M 33 Pilates, PT and Bonuses

a doctors perspective minisode 33 justin trosclair Pilates, PT and Bonuses
Minisode 33 Pilates, PT and Bonuses

How to bonus your IC and employees, integrating pilates and physical therapy in a profitable model,  when to hire a front desk worker, and start a partnership with a clear exit strategy.

It’s minisode time on a doctor’s perspective podcast. Thanks for tuning in yet again. Today we’re going to talk about the cash PT lunch hour and the bar, Episode 41. scaling the polities in physical therapy studio, definitely a unique thing for a jump in Alright, so in this clinic, she started out working, I applaud a studio and then just kept grown and grown and grown and got her own thing. And like she is on fire. My goodness, like women’s power women bosses, yes, Boss Lady.

Group classes count for 50% of their revenue, and only 25% are PT patients. And so there’s of course, a referral within theirs. And what they noticed was they want to increase the PT that they do, because they feel like there’s more that they could do there and you know, boost revenue and all that. But their website looks like we’re a lot ease with a little bit of PT. And they want to make it more like realities and physical therapy as a core feature. One thing they noticed and the PC that she hires, she has like four or five or something like that.

They have two clinics, if you can’t fix the case, you know, you see him six times, and it does not respond like you think they should or would like them to see the results are getting referred them out. It’s a redeeming quality in the patient’s eyes. I’ve said that before. I’ve seen it before, I’ve had to refer my clients out. And they appreciate it and still refer and that’s, to me is a big deal. the front desk is huge.

 A lot of these places seem like they want to do everything by themselves when they’re starting. And then it gets to the point where like they’re not answering the phone during clients, and that’s never good. Are they missing calls. So that means they’re missing patients. So a front desk car is highly important. They can take the money, they can do scheduling, they can do all these things, you just have to train them.

One thing that was kind of interesting, they’re all independent contractors, you know, you’re supposed to have a contract, you should be able to come and go as you please, there are no set hours, I can’t tell you what to do as your boss, the boss, you just work on my clients and you know, pay you percent. But you know, an operation like this, people get busy. And then all of a sudden, you know, like, What do you mean, you’re going to leave, we got all these fines like I’m taking off, I’m taking a week off for everybody took a week off this weekend. Oh my gosh, what do I do? So she independent switch everybody off to employees. And so of course, there are some growing pains with that, and I don’t remember if they’re laying it off. But, you know, everybody sort of figured out how it could work for them. You know, maybe it’s, you know, I was only working part-time, okay, well, you’re a part-time person. But these hours, I need you to be here. And here’s your salary.

She does individual bonuses, as well as company-wide bonuses. So that’s what’s kind of cool. So if the clinic you can set whatever goal you want, it could be revenue this month could be a hit in a new patient goal could be a conversion to physical therapy, not just a lot of ease. And so if the clinic hits their numbers, everybody gets $1 raise per hour, everybody. And because everybody is our way, to begin with, and then to also the individual doctors, you know, they hit their own specific goals, and they can have their separate bonus on top of that, but it allows everybody to get more money can keep them motivated.

And of course, not everybody is motivated by money. So you may find that just you have an employee that rather have a day off, are have praise in front, everybody else. So you got to figure that out, navigate that, and see how you can do it so that, you know it’s not going to cause ill feelings to other people, you know, maybe, you know, everybody has an extra day off. But it’ll be three weeks from now on Friday, we all take off, you know, at the same time or something.

One big thing is if you’re going to have partners, definitely have exit clauses, you’ve probably heard it before your buddies until something bad happens or you feel like you’re being taken advantage of like I’m doing all the work and you’re just doing this piece, but you’re not providing enough for the clinic and you’re getting you to know the same percentage or something. So feelings get hurt, especially when it’s all about money. So have an exit strategy. Maybe it can help your friendship as well as the business thing whenever you’re having to move on or whatever the issue is to make it easier. Especially if you have you know, even if you have silent partners and things like that.

. I’m excited next week I go to well when these things release, it’s already been way going. But let’s just say a riverboat cruise. Yes, I’m going to change in and take a four-day cruise and I’ve never done that kind of cruise before. We’ll see how it goes. I got my expectations and Luke because I’ve already been on real cruises to you know, Mexico and whatnot, Western Caribbean, Jamaica and all that.

So look at it, but what’s fun is that a have been on this prolon five day fast mimicking diet, it’s like fasting, but you get a little bit of food like 100 calories a day. Amazing results. I’ll talk to you about that later on. Here are the highlights. You can lose weight. So there we go. I’m excited about that maybe I can lose some weight for this cruise take my shirt off and look even better.

But uh, it also supposed to help reduce your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and HDL, LDL triglycerides, C reactive protein can reduce IGF one reduce EM globe and a one c gets reduced. And it up-regulate stem cells. And that’s like the coolest part of it. I think it’s Yeah, you get all these other benefits.

 But it’s the fasting and it’s a fast mimicking because you eat a little bit of food, but it’s a pre-packaged everything that you know, you buy this box for five days, you just eat what they tell you to eat. And cereal brain dead simple is just getting through the fasting. And I’ll tell you, I’ll talk about it later on.

But if you’re interested in that www.adoctorsperspective.net/resources of a box, you can fill out an email, and we jump on a call chat about it. What does it for? What do I need to know? What do I do? And we just have a like exploration phone call on Skype or something like that. I definitely would be okay with doing that for you. But let’s move on to today.

So there we go. I hope this has been fun. I hope you’re enjoying these let me know to send me some feedback. Like I said before, I will listen to whatever episode that you want me to hear and do a summary if you think he’s like a man. This was an amazing episode. I think these other doctors These are the people that listen to this podcast would be very appreciative to hear the high points so just let me know. Rather view if you can, I love them. We just went #behindthecurtain.

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