M 64 Ways to Sponsor Local Athletic Groups

minisode 64 Ways to Sponsor Local Athletic Groups

Time to get creative when trying to sponsor running clubs, marathon groups, Athletic Groups and youth sports. Get a few tips on how to approach teams and what to offer.

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In a voyage to minisode sixty four. Prepare yourself learn more about running groups in commissions from the cash based practice podcast episode sixty one now before we jump in little self promo. Y

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So this episode. They were talking about how to get more involved in may running groups and those types of things beneficial to your clinic because you can go and you can spend time you give talks. You can approach these running groups in your community and said hey. I can give you talking how to prevent ankle sprains or shins plans. Make sure your heads up ryan position you can evaluate their gate all of that but other option because it takes so much time as you can sponsor the group itself right and that’s helpful but you could also sponsored athletes.

Tiers of Individual Sponsorships

If you know that. Jane is amazing. Well maybe she deserves some free treatment and twenty percent off some logo. Something like that.
So when she wins the race bow. Your logo is on her shirt. You can have a couple of tears like 2nd tier could be more like a twenty percent off and maybe you get of course a hat along with that.
We don’t get free treatment. You just get a percentage off third year could be maybe just fifteen percent off treatment but you also get some free swag and that could be really helpful so becomes ambassadors for your clinic and then you look good and these people are actually winning so you know.

It’s not just jack who barely finishes the ten k. No these people are running marathons. They’re coming out in the top five type six and so they’re going to get pictures taken. And you know maybe you look into triathlon. Jerseys are runner jerseys. I’ve found some places. You can really design the whole thing like you probably go and fiber and have an entire mock-up of you know the pretty colors. The cool design with your logo and your information on it like that would be top notch like you’re getting quality stuff but it’s going to be more expensive of course than just getting some Dry fit with your name and stuff on it.

So yes something to consider just google trough elite outfits customization and you’ll you’ll see some companies pop up because it’s much more work much more money involved in doing that but obviously if you do it right then that really isn’t sweet swag to give away and if you know that you’ve been part of group maybe it’s a cross fit group.

Maybe it’s a triathlete group in your being a part of it for a while. Then you know how many you should order. And then it’s become look. I wanna ho team. So i need to know how many mediums largest malls. I need to build and purchase for the whole group so that might be an option as well and i think that’s a pretty cool option. If you’re really into that anyway. That could probably work on for youth football. At least when i grew up Hebert’s is a store will bears written on the t shirt and your number on the back and of course i guess probably. The parents paid for it inadvertently. But you know maybe you can sponsor a football team. Their jerseys have you know. Are there helmet as a sticker with your stuff on it. So something like that okay.

Commission Employees – Bonus Topic

Next just briefly they talked about commissions and the way they figured that out. Was you gotta look around and colorado and find out what the hourly rate for lots of different staff or other. You’re doing physical therapy or physical every text. Receptionists insurance billing. We’re kind of benefits. Do they have and take all that consideration.

When you’re trying to hire people for salary versus commission so you could say maybe this is only worth twelve bucks an hour to do this work but we actually have patients. You’re busier. you’re you’re switching from save just being a covering reception work to now. You’re also doing so in some basic rehab exercise in the chiropractic clinic. You don’t have a physical therapist.

You can get a tech. Maybe a personal trainer athletic trainer. But maybe you can hire somebody who’s like look. You’ll make dollars an hour answering the phone doing things like that. But when we’re actually have you small groups and actually really working hard with your training is in then you get a higher rate for that hour or you get based on a commission so maybe these people make nineteen dollars an hour when they’re doing personal training session or have a a group class or something like that but you only or doing that six hours a week so we’ll during those hours.

How do i get them back up to the nineteen and you just say okay when you’re doing that here’s another dollar raise or you can get x. amount of people you’ll make a percentage of of the fee that we charge extra for that so that way they they’re compensated more when they’re doing more complicated work so some things to consider their.

You also might check out josh saterrlee, dc and his group clinic gym if you really looking into doing like small groups and those types of things on the sprinkle some of that into this episode of not an expert in this part but just some of the advice that was on this show so take it for what it’s worth. You need more information like i said. Check out dr josh and his group.

two thousand twenty one your best year yet.

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