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E 187 Achieving Work-Life Flow and Real Estate Success from Veterinarian Dr. Michael Bugg

Discover valuable insights on achieving work-life flow and real estate success in this exciting podcast episode featuring Dr. Michael Bugg. Dr. Bugg, a veterinarian and real estate investor, shares his experiences and wisdom, offering practical tips and strategies for finding balance, aligning passions, and maximizing earnings. Read on for a glimpse into the highlights of…

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E 131 Real Estate Investing and Negotiations Jude Mendonsa

Tenant vs landlord real estate lease concerns and negotiations, should you buy single unit or multiplex homes for real estate investing and why, creative financing these projects, silent partners and mentors with Jude Mendonsa. Tenant vs Landlord Business Lease Concerns Purchasing price is one of the most important aspects of real estate investing. It’s not…

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