Lifestyle Changes You Can Stick With

Imagine Having the Blueprints You Need to Make Better Food Choices Now and Instantly Start Dropping Pounds…

All While Increasing Your Exercise with Ease, No Guilt and Getting Rid of Your Low Back and Neck Pain.

Today’s Short Video Recap

     Couch Potato? Simple Steps are Semi-Personalized for Each Individual
     3 Easy Step by Step Blueprints for Exercise
      What is Pain & What is Chiropractic
     How I eat that Limits Extra self-control
     Lessons Learned in China for Portion Control
     Exclusive Facebook Support group
      14 Exercises for Optimal Core and Spine Strength
     3 minute Stretching concept that won’t make me Roll my Eyes
     Why I need a nervous system Reboot

 Version 2.0 is Out Now with over 80 new pages! 

1. Nine Nerve Stretches to stop Numbness in your Arm or Leg

2. Creating and Executing a Budget

3. Ways to Cut Expenses and Get Wise with your Money

4. Optimal Calorie Consumption Calculator

5. What’s the Deal with Fasting and How to Do It

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Karlene A.

I came in because I was having sciatica down my leg and massage only helped short term. This has been going on for 4-5 months. I also have had hand pains for the past 20 years and would take Ibuprofen everyday. I can now work in my huge garden without the sciatica. I learned I need to take breaks and this keeps my low back pain from hurting at the end of the day. I started taking a nutritional product that Dr. Trosclair recommended and in two weeks all my hand pain and swelling went away. I was shocked and so was my massage therapist. I can’t believe that the supplement worked so well so fast.

Chris Y.

I stopped drinking diet sodas for a week and my back pain and muscle spasms are nearly gone. I’ve noticed pain in my joints is getting better every day too. I had pain in my knees that I thought was from the several surgeries I’ve had. No more aspartame, and my knees feel much better. I had pain in my left elbow which is also getting better. Finally, I had other muscle pain that I didn’t realize I had, probably because it came on so slowly. The point is that everything feels better.

Ashley B. 

When I first saw Dr. Trosclair I was having a host of problems from TMJ pain, costochondritis, neck pain, and scar adhesions from my c Section that would cause pain. He helped me to feel like my old self in Just a few months. All of my pain disappeared. His methods were very gentle and non-intimidating and also combined some physical therapy. Thanks to him I feel like a new person!”

Mr. Huang 

I was experiencing headaches and dizziness off and on for years. After two visits I have around 80% relief. My x-ray showed arthritis and a straight neck (instead of a curve). He adjusted me using an adjusting instrument, I think it was an electric hammer though.

Denise C. 

Justin is an excellent Chiropractor who I feel comfortable referring to the people I care about the most, my friends and family. He is professional, caring, intelligent and knows his business. I love me some Justin Trosclair!!!

Mr. Tang 

When I first came to the hospital I walked bent over and with a limp. I couldn’t walk like a normal person. I was suffering with a bulging disc. After going through exercises and decompression and adjustments I am able to walk normal again and the pain is gone. I am much much better.

John D. 

My neck is difficult to adjust and hear the pop sound. So he was using the instrument and I liked it.but I still wanted to hear the pop. When he tried, he actually got it and I couldn’t have been happier. My headaches are gone and my fingers do not go numb any more which is really good .

Mrs. Bai 

I came in with headaches, hip pain and low back pain. The headaches went away pretty quick. Finally, my hip pain went away. Now I am back to farming like usual without my hip and low back causing me to quit early. I’ve regained my life.

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