna be a big part of it like there’s gonna be some kind of challenges or something like that and you can check in or there’s challenges community as a massive part of what it’s all about like i am. I’m the motivation in scotland. I recently everybody in our local italian a played rugby my whole life like rugby teams like you just become best friends immediately a massive on community so social media sorted community aspect to as you can see where you can. You can manage people. You can comment on things. You can like their all of that. So that’s that community aspect. As far as a coach goes all the videos are are essentially tame monitored so you can only actually move onto like month to month ones video. Yeah so so unlocks tube unlocks one bedroom. Lock every thirty days and number. Two is the unlock when you’ve watched the previous months okay. So that’s where that cone ability comes. And so if you were to purchase a membership for a year hypothetically and you just cannot sarah in your hands for two months never never really used it and you picked up and you start to get used to wash all month one and month videos before you can start monthly now. Are you gonna put in a speed changer in the videos whether you mean speech i like my stuff at one point five to one point eight speed when i listen to people all interest and no we don’t we don’t have we don’t have that unfortunately but that’s an interesting point. I joked because actually when i’d use my web browser. I had an extension on fire fox that i can speed up anything to whatever speed i wanted to like. I’m always going faster than i need to. Because i just i trained my ear likes in our lives to my podcast with you on it later because you are talking slower. I’d probably have at least one point. Eight a challenge people in general. If you like podcast and it’s not a game. Like how many podcasts. Gonna listen to but something. I don’t have time to this or only have a twenty minute commute. You’d be surprised if you crank it up to one point three after a day or two are a couple of hours the and you can go to one five in one seven and he was like. Oh my gosh why people talk so slow so funny. Because i’ve had i’ve had the opposite the opposite experience so that that’s funny. That is not considered. Maybe as something that should do. I hadn’t experienced but when i started listening to podcasts. I only really started properly. Lesson employed custody started colbert and a law. That was as i was trying to get like like foster. This idea of shape and foster was less to laws business. Podcast leftover unless the hundreds of hours of podcast. When i first started less than one day. I was walking. I was listen to podcasts. Jamie fox it was on it. And i was like holy like he talks fast. Jamie foxx talks fast. And i i was literally league. Kevin was like a sec. Sec listening here talks fast. It’s crazy and reformed was in my pocket. Never anthony audit it was just. It was honestly like bizarre. I was like. I haven’t on his. It attack your. What’s going anyway. Went home told my wafer was like oh unless jamie foxx podcast. Jesus he talks fast. It was crazy. It was hard to keep up so unsworn and she was like you probably like press. The one point five of the two x speed and i looked to my phone and obviously my pocket at presley to exhibition. So that’s like one hour thing and if funny thing about it was a short interview the funniest thing of it like would i walked and is usually i was walking davis the humanitarian minutes back.

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And if the podcast ended like half we bike and still really click. I was like oh. It’s a new. Tim ferriss this. Is julie long time. usually it was. It was funny and hey and say it was funny but oh man. I can’t do one point to the year. Five coby coby normal speed. You’re not alone. I tell this the people and sometimes they look at me too. I’m like look you know especially in germany. That hard enough time listening to me talk Taking you slow it down. And i’m like i’m not saying for you guys. I’m saying for listen to a like my wife she. She’s figured it out to chinese podcasts. So she’s kinda funny. It’s like man that’s fast because oh it’s faster. Yeah that’s why if you’re a very nice way. So we got the gist of sheep and foster. What’s the webpage. It said shape and foster dot com. So if you go directly to shape in foster dot com you can get a fourteen day. Trial i mean. I don’t want anyone coming in and pinup from and it’s not for them. So you know. Try before you buy come in and have fourteen days. I’m not sure that if you commend community you’ll really like resolve vote that were given away like a fourteen day trial. I direct everyone to go to the webpage just to you know if you go directly to the app store because apple takes a theory percent of every purchase and so the app is actually if you were to purchase it through. The app store is going to be fairly percent more expensive. We had we had to mark up. just cut. that cost there. But if you go to go shaven foster dot com you get it for two hundred. Nineteen or twenty thousand nine hundred nine per month and you can dangerous stay with the app and you log normally so i’ll high court kenneth save some money absolutely love that okay so it wouldn’t be a doctor perspective podcast without the following last section. What kind of marketing or you doing is it. Just a bunch of podcast. Like what are you doing. Always say let’s try to learn something from somebody else. Yeah and maybe we can implement what are you to do. How are you getting the word out. So i’ve got four different strategies. I’m using podcast is one. I think podcast is going to be a podcast. Is the most fun like it’s nice to talk to people like yourself. In so many different people were podcast one. You can reach different people and obviously digital ads on facebook and instagram of that digital ads. Okay yeah just wide advice. And obviously and i have a pr agency as well an the last one which is cana and dressed in it sam. We’re used accompany code left off and what they specialize in is a programmatic ad buying and sade other apps. So so it’s interesting so if somebody is on so they have this whole machine. Basically the understands audiences of people there are using what they like. What other of lauded all that sort of stuff. Similar today coface become noses audience basically left off just knows abusers video and then the advertising to europe to the it up to people in the rest of the app store thing so so that’s four things that’s going to be five or six weeks with philly understand what it is and the costly the money it does cost. But it takes you have to. You have to jump in for five to six weeks minimum for for their machines to undertake when he called machine learning. Basically the monitor. Everyone that you’re up or or years you’re up and over the course of time they start to catch up run algorithms that create lake lake audiences that they can target and the up. What there are like people are using it up right because if you saw me using shape and foster and then i went to overcast. And then i went to one note and then race book or some random. Intermittent fasting after like a lot of other people are doing this too. So what are the top. Intermittent fasting apps that run on ads. Here we go yeah. It’s crazy it’s so our app itself. It’s ironic because shape and foster those. There’s no odds in new algorithms there’s zito advocates and say does you’ve probably seen and there never will be is purely a place to go and find what you’re looking for what the app is all about. Ironically we will be advertising on on other apps as less ironic and more like a good business per tragedy to me all right so any books are podcasts or nerve resources that you think are going to be pretty good in your journey or someone else’s journey in the business world. Yeah i mean. I just listen to like you’ve probably had all of them like smart passive income. The with pat flynn. I loved us agree. Podcast highway built. This is a good one is an awesome podcast with garros l. Listen to podcast. Called the membership gives membership websites.

00:35:02 – 00:40:00

Nothing nothing crazy. Smart passive income was probably my favorite. Just because the you can listen to the the the services. I’m using like convert. I wish like an email strategy big. Yeah automation i learned about convert through smart positive income like earn abo- tools that you can use your own business from listening to some entrepreneurs have adopted to themselves. You know i heard somebody else mentioned the membership guys before because there’s lots of platforms that you can use and if you’re on a facebook group wow there’s so many options so just a pick platform and how to get more users and keep them engaged because a lot of people buy stuff and they don’t even use it in a way that’s nice but at the same time that’s not what it’s not the purpose the purpose oil change people’s lives and not even going to watch the videos ventures they might want their money back and they’re like well i don’t wanna do it again because even use it the first time you use it of course roaming again like for me. I hope that as far as shaved foster goes fourteen day. Free trial will alleviate that i would much rather have one hundred people come in the app that want to be there and stay than one thousand people come in the app. Five hundred leave on five hundred eighty eight but they never actually use it. I would have that. One hundred are active because community is a big part of. it’s the conversations are going in there. The we have live interviews also every two weeks. We interview one. experts live. And if you missed that live interview it’ll be to corded and say the you can watch it and say apple lear date so we want to have members are participating in all this stuff right and last final fun question. You’re married to have a spouse of some sort yet mahdi to catch two sons nine month old boy and a four year old boy. All right what can we do to keep our marriage and our kids happy and all of that. That’s funny Well i think that’s your trick. The trick is much more difficult during covid. I think any marriage like or any personal happier any happiness like the trick is to have one on one time one time your wife how teams a family tame your friends. You know what i mean. I’ll sell the team to yourself. So there’s four those four thanks to manage their rate and you know it’s tough but i think they have one of those completely falls away or as just like not not can have some. I think that that’s when it starts to be a bad one happiness and you’re your own life which made your house right. Yeah a lot of moms. Had this experience where they given the given the give and then they start burning out because they don’t take care of themselves totally and they have a very low patients with you with with the kid and everything and soon as they start taking care of themselves again that you know the family kinda comes back together or whatever so yeah i think i mean if you think you and having time to yourself. Maybe it’s only a few hours every couple of days. I went to gym today. For example i was taking sale was fantastic but equally you have to also try and the most difficult thing i think is tame your friends like that. That’s really falls away but you need to catch your friends known as well rate. It’s all equally important. You can’t you. Can’t have like a seesaw. Four way see-saw carefully balance. I think that’s a good answer. This it column. I really appreciate you being on the show given us some good information i think from the beginning of the interview talking about business an events to me. That was really fun. That’s one of the some of those questions i’m like. Oh this is. I just love to ask those kinds of questions experiencing what someone else has made money doing four million dollars. Imagine if it wasn’t cova couldn’t even more like who knows but anyways shape and foster. Like i said i like the app. I like the web portion of it videos have been good user interfaces great so i really do hope that this will be a beneficial Alley for you to gain some users. Get some trials shape and foster dot com. Is the web page. Thank you very much really appreciate you have you on the show. It’s been lots of fun. Nice meeting you and look forward to listen to to what your shows thank man. Another great interview has ended. While you’re on your phone. Click that review but right up a nice review for me five stars if you could as everyone says an industry. It’ll help other people to find this when we have enough rankings not to mention i’ll mention you and your review on coming episode if you follow me at all on instagram you only get one link. So i use a link tree and so it’s a doctor’s perspective dot net slash links with an s. And that’s going to give you everything you need to know the top episodes of twenty seventeen in two thousand eighteen podiatrist series. Dennis acupuncture series holiday 2017 financial series. How to write a review how to support the show like buying a cup of coffee getting swag t shirts. The today’s choices tomorrow’s health book.

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