M 14 Superbills For Insurance In A Cash Pay Model

Should you give your patients a superbill or file for them out of network when doing a cash practice? Can you back bill the remainder of charges? I also cover how to handle “do you take my insurance Okay, welcome back to a doctor’s perspective, today we’re talking about cash PT lunch hour and number…

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E 111 Cosmetic Laser Dermatology Kachiu Lee MD

Learn about ultrapulse CO2 lasers, Bellafil, vaxolaser, sclerotherapy and more cosmetic dermatology procedures from Dr. Kachiu Lee MD. Considerations in non-white skin, affordability, and how cosmetic surgery has become more acceptable in culture. We hear her why to not only specialize in dermatology but more of the cosmetic side of dermatology. It’s a story of…

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E 87 LGBTQ Patient and Doctor Interactions Dr Dana Stachowiak PhD

Exploring ways that the doctor – patient relationship with LGBTQ population can be more comfortable and inclusive. Dr. Dana Stachowiak PhD gives ample ideas and stories of doctor offices doing it right and wrong. We touch on intentions, Christianity and unknown biases we may carry. Dr. Dana Stachowiak PhD went to Western Michigan, Winthrop University…

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