M 48 Philippine Virtual Assistants

a doctors perspective minisode 48 justin trosclair
Minisode 48 Philippine Virtual Assistants

I cover prices per month, best hiring practices, what to be weary of, finding the right type of person for your specific needs. Two companies that specialize in Philippine virtual assistants.

Podcast time, Minisode Episode 48 Let’s do it. The last episode I told you it has some shorter links seem to find these interviews that I was a guest on. So you can go to www.adoctorsperspective.net/herhealth , or www.adoctorsperspective.net/podcastinsider  one word or www.adoctorsperspective.net/getpublished  one word our www.adoctorsperspective.net/podcouch . So if you just go to the www.adoctorsperspective.net/asheardon what I just said her health podcast insider get published podcast you’ll go directly to their shows page to listen.

So like I said in the previous episode, the side hustle show is what we’re talking about today hiring a virtual assistant, a VA. So they interview two people both have companies that use the Philippines and another one has a few other countries that they use.

There are different ways you can pay. We’ll take a salary cut others, you just pay a per-month fee. I like that per month fee while you’re searching for someone to hire. So it wasn’t forever it was just while you’re searching, you pay a fee.

The number one takeaway is being clear on expectations. You can’t have someone who’s going to be good at editing podcasts, building websites, doing WordPress, making a funnel, and doing book writing and video editing. You kind of has to pick what you want. Maybe a couple of related things and that’s it. Otherwise, you know, you’re not good at everything. They’re not gonna be good at everything. And so just it’s an unrealistic expectation that they will do it all. You’ll be unhappy. They won’t know what exactly you want to be prioritized.

When you’re interviewing, you know, definitely don’t hire the cheapest person. And they said video could be a bad thing. Because a lot of people in the Philippines and Asian countries, they’re embarrassed by their English, even though it could be quite good. They’re embarrassed by it. They don’t know what they sound like. To you, so they’re not going to do it want to do it. But if you just say, hey back and forth email, because reality is what are you going to have them be doing? English writing blog posts, communication through Slack, or email, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram. So all of those things as long as their English skills are really good, and you can see that, Hey, you got a winner going on.

Prices you should expect to pay between 250 to $400 a month as US dollars a month for full-time work y’all full time.

They got every availability you can imagine. One thing I want to make sure they have is good steady power and the internet. Because my off some of these countries, it can disappear and be sketchy. So be careful with that. And a more communication you have with somebody, the less likely you’re going to get ghosted, and that does that’s no good because you might have a project that you need to get finished and they just disappear and you’d like where do they go like I don’t understand, and that could be what happened.

Let them work on their timeframe/ timezone. You’re going to be at least 12 hours apart. Usually, when they’re awake, there’s enough cross between the two of you, when you wake up a few hours, when you before you go to bed for a few hours, you’re both going to be awake. So just make sure you have the list of things that you need to get done.

I for myself, I thought about having a VA for just promoting the podcast, put it on the missing letter, but it makes the lumen five videos, and put that on there. Find me other podcasts that I can be on as a guest to try to promote the acupuncture book or today’s choices book, and all those types of things.

Hey, if you got it this far, and you didn’t know I created a cool PDF for skin itchy with us or eczema, bug bites, those types of things. It’s six ingredients, a secret from China. And if you go to www.adoctorsperspective.net/skin , you can put your email and I’ll send you a PDF to have all that and it’s been essential oils that you can mix and have some help with the itch relief. That’s it for the day. #behindthecurtain

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