M 17 Cart Abandonment and Lifetime Back End Sales

a doctors perspective minisode 17 justin trosclair
M 17 Cart Abandonment and Lifetime Back End Sales

The best way to make more on e-commerce is to have procedures for cart abandonment so you increase the lifetime back end sales. Optimize the sales cart, doing follow up emails and text and see results.

A doctor’s perspective many sold live in the Shanghai airport just did my presentation that the closest one the latest Asian conference, officially called the for so long. Let’s see International Symposium on Ankylosing spondylitis, pain classification anti-inflammatory and pain treatment programs by the Asia Pacific Federation of pain physicians Shanghai academic conference. Yeah, the conference went well, I gave a little speech and these are well the meals were good to get to meet the president of the hospital that kind of put it on a specialized in as overall good experience look forward to turning into some like that again,

This week is perpetual traffic Episode 166. They’re talking revenue optimization, a lot of times that podcast about conversions, how to set it up, so people click your ads so that you can make the purchase or get the email. But this time, it’s like, Hey, if you’re gonna business, you’re gonna make sales. Revenue optimization is important.

We’re talking not just the pre-sale, but the sale follows up email cart abandonment, in recapturing and retargeting and those types. Now, most people just focus on leads and conversion rates, but you got to be able to capture their money. That’s why you’re in business.

And there are only three ways to do that, get more customers, get them to spend more, or get them to buy more often. And recent stats show it’s seven times more expensive to get a new customer than to keep going you have. One thing they mentioned was that the initial sale is just one piece, a lot of people try to do everything into one sale.

And that’s more like a quick promo, the money is made on the back end, through your email sequences, optimizing your email list, and you know reselling them on other products that they may have already purchased, you know, the lifetime value is the most important.

And that’s the whole, maybe they only purchased them for $17 up front. But then three months from now, 60 days from now, they buy something that’s 199, and then another two months now 49. So if your lifetime value of your customer ends up being hired, that means you can spend more than the next guy to acquire the customers on the front end. And one thing that you can do that optimize everything is decreased your bounce rate managers 10%.

Think about this way, if you paid 50 cents per lead, and you got 1000 leads great, but we start checking Google Analytics, you notice, wow, all the 100 didn’t just bounce in the first 30 seconds. Well, now you didn’t just spend 50. Sincerely, it was five bucks. So the first thing you might want to do is good like tiny PNG or Kingdom speed test to try to optimize like your images, see what’s slowing your page down, people are just bouncing right all the means they get on your Facebook, or LinkedIn or wherever they click your page. It doesn’t load fast in the forum. And they leave or worse they get your page is not what they’re looking for. They click off.

Also if you got were WordPress and you got plugins you don’t use delete though that also helps that speed up your page. Now abandoned cart follow up is probably the biggest thing that you can do to just recap them, we’re talking 70% 50%, more sales type of thing. Now some people say start from any page and we’re towards check out this guy recommending 30 checkout page 30 your cart, get the debt to optimize, and didn’t work your way forward. Because of no point you know, these leads and then you, your former boss.

So they’re recommending not only email, and use your email, figure out an app to plug into your Shopify because their email for being a card is not good. Also using Facebook Messenger that increases your repurchase a lot. And then text messages. So you get to capture all that before they place the order. You have it you follow up, sometimes 30 minutes, three hours, 24 hours and 48 hours and you have to stop. think something like after that you’re breaking some rules or something like something in that category.

But you can make you know, 50 to 70% more income by doing so we were saying oh, I made 5000. Now you making 17,000. And just for people who have been in their cart, and you’ve got them back in a typical landing page, conversion 123 percent is quite good. And I might even make it up to 5%. And you’re doing fantastic.

He also believes in the order bump. So when you have your checkout for glasses, you know, an upsell, you have one-click upsell on that that might be four glasses cleaner, or an eyeglasses are the tools that fix your glasses do something like that where you can add value immediately there are the high on the making a purchase, who you’re going to add some little something extra right there.

This is for doctors. So you got to kind of think about, you know, what’s a little bit of upselling, maybe they bought your health book and you added a digital download or an audiobook on top of that for a few extra bucks. Or if your vitamin they bought a vitamin now you can offer them on a continuity plan every month they have either mail to them or you can buy two bottles at a discounted rate. And there are also plugins to up sales and down cells. You know,

definitely Russell Brunson stuff. If you know he’s talking about Justin The best thing you do is get expert secrets and.com secrets. This dude, you don’t want to use Click Funnels per se, but all the order bumps, the email sequences, the upsell down sales, like that’s kind of what it looks like. They put their information in contact information and they click next you go next, you put your credit card information underneath there, the order ball, they click that button, and it gets the original order was that extra money, then it goes to like another site, another page, and you can upsell them on something else at a higher rate of 10 to 20% of people will click that they click to know.

And if I go to a down sale, say okay, we didn’t want this would you prefer it on a monthly plan? You know, pay it to 99 bills over three months. Or it could be you didn’t want this. But what about this and some may be a little bit different but similar at a lower price just to get them to keep submitting to they’re already buying stuff. They might as well just buy some more. And we’re talking 10 to 20% extra.

That means you went from like a $47 cart to now 67 to now maybe 299 it’s pretty amazing when you look at like 1000 people who buy just how much that makes a difference in yourself and your bottom line. So that’s the gist of the episode Justin Trosclair bringing you #behindthecurtain

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