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M 62 Must Ask Consulting Questions to Get Clients

EXCEL asking great questions and follow ups to find out your customers What, Why and more. By asking a clarifying question, I can help guide you to your goals. What questions It sounds like… Repeating last 3 words to show understanding and empathy or...

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E 161 Species Specific Carnivore Diet Bart Kay of Nutrition Science

HIIT training, cholesterol debunking, CD 34+ adult stem cells and what Bart Kay with 3 physiology degrees says is a species specific diet that best suits us, the carnivore diet. Disinformation being spread around and pseudoscience are major reasons he started his youtube channel....

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E 160 S&C Kinetic Therapies Podiatry Dr. Jackson Tisdell

Podiatry isn't all cutting nails anymore. Dr. Jackson Tisdell is part of Kinetic Therapies teaching others about strength and conditioning for feet and ankle problems. Did you know that a podiatrist can specialize in helping people become stronger and mobile? Build strength and educate...

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E 159 Chiropractic Radiologist DACBR Cliff Tao Should You Do It

What is a chiropractic radiologist? Let’s discuss job outlook, day to day responsibilities and compare it to the MD program. Dr. Cliff Tao is a DACBR with a sense of humor. What is the reason to become a DACBR (Diplomat of Chiropractic Board of...

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M 61 The 1000 Dollar Challenge

The $1000 challenge. Find ways to save money, sell stuff and a few other tips so you have $1000 to start investing. DISCLOSURE: This episode is sponsored by Podcorn. If you host a podcast and would like a very customizable way to get temporary...

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M 60 Three Keys to the Elevator Pitch

You know how, I do this to solve it, and proof is a great foundation to an elevator pitch. Listen for another way to enhance this for a dramatic impact. DISCLOSURE: This episode is sponsored by LetsGetChecked use code DOCTORS30 to save 30% :...

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Featured Books By Dr. Justin

Health Reboot 4 Ways​

Learn the blueprints I used to lose weight, control my food portions, exercise, tricks to help and balance the biggest stress in life, finances. Plus a section on chiropractic.

Master Chinese Dinners

After 5 years in China, learn how their unique dinner culture takes place. The Do's and Do Not's so you and your host can gain face. Bonus: tea ceremony details.

One Sheet for Docs

Many doctors are looking for referral relationships and speaking gigs but can't even get them to call back. With a well designed and written one sheet (by Dr. Justin)  you can get those seetings booked.

TriLingual Kids Coloring Books

Have your kids color over 200 animals while also learning the names in English, Spanish and Chinese. Coloring and Flashcard type learning at the same time.

No Needle Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be confusing, scary and not available for a lot of people, that's why I created a do it yourself, at home,  no needle acupuncture book to guide you through 40 common conditions.

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Many doctors are looking for referral relationships and speaking gigs
but can't even get them to call back.
With a well designed and written One Sheet,
you can get those meetings booked.