E 174 Identifying Biomechanical Failure Patterns Rob Pape DC Quadrant Analysis

Quadrant analysis helps practitioners navigate treatment based on a subclassification system breaking down biomechanical failure into traceable patterns. Dr. Pape was evidence based and patient centered before these were buzz words and before the internet made it easy to collaborate. It was like being on a chiropractic island and taking trips with different professions to…

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E 144 Touch Education Evidence Informed Massage Matthew Howe

Bringing evidence back to massage, Matthew Howe of Touch Education gets back to the basics, then builds how to bridge the research to practice, fitting in with a chiropractic or physical therapy office and what can be done for PTSD and other trauma. What started as a couple classes being taught at his massage alumni…

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E 98 Trigeminal Neuralgia and other Facial Acupuncture Treatment – it’s Not Just Aesthetic Terry Fox LAc

Differences between cosmetic, facial and full body acupuncture treatments; East vs West medical term confusion, and he walks us through a treatment protocol with constitutional facial acupuncture. A powerful relationship story at the end. Terry Fox Lac A backstory that starts with a fibromyalgia mom that got shoulder rubs leads to massage therapy school that…

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