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E 188 Scoliosis and Kyphosis Management

Join Dr. Justin Trosclair in an engaging podcast as he unravels the mysteries of scoliosis, from early detection to cutting-edge treatments. Discover the keys to preventing curve progression, relieving...

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E 187 Achieving Work-Life Flow and Real Estate Success from Veterinarian Dr. Michael Bugg

Discover valuable insights on achieving work-life flow and real estate success in this exciting podcast episode featuring Dr. Michael Bugg. Dr. Bugg, a veterinarian and real estate investor, shares...

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A 04 Kate Lingoni of Bon Bon Strategic

If you’re an entrepreneur struggling with delegation, outsourcing, and productivity, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Kate Lingoni of BonBon Strategic offers actionable advice and strategies to help you...

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A 03 Marc D’Aunoy with The Kitchen Table Counseling

Get ready to be inspired by the amazing Mark D’Aunoy, certified Christian life coach and chair of Kitchen Table Counseling, in today’s thrilling edition of “A Doctor’s Perspective” podcast!...

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A 02 Drew Cornell Lafayette Signs

Get ready to hear an inspiring story of perseverance and innovation on the latest episode of our Acadiana podcast! We’re thrilled to share with you the tale of Drew...

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A 01 Ty Greneaux Acadiana Garage Doors

His view on staff, handling customer concerns and reinvigorating himself with family will get you on the right track this quarter. Ty Greneaux also has exclusive info released first...

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A 00 Intro to Acadiana Local Business Spotlights

If you’re looking to learn about the most exciting and innovative businesses in Lafayette, LA, then you won’t want to miss this podcast! Our host, an experienced chiropractor and...

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M 78 Ergonomic Desk Measurements

Time to get concrete numbers about computers, screens and chair distances to see if you have good ergonomics to help reduce low back pain occurrences. Ergonomics factor that cause...

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M 77 First 5 Email Sequence for Cold Leads

Discover a simple 6 email sequence that can take a cold lead that downloaded your lead generator and walk them to a sale. sites mentioned: www.writesonic.com for AI to...

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M 76 Chiropractic Recommended by Medical Journals and ESI Facts

Quick look at the Medical Journals that recommend chiropractic and the truth about spinal steroid injections. The frequency of patients who filled a prescription for opioid medication six months...

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