E 146 Sports Concussion Topics Mansi Vakil DPT

Signs and symptoms of concussions, raising awareness, promotion of her mild traumatic head injury book that patients and doctors can understand, misconceptions, warning signs and ways to recover are covered. Mansi Vakil DPT. Dr. Vakil was seeing the normal sports related injuries in a physical therapy office geared towards athletes for many years. What she…

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Episode 31: Concussion Specialist and Franchise Chiropractor Dr Rich Baez Atlas Upper Cervical Specific

Dr. Rich Baez DC adjusts c1 (Atlas) and c2 (Axis) only in a franchise chiropractic company called The Specific.  One of the reasons he decided to focus on just the upper cervical is because of his own post-concussion syndrome symptoms being resolved. Can CSF in your brain stagnant and cause symptoms?  What does Dr Baez…

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