E 177 Profit First System and Onboarding Staff Sabrina Starling PhD

Discover the profit first system for doctors. Implementation, red flags, and we discuss onboarding staff to get A players. Dr. Sabrina Starling of Tap the Potential shares so many nuggets you can implement. If you treat profit like a leftover you will never have profit and for many, not much of a salary neither. The…

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M 23 Onboarding Staff Tips and Gym Class Specifics

Onboarding with a 30 and 90 day trial period, what to look for in those days, trainability, ideal small group class size for a clinic, and how to calculate per person fee. I’m your host, Dr. Justin Trosclair, and we’re back with another episode. If it’s one of your first time listening to this and…

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E 107 Picking A Fee for CashPT and Staff Onboarding Dr Aaron LeBauer DPT

Becoming a cashPT clinic has hurdles. Dr. Aaron LeBauer DPT discusses creating a fair fee, why not take insurance, onboarding and  training staff, answering the phone, discounting services, handling objections and his favorite seminars. His backstory involves learning the limitations of his massage therapy offerings and realizing very early on in clinical rotations that he…

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