E 134 EMR Considerations Josh Nation of Chiro8000

If you’re tired of hefty upfront costs, massive customization mandated, and monthly recurring fees for your EMR or EHR (electronic medical /health records) then tune in to this episode with Josh Nation of Chiro8000 to learn what’s needed in software. It should be noted that Forte Holdings (Chiro8000) is not only for chiropractors but they…

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E 106 Cash Practice PT, Modern Manual Therapy, G Suite EMR, EDGE Rehab EQ Dr. Erson Religioso III DPT

Cash practice PT physical therapy: learn about fees, location, marketing etc. Dr. Erson Religioso III talks about his EDGE mobility IASTM tool, BFR cuffs, using G suite as EMR and new trends and topics about modern manual therapy and mobility. We start with some pet peeves with chiropractic and physical therapy but mostly dispelling some…

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E 93 Transcription Services Behind The Scenes with Ben Walker

A faster way to take patient notes is by talking and Benjamin Walker of Transcription Outsourcing gives us behind the scenes of the different types, EMR integrations, why they expanded to lawyers, and how hospitals are changing the game. He likes SEO too. How does a mortgage broker pivot to medical transcription services after talking…

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