E 106 Cash Practice PT, Modern Manual Therapy, G Suite EMR, EDGE Rehab EQ Dr. Erson Religioso III DPT

Cash practice PT physical therapy: learn about fees, location, marketing etc. Dr. Erson Religioso III talks about his EDGE mobility IASTM tool, BFR cuffs, using G suite as EMR and new trends and topics about modern manual therapy and mobility. We start with some pet peeves with chiropractic and physical therapy but mostly dispelling some…

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E 85 Rehab Focused Chiropractic Professor Dr. Todd Riddle DC

Combination of soft tissue modalities and rehab is Dr. Todd Riddle’s specialty as he teaches at a Chiropractic College as well as weekend seminars of FAKTR. Evidence Based versus Clinical Outcomes- why don’t they always match up. Why have a residency program? Dr Todd Riddle DC has had a successful clinic for over a decade…

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Episode 20 Myofascial Adhesions, Mechanoreceptor Reset Frank Osborne Mark Butler DPT Explain HawkGrips IASTM

Hawkgrips offer an innovative cross grip pattern on their stainless steel instruments so that they aren’t so slick.  This makes the instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation tools easier on the clinicians hands because they don’t have to grip so hard to keep the tools from slipping.  Twelve tools with all sorts of sizes, patterns, concave,…

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