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​Needleless Acupuncture is easier and more affordable than you think

  • Mainstream Doctors Can’t Fix Me
  • ​Frustrated? Feeling Hopeless? Is It All In My Head?
  • ​My Family And Boss Are Getting Tired Of My Absence

​It’s Time For A Solution To Your Aches And Pains. Take Advantage of My Years in China, and Discover How My Easy To Implement Blueprints to No Needle Acupuncture Can Be Done by You In Your Own Home.

​In a short amount of time you can take back your health, get back to the activities you love, and be the spouse, parent, friend and coworker that everyone cherishes.

Let the tools and roadmap provided in this book be the catalyst to your best health yet.


​Step 1

​Read Over This Site, Watch The Video


​Step 2

​Purchase the Book with the Bonuses


​Step 3

​Find the Condition you Want Help With, Start No Needle Acupuncture, Get Results

Let this Book be your Guide


​The descriptions and pictures clearly show which acupuncture points to touch.

​Ease of Use

​No prior medical knowledge is Needed. It’s written in plain English.

​Quick Results

​Less than 20 minutes a day for 10 days and you get results.

If you Experience just 1 of these Conditions, then the Book pays for Itself in as little as 3 AT HOME treatment ​Sessions.

Anemia Ankle Pain Anxiety Arthritis of the Upper Extremity Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the Arteries)* Acute Low Back Pain  Chronic Low Back Pain Clonus* Cough Diabetes* Diarrhea Eye Strain Face Palsy Facial Beautification  Gastric (Stomach) Pain General Fatigue Headache Hearing Problems Hypertension*Impotence* Insomnia  Intercostal Rib Neuralgia Influenza (flu)*Irregular Menstruation Knee Pain Paralysis of the Lower Limb  Recovery of Fatigue Rheumatoid ArthritisSciatica Sinus problems Sleep Difficulties Skin Disorder(Acne, Eczema, Neurodermatitis) Shoulders and Upper Back Pains Stiff Neck Toothache  Trigeminal Neuralgia Upper Limb Achy and Numb Urinary Bladder Issues*Vertigo Weight Reduction

*Obviously you aren’t going to be cured by this book for the asterisk conditions. Used as part of a comprehensive part of your health team and regimen and you should see favorable improvements.


  • ​​Descriptions of each Acupuncture Point written so you can understand and FIND them
  • ​Pictures of each point on varying Human Models so you can See Exactly Where The Points Are
  • ​No Theory and History Lessons… Just Nuts and Bolts Treatment Blueprints.
  • Easily Find and Treat the 40 Conditions At The Comfort and Convenience of Your Own Home with NO Special Training.

electric acupuncture pen to accompany needleless acupunctureelectric acupuncture pen to accompany needleless acupuncture

This book is for you Especially If…

  • ​Tried chiropractic and massage but you didn’t get results?
  • ​Worried about medication side effects and long-term consequences?
  • ​Self-treatment at home = saving time… saving money…  
  • Can’t  afford over $1,500 worth of care?
  • No acupuncturist in your town?  
  • Don’t want to commute hours!

​This book is literally unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. You can’t find this stuff floating around online. You can find bits and pieces if you look hard but nothing else is laid out in this much detail, with nothing held back. This is the real deal, and you need to get your hands on it now.  

It’s straight to the point, relevant, convenient, and won’t cost you a fortune. Plus, it’s designed so you can help yourself, all while serving the greater good and enhancing people’s lives. It’s literally made for you.

no needle acupuncture book and 4 bonsuses electric acupuncture pen auricular pointsno needle acupuncture book and 4 bonsuses electric acupuncture pen auricular points


​​And Get Nearly $200 worth of FREE BONUSES and Shipping Included

​Included Bonuses

No Needles = No Problem + No Need to Buy Anything Else

Electric Acupuncture Pen

Helps Locate the Exact Points, Quicker Treatment Times,   Intensity you control, How-To Video recorded by me for best results

Value $125  Yours FREE

​Spring Loaded Probe and Ear Seeds

​Painless and Convenient at your home, Spring gives Perfect amount of pressure,  300 ear seeds to get a longer stimulus during the day

Value $35   Yours FREE

The PDF of Ear Acupuncture Points for 32 Conditions.(Value $99) yours FREE and included in this Bundle Pack Offer


​Customer stories

Krista F. Lafayette, LA 

​I’ve had terrible pain in my right knee for years now. It would ache from going up too many stairs, I would have to go up one at a time. I tried Needless Acupuncture. It was so fantastic!!! The results were amazing! I can lunge again when I exercise, and I can go upstairs without taking them one at time. My knee is not stiff and it doesn’t ache. One of the advantages to the needleless acupuncture was that I could do it myself. I could work on my knee anywhere. The illustrations made all the difference. I can find the pressure points I need to use, and I noticed the difference in just a few days. I will definitely continue to keep up the procedures and intend to explore more ways to help the rest of me! And P.S. I’m afraid of needles

​Purchase Needleless Acupuncture

Instance 1

​Electric Acupuncture Pen Only

Better & Quicker Results with No Needles



The ultimate companion to the No Needle Acupuncture Book

  • ​Includes the Device, Charging Wires, Conduction Bar, Hard Case
  • ​“How To Use” Video by me
  • ​FDA registered device
  • ​Rechargable USB battery
  • ​Frequency and Intensity are fully adjustable
  • FREE Shipping to USA not HI or AK
​Bundle Pack 1

​All included Value ($397)



Complete package to implement Needleless Acupuncture

  • ​Needleless Acupuncture (Full Color) Book
  • ​Electric Acupuncture PEN
  • ​Spring Probe
  • ​300 Ear Seeds
  • ​Auricular Ear Points PDF for 32 Conditions (Value $99)

​Bundle Pack 2

​All included Value ($444)



​Complete package to implement Needleless Acupuncture+ 1st book

  • ​Needleless Acupuncture (Full Color) Book
  • ​Electric Acupuncture PEN
  • ​Spring Probe
  • ​300 Ear Seeds
  • ​Auricular Ear Points PDF for 32 Conditions (Value $99)
  • Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Health (220 pages: health tips, exercise, budgeting +more

Instance 1

​International Order Bundle Pack 1

​Same Price + 35.25 Shipping



​The Acupuncture Pen and Book are Heavy, Price Includes Shipping

​International Order Bundle Pack 2

​Same Price + 35.25 Shipping



​The Acupuncture Pen and Book are Heavy, Price Includes Shipping

​What You’ll Get When You Purchase TodayMain Book + ​Bonus: Ear Points PDF, E-pen, Accessories

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