E 175 Functional Loading Rehab Blueprints Tom Teter DC Rehab to Fitness

Fitness to Rehab is a system Dr. Teter calls “a linear load application continuum approach”. Utilizing this method, the practitioner can take patients through a process that starts with injury care to soft tissue treatment to rehabilitative exercise. As opposed to tracking symptoms like most standards of care models Fitness to Rehab seeks to find…

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E 85 Rehab Focused Chiropractic Professor Dr. Todd Riddle DC

Combination of soft tissue modalities and rehab is Dr. Todd Riddle’s specialty as he teaches at a Chiropractic College as well as weekend seminars of FAKTR. Evidence Based versus Clinical Outcomes- why don’t they always match up. Why have a residency program? Dr Todd Riddle DC has had a successful clinic for over a decade…

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