M 36 Live Event Planning

a doctors perspective minisode 36 justin trosclair live events
Minisode 36 Live Event Planning

How to host a live event or small mastermind retreat, schedule and format, and how to make it a bonus from a high ticket item or up sell it from a stage.

Minisode 36 knows Dr. Justin Trosclair. This is a doctor’s perspective. If you missed it a couple of weeks ago, the financial series was wrapped up, you can get a PDF reference guide at www.adoctorsperspective.NET/financialseries . So check that out if that interests you.

But today, this episode is about the Sigrun show, Episode 246 creating a live event. There’s a lot of doctors that put these on. There’s a lot of personal brand people that put this kind of events on whether they’re mastermind groups, or if you think like Russell Brunson Click Funnels, if you think it was born, you know, Tony Robbins, even they have all these inner circles, you know, and so we’ll get into the inner circle piece.

But first, when you’re looking at these events, a hotel, big hotel, today’s in cost 10,000, and cost $50,000. So we’re done a lot of money. And so what she recommended is maybe you can do like a one to start as a one-day mastermind group retreat at your house, maybe some kind of retreat area, that’s more affordable. And eventually, you can transition into like a live event at one of these hotels.

Now, the way she did it was she has a signature product that was expensive now was expensive. It could have been six grand could have been 25,000 just depends on you know what your product is. And if you’re going to offer something that is five or 10,000, you maybe you would want to have a getaway, but she had a caveat, you bought it. But if you paid upfront, then you can be a part of it.

If you had to divvy out the payments over a few months, then you didn’t get it. And she was like 80% paid upfront when they offered this as a bonus is like one on one other like-minded individuals. So big deal.

When we talk about the day of the event, you want to do 90-minute increments, you want to have two major sessions like that in the morning, and in the afternoon, with a nice one hour lunch, and then a 30-minute break in between each session that way people can network. Now for her, she thought it was important to have a networking session like I just mentioned. Or it could be like the 90 minutes of networking and how to do that better inspiration, working and sharing. And you can kind of figure that out for yourself.

What are we talking about for your business for your niche for your people, as she did about two events, she decided that she wasn’t open up to other people, and they just can pay to come. And again, it’s tied into the expensive program. Now with nice, she said wasn’t whenever she did the mastermind, you know, she was one of the speakers, of course, and she’s passionate, she’s talking about it. And this was just like an event. So it wasn’t a mastermind group. It was just an event at this point. So she was like talking about it and like the results that some of her clients have had with the mastermind group and why it is awesome and what you should create your own as well. And then she had like a ton of people sign up for that. And she was like kind of blown away that many people would jump on it.

So my question is, do you have a tribe? Do you have a following? Do you have those diehard fans that would want to pay you money to go on even like that a one day retreat or two-day retreat, you will fly in and just live from you? Can you create the material that can last that much? And like if you do have breakout sessions, that’s kind of nice, because you just got to facilitate these groups. There is planning involved with that, but doable.

There are lots of resources as lots of gurus out there, if you will, who have done it themselves. So it’s doable. And like if you think about like a practice me up marketing or kind of marketing, you break those up in the funnel videos, different Facebook, Instagram, all that Google, you’ve got staff training, you’ve got the technique, potentially care packages, like maybe you do rehab. So you first when it comes to you, man, I’m going to call it over cross ball nice bag that’s branded with some instructions, how to create videos for your website on the most common exercise you give.

So there are just ideas and all that stuff takes time to get through and work through. Especially if you have a whole bunch of people together. Not a whole bunch. Maybe it’s like six, maybe it’s 15 somewhere in there. You can get early, a lot of juices flowing. It can be really good. 

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