M 02 Automated Scheduling Same Day or Not

a doctors perspective minisode 02 justin trosclair
Automated Scheduling Same Day or Not

Should you have automated scheduling for same day new patient appointments or should you make online slots available 48 hours away or even 2 weeks. Let’s discuss it.

Welcome back to a doctor’s perspective, podcast Minisode. So today I’m going to discuss the fee for service dentist podcast, about scheduling. And one of the things they talked about that I kind of pulled away is online scheduling. Now that’s an important topic. I’ve heard doctors say it’s been a good thing. They get people on the weekend and schedule, they wake up the next day, they got a couple of new patients on the books, which is a good thing. But on this one, they were saying, Well, what about you know, the dentist who, you know, they want to do a really good exam, and it takes time to evaluate everything. And then they come back for another visit where they actually do the procedure. But when they book, it’s like, oh, you already booked for this type of appointment, but I don’t even know what’s going on.

So it’s a little confusing. And so they were debating like, is that a good thing? Or not? Should you just do what you can and then reschedule and later, and the other aspect that I thought was interesting, you know, if you are gonna go to the best surgeon in town, are you going to be able to get an appointment on Monday? Know, you’re gonna have to wait a few weeks. So the question became, should you say ended up to where new patients cannot schedule for two weeks to make it look like you have a waiting list? Or not? You know, what’s the pluses and minuses of that?

The pluses you kind of look like you’re more in demand, people going to want it on the other end. There’s a lot of clients, patients, who will just call the next office and say, oh, man, I need to get in this week, this tooth is killing me. So what should you do my thought could maybe have one appointment per day, or they can schedule a new patient, in whatever kind of field of a doctor in your in, just have one appointment per day that you can use. And that’s kind of like your emergency type of patient who’s like I’m hurting so bad, I really need to get in you like cool.

 Here’s the one spot per day that we have for that. If it’s full, you know, you can have a message on there, call us. We’ll get you scheduled or you know, two weeks from now you can schedule it that way. I think you have a lot more availability and then you still have that effect of being you know, super busy, because you are actually that busy and other times you’re not so what are your thoughts?

Send me a message on any social media. Be glad to talk it out. Just hashtag a doctor’s perspective. We discuss this further part of hearing your thoughts on Dr. Justin Trosclair. We just went #behindthecurtain

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