M 61 The 1000 Dollar Challenge

The $1000 challenge. Find ways to save money, sell stuff and a few other tips so you have $1000 to start investing. DISCLOSURE: This episode is sponsored by Podcorn. If you host a podcast and would like a very customizable way to get temporary sponsorships, then visit the link. Also read the transcript for more…

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E 129 Retirement and Investments 101 Jason Rainier CFP

Doctor based Retirement and Investment options. Jason Rainier CFP will cover FSA’s, 401K, SEP IRA, 529B education funds, Trusts, Estate taxes, Wills, Index vs Managed Funds and Life Insurance. Novice or established you will learn something new. What is a Certified Financial Planner, CFP? Qualifications, job role, CE’s etc. While the CFA has a broad…

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