E 135 Gut Health is Brain Health Dr. Robert Silverman DC

Leaky gut to gluten free and no added sugar to intermittent fasting, ketosis and prolon diet, Dr. Robert Silverman discusses how gut health translates to brain health. He gives some of his top supplement advice to get you started in healing your gut. Eighty percent of our immune cells are in our gut. Our gut…

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E 101 Eight Self Destructive Processes with Dr. Diane Harner PhD and Emotional Intelligence

What are good Emotional Intelligence type tests for hiring, how stress can motivate, ways to stop procrastination, self doubt, 8 self-destructive processes to work through, sleep and brain nutrition. Dr. Diane Harner PhD neuroscientist What are some of the drawbacks to being a Type A driven personality when it comes to managing your expectations of…

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