M 15 Endo Dentist and Lingual Frenectomy

a doctors perspective minisode 15 endo dentist and lingual frenectomy
M 15 Endo Dentist And Lingual Frenectomy

Fee for service dentistry is alive and well. The guest recommends learning endo and has a side hustle helping babies latch on and breast feed better. It’s not just her but a team, however she is the one who does tongue tie release, lingual frenectomy.

A doctors perspective podcast minisode.  we’re back at you. I’m seeing lots of waterways on this train ride right now. Cool to see so much of a country is literally like driving from Washington DC to Denver, Colorado. That is cool to see a lot of this country now. I’ve flown over the country a lot, but to see it so cool.

Let’s talk about the fee for the service dentist podcast, Dr. Shana home. She does want Facebook Lives and promotes it to a 10-mile radius. And remember, vertical video, like you mentioned in the past, didn’t want she does that she wants to build value. She’s a cash-based dentist. And obviously, those fees can get kind of hot.

So you got to build value so that people will already Pre sold when they come to see you. The show so recommends learning the endo program and doing a residency program that we don’t have to refer to so much stuff out and keep it in house and that means more money.

She sees over 100 new patients a month she’s got five chairs to or just for the hygienists and two are for the dentist. And the way the hostess his they alternate one guy comes in early in the morning. And one person kind of stays later to capture and then he takes off Friday and the associate works on Friday.

 And what she was talking about was on one day she only works half but she teamed up with two of the people for lactation for babies who have trouble with it. They can do they can figure out okay what is the dish you haven’t a problem with is an assumption. Is it not latching well, you know sometimes it’s just they need to do some special training and then they’re good to go. Other times they need it for next to me, which is the tongue tie release.

We talked about that with Dr. Allen’s sprinkle On Episode 105, a doctor’s perspective, net slash 105, to learn all about that procedure, so she’s learned that procedure for different organizations and through some of the CPE, from one of the co2 laser company, so she’s learned from a different way that he did it, which is cool to hear, like the different programs, and they turn about 250 bucks to do the release takes about 10 or 15 minutes.

And yeah, they’re doing an infant. So they got a total correctly and, you know, the baby and stuff. To me, that sounds complicated, but all that to say it’s working well. She’s working with midwives, and pediatricians and things like that to figure it out. And they don’t just do surgeries all day on it. She thinks they do what they said a lot of people looking at it, maybe they’re not just trying to cut, make a quick buck or anything like that.

So cool little side job. She’s got going on there. And she’s determining, you know, what’s a good rate? How much for practice should be dedicated to that? So it was a cool, good episode.

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