E 142 Charity Work and Franchise Dentistry Brady Smith DDS

Charity work in your profession will help you feel fulfilled. We discuss a true dental franchise group that allows you to make a great living, being your own boss and have coverage on vacations. Brady Smith DDS  of Drilled Podcast. Five years into real world dentistry with a company he loves, Comfort Dental, and he…

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Episode 41 German Franchise Chiropractor Holds Nothing Back Kenneth Chillson DC Intellispine

Kenneth Chillson DC USA developed his own adjusting analysis system in Germany called Intellispine, expanding to 100 offices and needs chiropractors, what’s holding the dc profession back, aberrant biomechanics and core traits needed for staff. How getting into a profession for the wrong reasons creates a hurdle that must be overcome. The good news is,…

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