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a doctors perspective e 162 suicide frank king comedian
Frank King talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

What is suicide and how can we approach it? Frank King does it with humor and landed 5 TedX events helping us understand what we can do to help.

What is generational suicide?
It’s suggested that a 1/3rd of business entrepreneurs are depressed and suicidal. (Could be from long hours, little sleep and unmet expectations.
Are entrepreneurs more likely to have a mental illness?

Talk about Robin Williams/ Kate Spade/ Anthony Bourdan and a few of the other big names that have done overdoses or suicide. A common theme could be: I can quit my job, pursue my dream, if I make it great and if I don’t succeed, I can always kill myself.

What is a good supplement to help with these mood disorders (samE)?

Signs of Depression

Not enjoying the things they used to, sleep all day, to tired to wake up but rally in the afternoon, personal hygiene is a mess even for a skype and zoom meeting.

Are you depressed? Are you having thoughts of suicide? Do you have a plan? If they don’t answer look for the signs: giving away their possessions, suddenly happy, google or talking about death, giving away pets.

What is a Welfare Check done by police?

He also goes over how to get free services if you can’t afford counseling and what is a sliding scale based on your income style.

Book: NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness for free help

free, guts grit and the grind Guts Grit and The Grind 1 and Guts Grit and The Grind 2

8/10 suicide are men, 3x as many women try
Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/162 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

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E 162 Lessons on Suicide Frank King

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Episode 162 lessons on suicide. I’m your host. Dr. Justin trosclair Thursday with her Frank Kings perspective start 2017 and 18 podcast award-nominated host and best-selling author on Amazon as we get a behind the curtain look at all types of doctor and get Specialties. Let’s here’s a doctor’s perspective. Welcome back to the show Halloween month off of that autumn leaves are changing and guess what else can change the way you present yourself to other doctors for referrals whether you’re a PT or a chiro looking to get some referral from medical doctor. Maybe you’re looking to do a podcast guest beef up your resume in that area or local speaking gigs whether it’s chamber b&i or workshop with a dog. Big Corporation. What are you going to send these people so that they actually return your email or if you go to the office and you give them something. What are you going to do a tri-fold brochure? I sure hope not it’s 2020. So one sheets. It’s a one-page. It’s concise. It’s a quick bio relevant to being a speaker or a referral partner of your keynote topics examples of how you’re awesome news and testimonials your social media contacts, you’re you know, webpages all of that stuff in a pretty layout. That’s what I do but doing it took a little while the side. Okay. Let me start mention it on the podcast. I can go to a doctor’s perspective. Net / one sheet. Look at some samples and it’s affordable. I’m not charging five hundred or even four hundred bucks for these things which you would pay if you went to a dedicated maybe graduated graphic designer, but the quality is still there. Just take a look. All right. So anyway today Is a tough topic but our guy is actually a comedian who deals with Suicidal Tendencies and depression and things. So we’re going to cover as a doctor. What are we going to look for a month? What can we do about it? Some great resources and we’ll even discuss people like Kate Spade Anthony Borden. How do they people that seem to have it all end up killing themselves? What’s up with that will also give you some resources for your patience. If they need free help or like a sliding scale and the ways that we can like say like we can approach this delicately if they’re depressed and know that they are loved that Tootsie cares and hopefully get the help that they need. He was escaping Oregon’s fires. So his cellphone was a little clicky here and there so just be aware of that and yeah, like I said, he does comedy about mental health and suicide is a tough subject. So it’s kind of nice to be able to soften it with some humor involved. So stay tuned a doctor’s perspective. Net worth. Two is where you find the show notes and transcript. Let’s go. Hashtag behind the curtain. Live from Germany in Oregon today on the show. We have got a great guest. He’s called the mental health comedian and so he’s comedian but he also has a serious message to bring its about depression and suicide and you can catch them all the social media. He’s a funny guy. Even on YouTube. So please welcome to the show Frank King. Hey guys. Well Germany. Yeah. We’re not too worried about those fires over here. So could you please send Angela Merkel Angela Merkel over to run things over here? That’d be really nice. Yeah. That’s what I hear. She’s she’s they love her here. She same that’s all I’m asking. She’s smarter than I am. That’s all I really wanted to president smarter than I am. I said well I was you know watching some of your YouTube things. You’re Ted x 5 x tedx y’all five times and it’s really it’s a really powerful storm having a pretty good career having a lot of comedy shows and then the recession hit and then boom the bottom falls out it no money life is stressed out and not to take away your whole story, but he has a family of depression and suicide. I think your mom and your aunt or something like that. It’s called generational depression and suicide pact grandmother died by Suicide. My mother found her. My great aunt died by Suicide my mother and I found I was four years old ice cream for days and in 2010 by the recession speaking business dropped off 80% overnight lost everything in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and that’s when I learned with the barrel of my gun tasted like yes. Spoiler alert, I didn’t pull the tricks get spoiled. Yeah, a friend of mine came up to me after I said that a keynote. He never heard me say that and he said and I quote.

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Hey, man, how come he didn’t pull the trigger I go. Hey, baby to try to sound a little less disappointed. What do you say, you know? All right. Well, I guess you fell that one more thing that’s messed up with a failed suicide know that I’ve got into Queens actually shot himself in the heart and he first when he woke up the first thing he thought was man, I’m such a loser. I can’t even kill myself here the dark humor. Okay people who’s got a little dark humor. Okay, we’re going to take a turn here. Oh, yeah, right what your listeners don’t know is we were evacuated. I’m in Oregon. There’s wildfires all over the place. There’s a wildfire right now about a mile and a quarter from our house and fortunately the wind died down to one mile an hour humidity is up in the 80% range. So that’s the cooler and so hopefully and Thursday, And 375 National Guard troops all trained to Wildfire management tomorrow. So it looks like the house will survive but on Tuesday. I’m at the doctor my cardiologist, heart issues as well. And there’s three levels level one is get ready level two is get set level three is go now don’t pack anything just go. So that’s cardiologist and off we were at a level one when I left home and then they jumped at 3 when I go into too so I had to bag the appointment with the cardiologist getting the car drive 25 minutes home into into level three, which is Jose wrong way don’t pack don’t don’t take the pads. I’m like that angle happen cuz we have a we had eleven cats at the house. And so I’m not leaving don’t like the Marine Corps. I don’t leave anybody behind and so I have a whole new respect for the term herding cats. Just get in just no Yeah, I got all 11-11-11. I’m in carriers in the car and we took off and fortunately we didn’t have to drive through fire or anything, but I did get him to to a dog or cat rescue friend of mine runs and she said I’ll take him in that’s fine. So hopefully it rains and then that’ll be a huge benefit. Yeah, there’s a chance of rain on Monday and Tuesday and temperatures are going to go down now which helps with firefighting and so we’re hoping knock wood. And of course a National Guard troops are going to be that’s been triple the size of the force fighting the fires. So yeah, we’re hoping here’s here’s the Pac-Man. I’m scheduling next week to close on a mortgage refi and 2.99% and I called my mortgage broker and I said, hey, man, listen, if the title company doesn’t ask. Do I have to tell them that burned to the ground do I have enough insurance to cover a rebuild? This would be great. Yeah. Yeah, oh my God. Anyway. Yeah, he goes man. If it burns you’re going to have to tell them is gone. I said, okay. Yeah, maybe have to move his moving a chance. Like can you move to another state or something for now off? You know, Oregon overall one of the reasons my in-laws moved to Oregon and we’re living in the house and my wife grew up in one of the reasons they moved to Oregon was in terms of natural disasters at the time very few jobs, Oregon. They don’t get hurricanes. You don’t get tornadoes up until this year or last couple of years. They didn’t have any life-threatening fires. There is a Cascade fault. So the chance of an earthquake, but if you look at the United States, it’s it’s one of the places where the the fewest natural disasters October. Wow. Well I had heard was one of The Office cast I guess but I had heard California. The reason why they have so many fires as they’ve they stopped doing natural burns are controlled Burns and stuff like that. And so when they have a fire just gets out of control. Well, what happened was the reason is so bad. This this season is there was a a like a four or five-year drought it killed a great number of trees. So what’s happened is the girl just stand there, you know, they’re just firewood standing up. And so even though the drought was broken last year, you know, the reservoirs are full. They’re still the dead trees. And so that’s why it’s just yeah, we were living in Northern California in the Sierras and one of the reasons we left there and came to the Northwest was because they totally be in the summertime sleepy do windows open just scream make sure you have the dog crates and all the animal crates ready a bag packed If You Smell Smoke Don’t Look Back get out. That sounds paranoid. That’s that’s a tough life right there. Yeah. Well, you know the Paradise in Northern California not far from where we live entire town two years ago, I guess burned to the ground and so it’s just, you know, it’s just a bad situation in the Cirrus beautiful, but you know, yep. Are dangerous so bad then of course my wife got chased by a mountain lion. So it another reason to leave but yes, that’s why we went to Northwestern, you know, Pacific Northwest that had been burned down well off of this week. It’ll get better my goodness. Hang in there. Yeah. I’m sure well normally this time of year started to rain, you know, we thought we dodged the bullet when it got to be Labor Day.

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Wow, that’s another summer no fire and all of a sudden there’s this like 50 mile an hour gust power poles knocked down and that’s what sparked the what is not much you can do about that my goodness know. Well, you know, what is my wife said how come they don’t put those things underground while because the cost like four times as much to put them under ground, but they may consider that now that payment in the mountains to that’s going to be even more crazy. Yeah, and you know, California wage because the power lines above ground they’ve cut power like a hundred seventy-five thousand people in anticipation of something like that happen to keep the you know, fired a yeah. So anyway, German is looking pretty yeah, you have said that to Thursday. 2020 it’s a good place to be. I’m an American so it’s just I live here. Yeah, the question is why are you in Germany at this point? Why are you there? It can’t be the poor girl. I’m a chiropractor. I was working over here in Cologne and just everything just dodged got out of China went to America for a few months and then boom Germany and Corona hit like full force. So we were just so lucky to get a job in Europe for for the time being tell you. Yeah, cuz we’re getting you know Thirty forty thousand new cases a day here and I think in Germany and in Europe, they’re picking like a hundred two hundred three hundred new cases. Yeah, I think was it Italy Italy or Spain? There was some place it was bad. They were like, yeah the whole city the whole city state country. Whatever was just walk down. You couldn’t leave your house for like two or three weeks, but they had to because there’s so many people getting sick. But I mean they’ve that helped to control the spread cuz we’re open now you can fly and stuff in Europe. It’s 5 a.m. Yeah, I mean I don’t want to but it’s not Justin. We’re not just barely dropped know we have masks mandates. It’s a hundred and fifty Euro fine. If you get on the Subways are any Trash mean without your mask. Yeah. Oh the almighty dollar will make you wear a mask. Well in here in Oregon the governor passed some kind of executive order. You can’t go into a store or whatever without the mask on which that’s what we’ve been doing. It’s not that bad. I’ve seen some made from Afghan scarf. You’re like, okay. Yeah. I actually ordered a clear pact one should be here next week. So the people can see me smile, you know, cuz as a comic facial expressions a big deal and you know, it’s and the communication facial expressions are a big deal. I thought a clear one with a temple filter. Yeah. I mean as a doctor trying to build rapport with new people like oh that was a joke. You can’t see my smile. Sorry. Yeah read my squinty eyes for a moment but wage. Anyway, so brass tacks. Here we go. Yes, depression suicide and to start it. I was listening to something. You said it seemed like there’s some big-name entrepreneurial Kate Spade Anthony Boden. I’m sure tons of other ones that potentially have these mental illnesses that have become an entrepreneur because they have nothing else to lose. What’s that about? That was my third know my fourth Ted X. Called suicide The Secret of My Success. I was living in California San Diego married to my high school sweetheart a lovely woman Belong Together are selling insurance, which is a great business but not for me and because my first wife didn’t like the idea of me doing Santa by wouldn’t going to open mic was you know where I thought I belong and then hit me that I was depressing saddle if I didn’t change something sooner rather than later. I was going to kill myself. So my second thought was I could divorce my wife quit my job and insurance try comedy if it works great. If it doesn’t I can still kill myself. So with that song Find and having spoken to a number of entrepreneurs and entertainers had a similar thought process. I read several studies instead of third of entrepreneurs are depressed and suicidal and I think I heard the clinicians who did this off the other conditions who did the surveys believe it has a lot to do with little sleep long hours and unmet expectations. But I believe that a slice of that is significant slice of the number. I’m not depressed and suicidal because they are entrepreneurs. They’re like me they are entrepreneurs because in fact they were depressed and suicidal. I believe Anthony Bourdain. His biggest passion was was foolish his folks took him to France and there’s eight years old and he fell in love with food and all through high school. He worked at a restaurant and he was a Vassar really great college, but working two jobs and two restaurants at the time and my get any answer some underlying mental health issues. You were self-medicating sitting there bus boys out to buy crack form. Yeah. I mean, he made no bones about the fact he had substance issues, but my guess is dead. Second year of thirty whatever year he was at Vassar probably a good major probably making good grades, but I’m guessing thought to himself, you know, this great Collins are going to Great major but this is really not where I belong. I should be doing one area I should and then realize maybe that you know, I’m suicidal I if I don’t pursue culinary I’m going to kill myself.

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So there’s that thought process or what the heck I quit bashing The Culinary Institute if it works great. If it doesn’t I can still kill myself Kate Spade was the she’d worked her way up at Vanity Fair magazine to the head of these accessories department and I mean a big job. Yeah. My guess is she had underlying mental illness untreated except, you know, self-medicated. My guess is she thought to herself, you know, I’m not supposed to be reviewing other people Fashions back on and I’m supposed to have my own fashion line and maybe she had the same thought I did, you know, if I don’t change something and pursued my dream. I’m going to kill myself what the heck I can back and try establish my own fashion line, which course you did if it off. Right of it doesn’t kill myself. So that was the impetus for my tedx people with mental illness often times. I believe see connections were other people don’t and so I saw I saw all this all I fell together in my head and I thought well and I’ve got a comedian friend a woman which at Monday. She was Frank you want another story the real story of how I got started why I got started in, did go sure she goes really dark I go off. She goes. Well, I’m working for an association in D C, Washington DC good job good benefits, but my only the joy is twice a week during open mic night open open mic comedy night and she goes I got to the point where I thought you know, it’s great. But if I don’t I don’t pursue comedy. I’m going to kill myself same thought process. Wait a minute. I can quit the association. Try, divorce rate. If it doesn’t kill my wife, she’s telling me the story she goes home. So I thought like let me finish your thought you thought you’re suicidal. You could quit the association try comedy if it works great. If it doesn’t you still kill yourself so she goes, how do you know that honey nob? I lived that right so I believe oftentimes entrepreneurs some of that third probably are entrepreneurs because they were depressed and suicidal feeling like they’re living in somebody else’s life. And if they don’t do something and the good news, they’re just it is the power of that is is if you’re going to die, you know, you make the change you really got nothing to lose you can put it all on one roll the dice and if it works great if it doesn’t well, you know still curious and and by the way, I have what’s called chronic suicidal ideation meaning for me off and people like me and my tribe the options suicides always on the menu as a solution for problems large and small and the example I give is a couple of years ago my car broke down the car. I’m sitting it and I had three thoughts immediately unbidden get effects buy a new one or I could just kill myself. That’s how it’s always a solution and you know at the beginning I told the story about going back into the fire zone level 3 worth You guys like get out now to get the cats a friend of mine said, you know, you could have burned up in there. And I said no no, no, you forgot my superpower. I’m willing to pull the trigger any time. I am capable. I said the exit row window see the plane essentially. I’m willing to open the exit and go anytime. So I would have never died in a fire. They would have found me dead cuz you know, I’m willing they would have found a bullet in my head is what they would have found cuz I’m not that so actually gave me the courage to go back in time. Look I’ma can’t leave the cat’s If I Die Trying that’s fine, but I can’t live with leaving the cash behind that if the Fire gets do close. I’ve got a 380 cold pocket of life with Hydra-Shok. Hollow points one of those and there’s no coming back. So fortunately fortunately I didn’t have to put again spoiler alert. I didn’t pull the trigger in the cats. I’ve done stood me up. I can’t believe yeah, son of a gun way committed suicide. Oh, yeah my dog ate my homework like a story with someone like yourself who you know has that on their back burner at all times. Is there a therapy that you have to go to 4 to to keep those thoughts in check is there pills that you can take for the depression or bipolar or something like that to kind of kick you out of yeah, maybe I can do this. Yeah, so you don’t get so yeah, I didn’t take anything except a supplement call. Sammy Sam E is good on multiple births in the morning on an empty stomach good all mild depression. And that that took me till I was sixty and my wife was your 60s a doctor for something. That’s okay fine. So he goes, why do you want another prescence next week? We’re going to lock you up for a month. Yeah, cuz that’s the thing and I sent you get like now for telling you’re not everything except kill yourself in America. Yeah, so I told him the story about the car get it fixed by noon. I could kill myself and man. He grabbed his prescription pad so fast and he wrote me a script for what’s called Wellbutrin and and about half the people who take it Love at the other half cancel. It didn’t work for it. It works for me right off the bat three weeks and my wife noticed the difference of my personality and two weeks.

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We didn’t say anything third week Justin. I had this thought unbidden wage. I like my life. Was this me. I’ve got a good light. I’ve got a good life anyway, but I hadn’t had that thought since high school and my second thought was why did I wait so long to take these pills? So they it’s called major depressive disorder. It’s like a wheel with a flat spot on it. It lasts anywhere from two days to two weeks. Mine last fifty days wage workers like a like a wheel with a flashing light that keeps coming up with the medication is longer time between the incident and the the time that I’m down is short but you recognize that it’s happening. Yeah, and and I’ve had it for so long it’s not pleasant, but it’s certainly survivable. Okay, and and because off The Chronic suicidal ideation every time I smoke except once I tell my story about the car and people somebody at least one person every time I’ve spoken except once it’s come up after midnight city is like well do some general Q&A and if you got a question you want to ask U don’t asking for an everybody I’ll hang out from the half an hour answer individual questions and one person at least. Yep. Time except one show has come up and they’ve got chronic suicidal ideation. They didn’t know it had a name. They thought there some kind of freak and a young woman came up to me afterwards a college show and goes off enjoyed it, but you made me weep I could how to make You Weep. She goes, you know your story about the car, you know, get it fixed by noon just kill yourself because I’ve been having those thoughts all my life. I didn’t know it had a name. I thought I was some kind of freak and when I heard you say that out loud because I realized the first time in my life that I’m not in fact alone and I well so that’s what keeps me alive Justin. I’m sort of like I feel like I’m sort of like George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life. I’ve kind of been shown what people’s lives would be like if I weren’t there to speak and and and reassure them that they’re not alone. So if I kill myself I would end up taking all those people with that’s one thing before you go tips and know if someone’s thinking about it if there are signs that we can look at it as and then what we can do with it. Like hey, I’m talking about it. I have a plan of some sort of like what do we you know, how do we stop that? Because you know, my thought would be like, hey, you got a family you guys kids you gotta wife. Don’t be so selfish. Are you crazy? And obviously those are things you probably shouldn’t say no as a matter of fact you get so much to live for. Yeah, let’s talk about depression signs of depression. These are not an exhaustive list, but some of the bigger ones home eat too much candy or sleep too much can’t sleep has trouble getting up in the morning, but then rallies in the afternoon not taking an interest in social activities these to take a great deal of interest is called I seem to begin an isolate and here’s one you can notice even on zoo is they left their personal hygiene Go. I mean there’s umm casual or Skype casual and then there’s oh my God, your hair’s not clean. The clothes look dead. Because they can’t drag themselves out of bed to get to the bathroom to shave or run OverWatch so that if you think somebody’s depressed you flat out ask them. Are you depressed and if they say yes, then your next question is are you having thoughts of suicide and you have to ask that question? If you can’t do it yourself find somebody you can ask that question just like that. Now let’s say they’re not forthcoming. They don’t tell you I am it. They’re having thoughts of suicide how would you know well talking about death and dying Googling death and dying doesn’t dying up here since I’ve seen in their artwork their music that writing, of course Gathering the means of our weapon give you their Affairs in order especially giving away prized possessions. They want to make sure they go to the people they want them to go to when they’re gone. And and if the prized possession happens to be a pet that’s the top of the pyramid in terms of dangerous. There’s a counter-intuitive sign that’s extremely dangerous, which is they’ve been depressed forever it seems and now all of a sudden no reason they’re happy beyond ma’am. Hmm, you’re happy cuz they’re happy finally. Well, the problem is they may be happy because they’ve chosen time place and Method and they realize the pain is finite because people often say to me why would so and so why would Kate Spade with everything to live for you know die by Suicide want you want to kill herself and chances are she did not want to kill herself chances are she simply wanted to end off the pain which is hard for us to think about like life. Is that hard you have that much pain all day every day. Like what’s wrong with you? Yeah, exactly. Well, I’ve said, you know, if if the Vulcan mind-meld was a guy thing, I wish it was because if you and I are together and I’m in I’m circling down, you know in depression if you could put your hand on my head and I put my hand on your head and you can get in there for about five minutes. You would come out screaming an athlete here. No, no not leave a sports talking head Skip Bayless.

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The guy’s name on ESPN said something about dead. An NFL athlete who came out as depressed and suicidal and he said, you know, the guys are quarterback. He’s the leader of the team. He’s not supposed to give voice to those emotions, you know, he’s being wage and not a good leader. Yeah, I mean I got to tell you the most resilient people I know are my mentally ill friends have thoughts of suicide. Cuz if they didn’t if they weren’t resilient, they wouldn’t still be here. It’s not a matter of of wage drink one of the regards to your politics. One of the things that Trump said that just sent me around the band was he was telling my PTSD he goes, you know soldiers who are strong and come back from a war zone. Don’t get. Because they’re strong. Hold on. It’s not about strength. So let’s say you’ve noticed those signs of suicide. You ask them flat-out. Are you having thought suicide if they say? Yes, you say do you have a plan and if they have a plan what is your plan if it’s detailed then you try to get them on the phone with the suicide prevention Lifeline or now, they’re text lines for younger people and if you’re with them physically and they don’t want to get on the phone with the lifeline you pick up the phone you call the lifeline the volunteer. I’ll try to talk the phone into the hand of the person who’s struggling. Do you ever call the police? It’s well if they’re an immediate danger to themselves or somebody else you got no choice, but to call the police now there may be wrong. By listening to the podcast who thinks well, I’m not physically there where they are, you know, the social business thing. I my my roommate from college I’m reading this Facebook post nervous. They’re dangerous. Sounds like I’m yeah, I’m nervous about things in the timeline. So I would I would go and look and sure enough dangerous signal and they said what should I do? And I said, well it’s not going to make the person happy. But you need to if you know their physical address you call the police and their town you say look, I’m really worried about my college roommate from stuff. He’s posting on Facebook. I believe he’s suicidal would you go by and do a welfare check so they’ll go by now if he is actively suicidal terrorists are they’re going to arrest him take him in front of a judge and and seek an idea and involuntary detention order for 72 hours off in a lovely mental health gated community with no shoe strings or Belton, so you’re probably going to get unfriended. Yeah on Facebook, but but the guys alive, so that’s Wednesday. The police involved, you know rather not do that if at all possible because you know three days in a mental health facility for some people that’s all they need to snap back. Just that rest. But some people are going to be furious one of my past guests. I don’t remember her answer and had to go back but I was actually like, why are we allowed to do anything except kill herself? Why aren’t we allowed to do that? Well, there is a there is an argument here in the US may be around the world. This. Whose Life Is It Anyway who are you to tell me that I can’t in that cannot in my life. I mean that would definitely negatively affect people in your life. But yeah, they’ve been collateral damage but let’s say you were single and there were you know, they were not going to leave behind any collateral damage family or whatever now there’s another myth that people say well it’s such a selfish act well, but you don’t understand is in the mind of the person is thinking about suicide. It’s actually a selfless act because one of the symptoms of suicidality is a sense of burdensome. I’m a burden the World Cup. Be better off without it. I had $1000000 life insurance policy. If I pull the trigger, my wife’s restored financially, she’ll be broken-hearted but she’s not going to be broke. She’s going to get a million dollars. So I felt like you know, that wage was a burden I was I was literally worth more dead than alive. Unfortunately. I didn’t pull the trigger, but the but that’s but that’s so it’s actually an irrational thought but it is selfless and they’ve kind of the person who is thinking about it. Okay, do you happen to have before we go any books or anything like that that can help somebody if they know they have a problem and would like to help themselves. Maybe they can’t afford a counselor or something to things. There are usually counselor therapist who work on a sliding scale based on your income. So you you would Google mental health services offered free and usually a list comes up of Alphas it off rolling a couple of 3453 sessions and then they do the rest of them based on your income. There’s another visit if they if you age, No one they say you should be on a drug. There’s now a cheek swab DNA test a couple hundred bucks that tell they take your DNA and they try to match it to the psychotropic. Let’s say you had a press and it works best with your metabolism. So that there’s not that lab rat go on taper off go on taper off and the third thing is funny. You should ask we’ve written we’re writing a series of books off on men’s mental health because in the United States eight out of ten to eight out of ten suicides are meant call guts grit and the grind and the first two volumes are out on Amazon guts gritting the grind and it’s just it’s like a Chicken Soup for the Soul. It’s an anthology twelve stories in each book of twelve guys each with a different struggle and how they’re coping his men tend to take advice from men.

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So if you got a man story who struggle with a particular issue like bankruptcy or substance abuse disorder, whatever and we made it look like an automobile owners manual so guys will pick it up and and like a Haynes repair manual, you know, if your carburetor goes you you go by the Haynes repair manual Auto repair manual you’re not going to read it cover-to-cover. You going to turn the carburetor? Right? So guy picks up the book. He’s got a particular issue looks in the index finds the issue turns that guy story and and see how he’s coping. So that’s it’s called guts. Grin The Grind cuz they’re very few books out there on mental health for men because men generally don’t talk about it. They’re not, you know, they don’t share their emotions and what that’s one of the reasons that took the rate of suicide is higher for men because they hey three at three three times as many women attempt suicide but men Complete because they often use a gun. Yeah. So anyway, those are the resources as you’re listening in the US there’s a group called Nami National Alliance mental illness Nami and they have all sorts of mental health services and wage is what Justin did everything they do is free. Wow. Yeah, they got peer counseling family family counseling they can make referrals. It’s a great organization. I volunteer at the county and state level in Oregon. I like that. That’s a fan off. The resources. Yeah it is cuz I’ve got a friend whose son has schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder and it was about to destroy his family. And so he found Nami and they have a twelve-week course one night a week family is of people with kids so affective disorder and they teach you how to you know what to say what not say what to do what not to do and how to find resources and then they have family to family counseling so you got another family with a birth family member who has the same thing. So you realize that you’re not alone and be your sharing resources, it’s brilliant and it’s free and that is that’s a tough one to that’s a whole nother podcast on what to do with with that conditioned that we won’t go into but Frank King. I want to thank you so much for your time. How can people get in contact and reach you my website is the mental health comedian comedian wage and if you go there and put an email address in I voiced I narrated the first book already. You can download a free MP3 of the entire four hour and 14 minute first gut script the crime book, you know English Stories twelve guys now be as time goes on I’ll be recording them for Audible and putting a free copy up on my website. So all four of those will be up there eventually. Okay, if you type if you’d like the middle Health comedian just need words into your Google search. You’ll find me because that’s my sky on my it’s my it’s all your social media Twitter and it yeah all my social media YouTube Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Facebook all has the middle could be that’s my brand. All right. Well, this has been great. I think between the doctors that listen to this and the patients we have to take care of this will be a very helpful episode for lots of people. So I really appreciate your time. Well, practice listening, you know, if somebody in the US if you see a doctor they’re supposed to ask you a couple of Gateway questions about have you felt like have you felt hopeless in the last two weeks some don’t suck cuz they don’t want to know the answer because it puts them on the hook, you know, when you got patients lined up waiting, but what I recommend recommend this for dentists and doctors and Chiropractic doctors is wherever you are dead. Google that area and mental health treatment resources, whatever and print out a list of resources from like you’ve got great Insurance to you needing a sliding scale cuz you don’t have the money print it out put in a white envelope so that if a client, you know, cuz I mean I bet they say things to their chiropractor. They don’t say to anybody else and so they if they’re up front about their depression or whatever hand in the white envelope on the way out with Reese or that way they can they can you can send them somewhere and I would advice would I would have a doctor or staff to follow up with him in a day or two just to check in and go Hey listen, how do you do it? Okay, everything going. Okay, you seemed a little depressed last time you’re in and we just want to just want to check in on you suck man. I’m telling you you show you your show a patient. You care like that. Yeah, that’s a that’s a whole nother level of service. Yeah to go out of your way and do that and I saw on some of your your taxes and things it’s it’s job Really that one person that says something that calls something right in their tracks and keeps them alive for who-knows-how-long. Yeah suicide is the most preventable cause of death on the planet and you know, you’re not looking to trade you just looking to plant a seed of Hope and showing them that somebody care cuz here’s the deal and leave you this Justin. Here’s why that’s important eight out of ten people who are considering suicide are ambivalent. They would want somebody to notice interrupt nine out of ten people who are considering suicide seriously in the last week leading up to the attempt they give hints verbal nonverbal, you know physical Behavior off again because nine out of ten people want you to go. Hey notice something and stopped them in their tracks.

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