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Pricing Structures and Rates

Reasons I’ve started recording summaries of podcasts I listen to, different pricing structures and fees based on your experience and comfort level.

Welcome to a doctor’s perspective podcasts and minisode, I mentioned we will start doing these and what this is going to be this many. So is me give you a summary of the highlights of podcasts that I listened to Now, where does something I should have been doing like six months ago, I kind of thought about it. And it’s like, well, I don’t want to start another podcast and another website and all that. And I said, just kind of let it go. And you know, I’ve always sort of recorded what I thought was important, like writing it down on one note saying can come back to it, because sometimes you just you hear something allows a really good comment, that’s a really good way to handle an insurance objection or something. And so we’re really good marketing tips, and then write it down.

And but I, you know, I could probably go through one episode like this, with just a bunch of are like really random topics like that. But the problem is, I wouldn’t know who to reference.  And I would like to least be able to reference the show that I got it from, so I might still do that. So this is what there is Minnesota is going to be this episode one. And I just look back and I run like Dang, all the things that I’ve listened to over the past two, yours is wildly diverse, is a pretty much what you’re gonna get. And there’s gonna be some chiropractic, some marketing, some cash, practice, PT, and dentist, you’re going to hear maybe some random business topics that I listened to from several different shows. You won’t hear anything political, I don’t think.

Yeah, so if you have any shows that you like, or you would like me to review, please inform me. Okay. That way, I know what other people are listening to. And that was an amazing one you want to give her the three-minute shout out to that.

So today, let’s go with the show. And the episode is how to write your best copy. So she interviewed a wonderful lady who does, who does copywrite and website design. And of course, she charges and here was the thing, when you’re first starting in a new field, especially like Internet design, something that normally you’re like, I want to charge 300. But man, I just don’t have the confidence, maybe it needs to be like a 150. Okay, so you’re getting your, your, your feet wet.

And that’s fine, you’re just starting each foot wet, comfortable charging these prices. And then as you go, you start increasing your price. And I think we can see that in a doctor’s office, like you may not feel comfortable charging $50 for some service that other people are charging. So you just start less, once you realize like, wow, this benefit a lot of people, I’m getting more comfortable with my money issues. And yes, it’s time to start charging fees.

And another option, he started charging per hour. And then you have these clients, you know, you might have like a project. And it’s $1,000 project, he said, I want 50% up front and 50% when I finished? Well, those who are in the business start realizing you know, people don’t always finish the project. So you rarely get paid the rest of it, or when you finish it and you got to start chasing people because they weren’t exactly happy with it, or they just didn’t want to pay that last bit, you know people are, and so it becomes it can become a problem.

So when she graduated into saying, Hey, you know what, it’s a thousand bucks. And it’s 1000 bucks up front. When I complete it is when I complete it. Cena five, our deal is not a 20-hour deal. However long it takes me to finish it is when I’m going to finish it, and you’re going to get a product and a result that you are excited about. And I like that idea too. And so I’m trying to figure how can you relate this to a clinic that you have, and I already kind of been part of it. And I mentioned before, you know, there are lots of ways to charge people you can charge them like for as a case fee. I’m not a big fan of this high dollar. Same for everyone.

So if it’s the same for everyone, that’s three, that’s a problem. But if it’s tailored to the person that I got it down with that, you know, maybe headaches 695 maybe it’s because of 1395 Why? Because it’s more complicated, there’s a lot more going on, you gotta do a lot more rehab with a low back then for the headaches. And then it’s time-based perhaps where you’re like, yeah, this is probably taking a month, or how many visits Should I come in? Let’s you know, let’s do two or three times a week for two weeks, see how you reevaluate. And we’ll kind of go from there. And if it takes longer than it takes longer, I haven’t flushed all of this out, of course, but the same goes or like services that you might offer in the clinic that are cash, you know, maybe you do some specialized physical therapy that insurance doesn’t cover or you don’t want to be an insurance or whatever, what’s a good rate

What are you comfortable with? Could you charge 500 for this or you know come through with it so that was already never actually quote convincing anyone that they needed and I hate these words like that but you know sometimes we know what the patient you know they need it but they don’t see the value in it? So how do you translate translate the value to them so they want to pay the fee that you want to anyway, I think you get it hopefully got us thinking about things for your practice and ways that you can be a little more strong and your pricing are diversified the way you know maybe have a membership practice and in some aspect and you start increasing your rates for that or something or you maybe do a six-month plan instead of like a month to month plan and in that way, you haven’t committed for a little bit longer for like a workout program.

All right. As always, what’re your thoughts? Hit me up on the social media channels at a doctor’s perspective net. I’m Dr. Justin Trosclair. We just went #behindthecurtain.

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