Episode 49: Creator of Stunning (a Stripe add on) Richard Felix – Tech Success and Audience Reach

Web app developer of Stunning for Stripe, Richard Felix walks through the computer programmer life and how an audience matters. Learn about hiring, lessons to scale business, why Ruby on Rails and how solving your own problem can lead to success. Starting in middle school he was already building computers for other people and once…

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Episode 28: Diabetic Neuropathy, Avoiding Amputation, and Foodie Dr. Tea Nguyen Podiatrist

Dr Tea Nguyen podiatrist specializes in diabetic wound care, why educates against the webMD diagnosis, her honest and forward speech to patients, fat relocation advances for surgical outcomes, and shares her martial and daily staff tips and foodie. Dr Tea Nguyen is Fellowship trained in wound care particularly with diabetics. Big reason why diabetics have…

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