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Secret 6 Essential Oils Ingredient List to Remedy Dry, Itchy Skin from Insect Bites to Eczema....

Before you go, Check out my 2 books. More knowledge from my 5 years in China covered in a Health Reboot Book as well as a DIY No Needle Acupuncture Book

Health Reboot BluePrints

Rebooting your health is intimating to most people. As we make right choices each day, habits are formed and great health is achieved.

This book lays out the blueprints to tip the scales in your favor. Available on Amazon with a bonus 30 minute coaching call!

  • Learn 12 Exercises to Stop Back Pain and Headaches in its Tracks
  • Transform the Way You Eat that Will Get Pounds Shreded Off WithOut Starving and Unliminted Self Control
  • Budgeting and Evaluating Your Finances to Reduce a Massive Stress Producer
  • Intermittent Fasting, Personal Calorie Calcualtor and more await you in this 200+ slow but steady life changing book

No Needle Acupuncture DIY

Easier and more affordable than you think. This DIY Manuel leaves the theory for someone else. I just give you pictures and descriptions to find the points for 40 conditions. You can use 3 different tools to stimulate the points.

Special Offer on the Electric Acupuncture Pen!

  • The descriptions and pictures clearly show which acupuncture points to touch, in plain English.
  • No prior knowledge needed for acupressure at your home.
  • Less than 20 minutes a day for 10 days and you get results + No Commute
  • Bundle Packs with the Book, Electric Acupuncture Pen and the Exclusive EAR POINTS +Save Money
  • In a short amount of time you can take back your health, get back to the activities you love, and be the spouse, parent, friend and coworker that everyone cherishes.
  • Let the tools and roadmap provided in these books be the catalyst to your best health yet.

The Ultimate Guide to

Chinese Dinner Culture

For Business and Tourism

Mistakes to Avoid and Critical Must Do's to Gain Face, Impress Decision Makers and Close More Deals

  • How to Toast
  • Where to Sit
  • Proper Chopstick Use

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