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E 169 Shared Decision Making in Patient Centred Care Chris Chippendale DC

Learn to communicate what you do and goals for the patient based on what they want. Patient centered evidence based care evolves and Chris Chippendale DC talks shared decision making and much more. Chris Chippendale, MChiro DC PgCert MRCC (Pain)  and I just briefly talk about qualifications and differences of a UK vs USA trained…

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E 143 3d Printing Dentistry and Chiro Referrals Colin Lathrop DDS

3d printing and advanced digital scanning for all your dental tooth needs. Custom fit, quicker chair time and happy patients. How a chiropractor and dentist can be a referral team and cross train your team members. Colin Lathrop DDS According to Dr. Lathrop, the boredom of plan jane general dentistry got him to learn the…

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