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a doctors perspective minisode 35 justin trosclair advice
a doctors perspective minisode 35 justin trosclair

No one likes to be given unsolicited advice. How can you share your opinion without being annoying? What questions should we ask?

Episode 35 of the Minisode series on a doctor’s perspective podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Justin Trosclair. There is a company called the future with no II, the middle podcast for this will on the given advice. I watched them randomly on YouTube talking about how to charge heavy prices for logos like $28,000 type of thing. So obviously they’re talking about value not cash by an hour and they go to like objection then the bald guy, the last name does and then they have a series as well. YouTube where they are rebranding Hamilton beer, I believe. And then he has videos of him like going through objections and how to present these high-value cases.

It was kind of fun just coming on that rabbit hole for a little while for the podcast and I want to do a longer mini sewed was the things that I learned from some of his presentations. But for now, I’m gonna just critique a couple of his episodes here and there on our Minnesota series. So let’s get going.

So given advice number one, don’t give unsolicited advice. You know it’s an annoying thing about when you get it, you’re going through a situation you just wanted somebody to listen to you. And now they talking giving you all these answers you like please this is just shut up. Right? Classic girl talks guy wants to help us you want to do with somebody listen to him. And now you fight.

When you want to do when they started having these they’re dumping on you is asked questions to make the other person think, right kind of Socratic method. So let’s say you sell a vacuum. These are some of the features, the only time you’re going to close that vacuum. So as you get them to describe their pain points and offer a solution. So that’s kind of the point. Especially like physical therapy, chiropractic, what do we saw activities of daily living, we need to know about those things.

And really, that’s kind of the selling points, you listen to it, whatever they say, I can’t stand all day for work, I can’t sit long enough to watch football. All right for them. That’s their goal right there, they can’t do it. That’s what they want. They don’t care about their back pain, they got a herniated disc, or what’s wrong with them. They just want it better so that they can do X, Y, and Z activity. And that’s what we’re going to give them. And that’s what you’re selling.

Going back to unsolicited advice to people give you the same advice. Why don’t we take one and not the other? That guy at work? Who knows it all might say the same thing that your brother told you, but you only listen to your brother because he has your back. And you know, it’s coming from a place of love. For instance, let’s say you are the person that gives advice. You know who you are. And I’m guilty that too at times. Do you think you’re being helpful? You’re the expert. So then why don’t we get upset if they don’t take it? What’s that about? Why is your ego in the way? It’s funny because that’s how it you know, you’ve seen those with like, why don’t you take my advice, you told me the problem. I gave you a solution. Just take it

What I’m doing the DNA and that goes back to why do we take someone’s advice more than the other? And that’s something to maybe reflect on, think about for yourself in the past, what was it that made you not take that person’s advisors and somebody else? Because it could be different for you, especially if you’re the one that always gives the advice? Hey, all right.

And to close, they mentioned the local process again, you might just give your name, what you do and then delivery, that might be all they asked for. But when you’re doing a proposal for say, a logo, you may only be asked, I want the name what you do, what would your deliverable and that’s all you answer, you’re not gonna get the job you someone’s gonna undercut you or whatever. So you got to be able to hear that and then convert it over to a question so that you can get your answers and then resell them on it.

Figuring out what is their underlying issue they have and you can design it based on their goals. You’ve got a mom and pop logo, but you need a fancy logo. You want to increase internet sales. You want to go nationwide and be at what Spencer gifts or you want to be at Nordstrom, that’s gonna completely change how you package every right. So when this company came to them, it was like, Hey, we want to do this. Just saying yesterday. Know that I can do and it’s not going to help them and giving them just like the price because it makes a difference in what you’re trying to do. T

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