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Hero Journey Custom Landing Pages

How do you stay the Guide and not hog the highlight with being the hero of the story? Ways to build your avatar or even change it if you don’t like your patient base and using custom landing pages to do it.

Welcome back to another episode of a doctor’s perspective. Today we are discussing, I guess I might need to be a part of this story matters podcast by James Cook media number season one, Episode Two Who’s your hero, he starts out talking about, you know, who’s your hero, you know, nobody really wants to be told they’re going to be Luke Skywalker there Luke Skywalker customer, you need to be Yoda, you need to be the guide.

 And following that type of stuff, nothing new there, except that you just need to be the guy. And when you’re looking at your website, you’re reading a bunch of stuff, the citizens that you have, like a lot of high, there’s a lot of we, you should look at it and say, Hey, let me rewrite this.

So there’s a lot more you. So when the client when the patient reads it, like they can see themselves when you say you they can see themselves and whatever it is that you’re talking about. If you say I are we again, you’re making yourself the hero, which you don’t want to be, you want to be the guide, finding your avatar, you know, there are three things online HubSpot, and just google Avatar and they were discussing, you know, you might go through the process, or maybe you’ve been in business for a while, and you really thought you wanted to do the elderly. And then once you’ve got the elderly, you’re like, wow, these people are not who I want to have as my ideal client. And it’s a shame because I’ve been marketing so heavily in for the last six years.

Or maybe it’s athletes, and you realize, maybe the athletes are too needy, or everybody thinks they’re so special. And you’re like, I just can’t deal with that person anymore. Oh, my goodness, what do I spend all this time, like, okay, we’ll figure out when you’ve had those random other patients, of course, you’re not just going to see athletes all day? So our old people, whenever you do see the people, when you’re looking at the other big What do you like, and then start building that avatar on that and start doing your advertising event and slowly start change clinic, the visa is drastically changed is no longer street these people? Well, it’s gonna hit your bottom line, and you’re gonna wish you probably didn’t do that. So a slow process of changing that idea.

 He mentioned this thing called empathy. I guess there’s like a whole genre business coaching based on empathy. And you can Google that empathy worksheets. And you can find out more about that. I didn’t know much about that yet. Other than, you know, I guess just being empathetic towards your customer and what you’re doing, but like said that maybe sometime need to explore myself haven’t heard about that before.

 One thing he mentioned was when you’re changing your avatar, and I’ve heard this in some results, and he’s already mentioned this, but can you change the landing page, you might have your generic catch-all homepage for your website. But could you tweak it so you create a new landing page for sports a new landing page for headaches and the landing page for pregnancy Newberry web page for wisdom teeth removal for braces, etc? And when you advertise you just advertise that link that deletes directly to that.

So you tell a story brand new website, its same thing for everything. But it’s a little bit tailored with the pictures and some of the words that directly to the condition that you’re trying to treat. And the giveaway that you would have would be directed towards that as well. And you probably should see convergence skyrocket could be that laser focused. Let’s see.

Overall, a nice guy seemed like he’s got a lot of good information. That’s my first time listening to his podcast. I saw his ad on Facebook. It looks like a storied brand. I was interested I gave him the email took a little quiz. It says I am a something like influencing entrepreneur. Something like that. The famous person is Richard Branson. So that’s who I would read for fun-loving to get out there let’s try something new life of the party exciting. You see something wrong let’s try to fix it. let’s admit something that makes it better. I like okay I can see that in part of myself so it wasn’t a wasn’t too sad about that turn out sometimes like to take quizzes twice and it’s like all right, what do I think I am and what are the opposite and see if it changed. always curious about the back of that is see what else is out.

Anyway, that’s about a wrap for this episode. join in the conversation on social media reference this podcast number will communicate through this was a Dr. Justin Trosclair, we just went #behindthecurtain

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