E 152 Paycheck Protection Program and other CARES Loans Amanda Kendall

CARES Act, paycheck protection program and other loans that help with employee payments and business expenses. Learn what you need to do to get a forgiven loan, the EIDL and ways to pivot. Amanda Kendall clears the confusion. Paycheck Protection Program PPP Can the owner get “unemployment”? Do the employees get unemployment while the doors…

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E 129 Retirement and Investments 101 Jason Rainier CFP

Doctor based Retirement and Investment options. Jason Rainier CFP will cover FSA’s, 401K, SEP IRA, 529B education funds, Trusts, Estate taxes, Wills, Index vs Managed Funds and Life Insurance. Novice or established you will learn something new. What is a Certified Financial Planner, CFP? Qualifications, job role, CE’s etc. While the CFA has a broad…

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M 16 CPA Advice on Home Offices and Taxes

Taxes: are you paying to much? What about write offs like home offices and reducing your bill with proper entities like an S-corp and K distributions? Have you thought about 401k retirements yet? Let’s review. A doctor’s perspective net many sewed this time is cash practice PT with Jared Carter Episode 70 taxes it’s about…

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