E 111 Cosmetic Laser Dermatology Kachiu Lee MD

Learn about ultrapulse CO2 lasers, Bellafil, vaxolaser, sclerotherapy and more cosmetic dermatology procedures from Dr. Kachiu Lee MD. Considerations in non-white skin, affordability, and how cosmetic surgery has become more acceptable in culture. We hear her why to not only specialize in dermatology but more of the cosmetic side of dermatology. It’s a story of…

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E 100 Physician Assistants, Contracts, Race and Staff Dr. Johnathan Ledet MD Round 2

Dermatologist discusses contract negotiations, physician assistants hiring and training: newbie vs experienced, hospital managers and disputes, Advanced Practice Provider relations, and racial conflicts with patients and family. Dr. Johnathan Ledet, MD What have you learned about training staff? Do the office managers help? Contract negotiation tips? What do you do when you hospital system starts…

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Episode 01: Anticipating Your Patients Questions Dr. Johnathan Ledet MD, Dermatologist

Episode 01: Dr. Johnathan Ledet MD, Dermatologist Anticipating Your Patients Questions My guest today is a board certified, fellowship trained Dermatologist.  He attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and double majored in Chemistry and Microbiology.  Continued his education at Louisiana State University in Shreveport for Medical School and then did his residency at University…

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